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Curriculum Development
Chair, Committee to Revise Undergraduate Curriculum in Integrative Biology, University of Illinois (2007)

Doctoral Committee Chair
Valvo, J. J., graduate. (2020). Color pattern variation in guppies: measurement and maintenance.

Greinert, E. C., graduate. (2019). Socially mediated plasticity and polymorphism: Integrating theory and experiment to predict alternative phenotypes.

Kraft, B. H., graduate. (2016). Role of indirect genetic effects in modifying behavior and maintenance of a male color polymorphism in Gambusia holbrooki.

Janowitz, I. L., graduate. (2014). The molecular and evolutionary basis of novelty preference in the female guppy.

Reynolds, R. M., graduate. (2007). Evolutionary, demographic, physiological, and behavioral contributions to mortality plateaus.

Ruedi, E., graduate. (2007). Natural variation and gene expression in the male courtship progression of Drosophila melanogaster.

Ruckman, S., doctoral student.

Guerrera, A. G., doctoral student.

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