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Doctoral Committee Cochair

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Doctoral Committee Cochair
Ren, Y., graduate. (2015). Genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of aging in Drosophila.

Doctoral Committee Member
Ward, M. J., graduate. (2020). Evolution of venom resistance in Drosophila.

Humphrey, E. A., graduate. (2019). Behavioral and physiological response to predation and the maintenance of male color polymorphisms in Gambusia holbrooki.

Jevitt, A. M., graduate. (2019). Revealing the Mechanism for Cell Cycle Timed Termination of Notch Signaling.

Landy, J. A., graduate. (2018). How Males Shape Up: The Evolution of Male Body Morphology in Poeciliid Fishes.

Pearson, V. M., graduate. (2017). Selective metagenomics of single-stranded viruses.

Jones, M. A., graduate. (2017). Why do dominant individuals cooperate? Fitness consequences of cooperative courtship in a system with variable cooperative partnerships.

Ryan, W. H., graduate. (2017). Evolutionary ecology of sex allocation in hydroids.

Sackman, A. M., graduate. (2017). Evolutionary Limits Imposed By Pleiotropy And Population Dynamics In A Bacteriophage System.

Walker, C. S., graduate. (2016). Social Nesting Behavior of the Bahama Parrot on Abaco Island and its Conservation Implications.

Stathopoulos, A. M., graduate. (2015). Oxytocin profile during physiological prolactin surges.

Plata Stapper, A. C., graduate. (2013). Evolutionary dynamics of the interacting gamete recognition proteins sperm bindin and its egg receptor ebr1 in the purple urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus.

Allen, M., graduate. (2008). Ecological and evolutionary effects of dispersal on freshwater zooplankton.

Cavey, K., graduate. (2007). Reproductive decisions in American robins (Turdus migratorius): Relationships among paternity allocation, parental care, plumage variation, and mate choice.

Meyers, S., graduate. (2007). QTL mapping and molecular dissection of meat quality traits in swine.

Rowe, K., graduate. (2005). Comparative phylogeography of eastern chipmunks and white-footed mice: Population histories since the last glacial maximum. [faculty member, University of Melbourne]

Hurt, C., graduate. (2002). Consequences of isolation: Allopatric speciation in two southwestern aquatic genera. [Faculty member, University of Miami]

Drnevich, J., graduate. (2001). Causes and consequences of polyandry in yellow mealworm beetles, Tenebrio mollitor L. [bioinformatics, UIUC]

Gutierrez-Espeleta, G. A., graduate. (1999). Neutral and adaptive genetic variation in desert bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis): Implications for conservation.

Kalinowski, S., graduate. (1999). Conservation genetics of endangered species. [Faculty member, University of Montana]

Bertram, S., graduate. (1998). Understanding intrapopulation variation in the mating behavior of a field cricket.

Shaffer, R., graduate. (1995). Conservation genetics of the the Gila topminnow.

Ellsworth, S. A., doctoral candidate.

Hooks, A., doctoral candidate. TBA.

Powell, J. A., doctoral candidate. TBA.

Jones, L. T., doctoral candidate. Role of pleiotropy in the predictability of evolution.

Kettelkamp, S. M., doctoral candidate.

Nystrom, G. S., doctoral candidate.

Pluer, B. D., doctoral candidate.

Rivers, P. R., doctoral candidate.

Osland, J., doctoral student.

Schumm, M. P., doctoral student.

Whitcher, C., doctoral student.

Horacek, H. J., doctoral student.

Lawrence, K. C., doctoral student.

Medina, M., doctoral student.

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