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Keep to the structure of the template

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Keep to the structure of the template
The Europass curriculum vitae allows you to present your qualifications, skills and competences in a logical order
- personal information
- description of your work experience
- description of your education and training (which may appear before the heading Work experience for users with limited work experience to invert the order of the two headings, use the ‘copy/paste’ command in your word processing software
- detailed inventory of your skills and competences, acquired in the course of your training, work and daily life.
- print your curriculum vitae on white paper
- retain the suggested font and layout
- avoid underlining or writing whole sentences in capitals or bold it affects the readability of the document
- do not split an entry under one heading over two pages (e.g. your list of training courses) – to avoid this use the page break command in your word processing software
- the boxes containing the various headings should not appear when the document is printed.
Be clear and concise
Your profile must be appreciated by the potential employer after a few seconds reading. In consequence
- use short sentences
- concentrate on the relevant aspects of your training and work experience
- explain any breaks in your studies or career
- remove any optional heading (e.g. if you have no Artistic skills and competences seepage of the template) or if you consider that such skills and competences do not bring added value to your application, remove the whole entry using the cut command in your word processing software.

Have someone else read your CV on completion
Check your CV carefully once you have filled it into remove any spelling mistakes and to ensure it is laid out clearly and logically. Have someone else read your CV so that you are sure the content is clear and easy to understand. Instructions for using the Europass curriculum vitae - - © European Communities 2003 Page 2

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