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The Community
Volunteer Scientist, Science Saturday at Lake Ella (2015).
Judge, Capital Region Science Fair (2014–2015).
Creator, Produced a segment of "Academic Minute" on about our 2013 Nature paper. These are recorded one-minute descriptions (similar to the "Medical Minute" that WFSU broadcasts), but they cover all topics within academia and draw from instituions all over the world, Academic Minute, WAMC Northeast Public Radio (2014).
Judge, Cobb Middle School Science Fair (2014).
Speaker, Frolics of Florida, Tallahassee Museum (2012).
Institute for Genomic Biology representative (Neurogenomics Theme), Visit to Biopolis, the National Research Institute of Singapore (2006).
Guest speaker, "The comparative biology of aging", Community Medical School, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Medical School and Carle Hospital (2004).
Co-Facilitator and Founding Member, Central Arizona Chapter, Association for Women in Science (1998–2000).
Hosted laboratory visits by two high-school science classes and girl scout troop, The Public Schools and Service Organizations (1998–2000).
Participant in Excel 21 Job Shadowing Program, Dysart High School (1997).
Responder, Public inquiries related to genetics and evolution (1996–1997).
Participant, Women and Girls in Science and Mathematics Workshop (1996–1997).
Acting coordinator, Chicago Zoological Society's participation in the Advanced Training Program in the Conservation of Biological Diversity, funded by the Macarthur Foundation (1993–1994).

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