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Invited Presentations at Conferences

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Invited Presentations at Conferences
Hughes, K. (presented 2018). Faculty Life and Opportunities at FSU. Presentation at 24th Annual McKnight Fellows Meeting, Florida Education Fund, Tampa, FL. (State)
Ghalambor, C., Hoke, K., Fisher, E., Reznick, D., & Hughes, K. (presented 2014, June). Adaptive and non-adaptive plasticity in response to novel environments: Implications for rapid adaptation. Presentation at Evolution and Plasticity, American Genetic Association Annual Meeting, Seattle, Washington. (International)
Remolina, S., & Hughes, K. A. (presented 2007). Antioxidant resistance associated with caste differences in longevity. Presentation at Fourth Key Symposium on the Biology of Ageing, Institute for Ageing and Health, Stockholm, Sweden. (International)
Hughes, K. A. (presented 2007). Dramatic phenotypic plasticity of lifespan in social insects. Presentation at Fourth Key Symposium on the Biology of Ageing, Institute for Ageing and Health, Stockholm, Sweden. (International)
Hughes, K. A. (presented 2007). Maintenance of Variation in Guppy Color Patterns. Presentation at Developing New Model Systems for Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics Using Poeciliid Fishes, National Center for Evolutionary Synthesis, Durham, North Carolina. (International)
Hughes, K. A. (presented 2007). Variation in natural populations. Presentation at Quantitative and Genomics, Gordon Research Conferences, Ventura, CA. (International)
Hughes, K. A. (presented 2006). Mechanisms of lifespan extension in queen honey bees. Presentation at Comparative Biology of Aging, American Physiological Society Comparative Biology Meeting, Virginia Beach, Virginia. (National)
Hughes, K. A. (presented 2003). Quantitative evolutionary genomics of male fertilty variation. Presentation at Genetics of Life History Traits, Ninth International Congress of Genetics, Melbourne, Australia. (International)
Hughes, K. A. (presented 2002). Honey bees as a model for aging research. Presentation at Comparative Biology of Aging Symposium, National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland. (National)
Hughes, K. A. (presented 2002). The maintenance of life-history variation. Presentation at Primate Life Histories, American Society of Physical Anthropology, Tempe, Arizona. (National)
Hughes, K. A. (presented 2000). Is Phenotypic Plasticity Adaptive? Presentation at Second Conference on the Biodemography of Fertility, Max Plank Institute for Demographic Research, Rostock, Germany. (International)
Hughes, K. A. (presented 1998). Genetic variability and life history evolution. Presentation at Evolutionary Conservation Biology, Internatinoal Institute for Advanced System Analysis, Modling, Austria. (International)
Hughes, K. A. (presented 1997). Integrating research into an undergraduate curriculum. Presentation at Colloquium on Undergraduate Faculty Education, National Science Foundation, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California. (National)
Hughes, K. A. (presented 1997). Life history trait variation. Presentation at Biological Effects of Captivity, Chicago Zoological Society and Phoenix Zoological Society, Albuquerque, New Mexico. (National)
Hughes, K. A. (presented 1997). Maintenance of variation in fertility and other fitness traits. Presentation at Biodemography of Fertility, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Tucson, Arizona. (National)

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