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Curriculum Vitae
Will Hanley
March 19, 2013

General Information
University address: History
College of Arts and Sciences
Bellamy Building 0401
Florida State University
Tallahassee, Florida 32306-2200

E-mail address:

Professional Preparation
2007 Doctor of Philosophy, Princeton University. Major: History.
2003 Master of History, Princeton University. Major: History.
2001 M.St., Oxford University, UK. Major: Study of Religion.
2000 M.Phil., Oxford University. Major: Modern Middle Eastern Studies.
1998 M.A., University of Toronto. Major: History.
1996 B.A. (Hons.), University of Saskatchewan. Major: History & Geography.

Postdegree Education and Training
2007–2008 Postdoctoral fellow, History, McGill University.

Professional Experience
2008–present Assistant Professor, History, Florida State University.

Honors, Awards, and Prizes
Rechtskulturen Fellowship, Forum Transregionale Studien, Berlin (2012).

Digital Humanities Start-up Grant, National Endowment for the Humanities (2011). ($50,000).

J. Willard Hurst Summer Institute in Legal History Fellowship, University of Wisconsin (2011).

Planning Grant, Council on Research and Creativity, Florida State University (2011). ($12,000).

Committee on Faculty Research Support Regular Summer Award, Florida State University (2010). ($14,000).

First Year Assistant Professor Award, Florida State University (2009). ($17,000).

Türk Tanıtma Fonu tuition and lodging grant, Harvard–Koç University Intensive Ottoman and Turkish Summer School (2008). ($4,500).

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (2006). ($75,000).

Tomlinson Postdoctoral Fellowship, McGill University (2006). ($60,000).

Doctoral Fellowship, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (2004). ($20,000).

London Goodenough Association of Canada Scholarship (2004).

Dissertation fellow, Center for the Study of Religion, Princeton University (2003).

Davis Merit Prize, History department, Princeton University (2001).

Prize for distinction, Lincoln College, Oxford University (2001).

Walter Zander Prize, Middle East Centre, St. Antony's College, Oxford University (2000).

Rhodes Scholarship (1998).

Current Membership in Professional Organizations
American Historical Association

Middle East Studies Association

Courses Taught
Middle East Survey: An Interdisciplinary and Introductory Course (ASH3230)

Middle Eastern History and Civilization (ASH1044)

The Ottoman Mediterranean (HIS4930)

Methodology of the Middle East colloquium: Literature of the field (HIS6934)

Senior Seminar: Nationality and Citizenship in World History (HIS4935)

History of modern Egypt (HIS 4930)

Doctoral Committee Member
Bilir, D., graduate. (2012). Twentieth-century Western scholarly, artistic, and journalistic perspectives on the Middle East: Bernard Lewis, David Douglas Duncan, and Sandra Mackey.

Samanta, S., graduate. (2012). Cruelty contested: The British, Bengalis, and animals in colonial Bengal, 1850-1920.

Penziner, V. L., graduate. (2011). In the time before oil: A history and heritage of pearling in the United Arab Emirates.

Amundson, A. C., doctoral candidate.

Banks, B. A., doctoral candidate.

Gunn, C., doctoral candidate.

Harper, B. F., doctoral candidate.

Nunn, W. W., doctoral candidate.

Osmar, C. M., doctoral candidate.

Sonmezpoyraz, S., doctoral candidate.

Master's Committee Member
Beaver, K. S., student. (2013).

Bachelor's Committee Chair
Wilkes, A., graduate. (2012). Dancing Around the Object: The Persistence of Orientalism in American Dance Practices.

Beardsley, B., student. (2013).

Bachelor's Committee Member
Kermitz, Z., graduate. (2012). The Recurrent Usage of Daniel in Apocalyptic Movements in History.

Research and Original Creative Work
Invited Journal Articles
Hanley, W. (contract). Statelessness in the History of International Law. European Journal of International Law.

Refereed Journal Articles
Hanley, W. (2008). Grieving cosmopolitanism in Middle East studies. History Compass, 6/5, 1346-67.

Invited Book Chapters
Hanley, W. (contract). Papers for Going, Papers for Staying: Identification and Documentation in the East Mediterranean. Manuscript under contract for publication, I.B. Taurus.
Hanley, W. (contract). The 1876-83 Reform and its Implementation: Many Institutions or One? Manuscript under contract for publication, Cairo: AUC Press.
Hanley, W. (2012). Cosmopolitan Cursing. In D. MacLean, & S. K. Ahmed (Eds.), Cosmopolitanisms in Muslim Contexts: Perspectives from the Past. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Refereed Book Chapters
Hanley, W. (in press). When did Egyptians stop being Ottomans? An Imperial Citizenship Case Study. In Willem Maas (Ed.), Multilevel Citizenship. University of Pennsylvania Press.

Invited Reviews
Hanley, W. (in press). Fariba Zarinebaf, Crime and Punishment in Istanbul 1700-1800. Journal of World History.
Hanley, W. (2011). Michael Ezekiel Gasper, The Power of Representation: Publics, Peasants, and Islam in Egypt. Journal of World History, 22.2.

Nonrefereed Journal Articles
#1 Hanley, W. (2005). Ta'rif al-ajanib fi al-iskandariyah fi al-qarn al-tasi' 'ashar. Amkenah, 7, 111-20.
transl. Khaled Fahmy.

Nonrefereed Book Chapters
Hanley, W. (2008). Tajawwuz al-dawlah: madrasah jadidah fi kitabat al-tarikh al-amriki. In N. A. Ibrahim (Ed.), Thaqafat al-Nukhbah wa Thaqafat al-'Ammah fi Misr fi al-'Asr al-'Uthmani (pp. 341-7). Cairo: al-Jama'iyah al-Misriyah lil-Dirasat al-Tarikhiyah.

