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CVInstructions en GB

Additional information remove if not relevant)

State here any other information which you think relevant (publications or research membership of professional organisations, military information if you judge it important to specify that you have completed military service, marital status if you judge it important to specify, contact persons or referees name, job title, contact address, see note below, e.g.:
Article: Molecular characterisation of a H3o-loaded brain cell, Immunology Quarterly, New York,
- do not give the address of a contact person without obtaining his/her formal agreement it is preferable to state References supplied on request in order not to overload the curriculum vitae
- where appropriate, provide a brief description of your publications or research specify the type of document (thesis, article, report, etc.
Annexes remove if not relevant)
List any items attached to the CV, e.g.:
- copies of degrees and other qualifications, including any certificates issued at the end of training courses which did not lead to a formal qualification
- testimonial of employment or work placement
- publications or research etc.
- list the items in a logical order (e.g., place degrees or testimonials of employment together, numbering them if required) to help the reader
- never send originals of degree or qualification certificates as these might be lost photocopies are adequate. Instructions for using the Europass curriculum vitae - - © European Communities 2003 Page 12

Document Outline

  • Instructions for using the Europass curriculum vitae
  • Introduction
  • General recommendations
  • Take care over the presentation of your CV
  • Concentrate on the essentials
  • Adapt your CV to suit the post applied for
    • Keep to the structure of the template
    • Detailed instructions for using the Europass curriculum vitae
    • How to draft your Europass curriculum vitae
      • If you need guidance, consult the sample CVs provided on
        • II. Fill in the different sections as follows
          • Understanding
            • Spanish
            • French
            • Listening
            • Reading
            • Spoken interaction
            • Spoken production

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