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Education and training
Under this heading, make a separate entry for each course completed, i.e., each course leading to a qualification,
starting with the most recent.
- if your work experience is still limited (because you have just left school or university, describe your education and training first (to invert the order of the two headings, use the ‘copy/paste’ command in your word processing software
- there is no need to show all your qualifications do not go back as far as primary school if you hold a university degree focus on the qualifications which are an asset to your application
- reproduce the table (using the ‘copy/paste’ command in your word processing software) as many times as required. To delete a heading, use the Table commands menu in your word processing software. Dates Write the dates to show how long the course in question lasted, e.g.: From September 1994 to June 1998 Title of qualification awarded Write the exact title of the qualification awarded, e.g.: National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Level 2: Bakery Service
Note: avoid using abbreviations on their own (e.g. NVQ). Principal subjects/occupational skills covered Summarise the main subjects or occupational skills taught during the course in question, grouping them together if necessary for the sake of brevity, e.g.:
- English language, Welsh language, mathematics, foreign language (Spanish)
- physical education and sports
- occupational techniques (making of standard breads, fancy breads, cakes and pastries)
- science applied to food and equipment (microbiology, biochemistry, hygiene)
- occupational technology (basic principles, hygiene and safety)
- knowledge of business and its economic, legal and social context.
Note: combine items, and focus on the occupational skills which would bean asset if you were appointed. Name and type of organisation providing education and training State the name (and if appropriate, the address) and type of the institution attended, e.g.: South Wales Technical College
Glamorgan Place Cardiff CF AB Level in national or international classification remove if not relevant) If the level of the qualification corresponds to an existing national or international classification system, state the level within the classification concerned (national classification, ISCED, etc. If necessary, ask the body which awarded the qualification. For more information on ISCED (International Standard Classification of Education) devised by UNESCO, consult
Instructions for using the Europass curriculum vitae - - © European Communities 2003 Page 7

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