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Instructions for using the Europass curriculum vitae

Drawing up a curriculum vitae is an important step in looking for any job or training. The CV is often the first contact with a future employer. It needs to seize the reader’s attention immediately and to demonstrate why you should be given an interview.
Important! Employers generally spend no more than a minute on each CV when making an initial selection from applications received. If you fail to make the right impact, you will waste your opportunity. Read the following information carefully before entering your details into the template.
General recommendations

Before starting to write your curriculum vitae, remind yourself of a few important principles

Take care over the presentation of your CV
Set out your qualifications, skills and competences clearly and logically, so that your specific attributes are easily seen.
Give proper attention to all relevant detail, both of substance and presentation there is no excuse for mistakes in spelling and punctuation
Concentrate on the essentials
- a CV must be brief inmost cases, two pages are enough to show who and what you are. A three page CV maybe considered too long in some countries, even if your work experience is outstanding.
- if your work experience is still limited (because you have just left school or university, describe your education and training first highlight work placements during training (see online examples
- concentrate on essential information that brings added value to your application work experience or training which is old or not relevant for the application can be omitted.
Adapt your CV to suit the post applied for
Systematically check your CV every time you want to send it to an employer to see if it corresponds to the profile required highlight your advantages according to the specific requirements of the prospective employer. A good knowledge of the company will help you tailoring your CV to the appropriate profile.
Take care: do not artificially inflate your CV if you do, you are likely to be found out at the interview. Instructions for using the Europass curriculum vitae - - © European Communities 2003 Page 1

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