Nonrefereed Reviews
Hanley, W. (2004). Mercedes García-Arenal (ed.), Conversions islamiques: identités religieuses en Islam méditerranéen. Arab Studies Journal, 11.2/12.1, 175-7.

Invited Papers at Conferences
For invited papers at conferences, 100.0% were international in scope.
Hanley, W. (presented 2009, June). The 1876-83 Watershed in Legal Institutions and its Implementation. Paper presented at New Approaches to Egyptian Legal History: Late Ottoman Period to the Present, American University in Cairo, Cairo. (International)

Refereed Papers at Conferences
For refereed papers at conferences, 100.0% were international in scope.
Hanley, W. (presented 2013, January). Global Islam in the Imperial Metropole: Making Muslim Identities in Woking, 1913-1940. Paper presented at the meeting of American Historical Association, New Orleans. (International)
Panel: Disentangling and Uniting: Interwar Middle Eastern Populations and the Problem of Territory.
Hanley, W. (presented 2012, November). Relationships outside marriage, beyond law, and without remedy in turn-of-the-century Alexandria. Paper presented at the meeting of Middle East Studies Association, Denver. (International)
Panel: Forbidden Love, Illicit Sex: Unsanctioned (Extra) Marital Practices in Modern Egypt.
Hanley, W. (presented 2010, July). The Pinnacle of Legal Pluralism: Egyptian Justice, 1875-1950. Paper presented at World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies, World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies, Barcelona. (International)
Hanley, W. (presented 2009, November). Legal Pluralism in Egypt: The View from the Consular Courts. Paper presented at the meeting of Middle East Studies Association, Boston. (International)
Panel: The Legal Institutions of British Egypt (I was the organizer).

Invited Workshops
For invited workshops, 83.3% were international, 16.7% were national in scope.
Hanley, W. (accepted). Edward Joris and the Assassination Attempt on Abdulhamid II: Reconsidering Ottoman-European Entanglements in the Age of Empire. Workshop to be delivered at University of Antwerp. (International)
Paper Title: "The Ottoman Capitulations and the Rise of International Law".
Hanley, W. (2013, February). Towards a Global History of International Law. Workshop delivered at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin. (International)
Hanley, W. (2011, May). Changing subjects: The rights, remedies and responsibilities of individuals under global legal pluralism workshop. Workshop delivered at The Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Study, European University Institute, Florence. (International)
Title: "The Pinnacle of Legal Pluralism: Egypt's late nineteenth century justice system".
Hanley, W. (2011, January). Research workshop on the Middle East and the First Modern Globalization. Workshop delivered at Institute for Advanced Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem. (International)
Paper: "Papers for Going, Papers for Staying: Identification and Documentation in the East Mediterranean".
Hanley, W. (2010, March). The Urban Imaginary: Cities in the Modern Middle East. Workshop delivered at Institute of Middle East Studies, George Washington University, Washington, DC. (International)
Paper: "Vulgar cosmopolitanism".
Hanley, W. (2009, October). Imperialism and Colonialism in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, The Present State of Research. Workshop delivered at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. (National)
Paper: "Imperial citizenship".
Hanley, W. (2008, October). The Sijill in Perspective: Mapping Similarities and Differences Across the Empire. Workshop delivered at ZMO, Berlin. (International)

Refereed Workshops
For refereed workshops, 83.3% were international, 16.7% were national in scope.
Hanley, W. (2012, June). Doing Justice: Official and Unofficial 'Legalities' in Practice colloquium. Workshop delivered at Juris Diversitas, Centre Jacques-Berque, Rabat, Morocco. (International)
Paper: "Legal Hybridity in turn-of-the-century Alexandria".
Hanley, W. (2011, May). The Long 1890s in Egypt: Colonial Quiescence, Subterranean Resistance. Workshop delivered at University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh. (International)
Paper: "What is a Local? Egyptians before Egyptian Nationality".
Hanley, W. (2010, October). Multilevel Citizenship. Workshop delivered at York University, Toronto. (International)
Paper: "When did Egyptians stop being Ottomans? A Case Study of Imperial Citizenship".
Hanley, W. (2010, May). UC World History Encounters in the Mediterranean conference. Workshop delivered at University of California World History, Riverside, California. (National)
Paper: "Bad Subjects and Other Mediterranean Undesirables".
Hanley, W. (2008, September). Bourgeois Seas conference. Workshop delivered at European University Institute, Florence, Italy. (International)
Paper: "Nationality as a middle-class refuge in turn-of-the-century Alexandria".
Hanley, W. (2008, September). Living Together: Plurality and Cosmopolitanism in the Ottoman empire and beyond. Workshop delivered at ZMO Berlin summer academy, Istanbul, Turkey. (International)

Invited Lectures and Readings of Original Work
For invited lectures and readings of original work, 100.0% were national in scope.
Hanley, W. (2012, February). A Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card? Foreign Protégé Status in British Egypt. Delivered at Triangle Legal History Seminar, Duke University. (National)

Contracts and Grants
Contracts and Grants Funded
Hanley, Will (PI). (May 2011–Aug 2013). Populating Prosop, A Social Networking Tool for the Past. Funded by National Endowment for the Hum. Total award $50,000.

Florida State University
FSU University Service
Member, Rhodes Scholarship selection committee, Office of National Fellowships (2012–present).

FSU Department Service
Chair, Website Committee (2011–present).
Member, Walbolt dissertation fellowship committee (2010–present).

The Profession
Editor for Refereed Journals
Associate Editor (Book Reviews, Non-Americas), Law and History Review (2012–present).

Editorial Board Membership(s)
## Middle and Near East section, History Compass (2007–present).

1# Professional activities that occurred prior to my employment at FSU.

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