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Master's Committee Chair
Abegg, M., graduate. (2015). Relationship of measures of sleep quality and quantity with performance in NCAA division I female soccer players.

Leta, C., graduate. (2015). Non-thesis.

Schleicher, E., graduate. (2015). The relationship between dietary protein intake, body composition, and physical activity in breast cancer survivors.

Yap, G., graduate. (2015). Non-thesis.

Frazer, J., graduate. (2014). Non-thesis.

Gideon, L., graduate. (2014). Non-thesis.

Williams, J., graduate. (2014). Nonthesis.

Borro, G., graduate. (2013). Non-thesis.

Deetz, A. M., graduate. (2013). Non-thesis.

Frederickson, J., graduate. (2013). Non-thesis.

King, N., graduate. (2013). Non-thesis.

Mei, L., graduate. (2013). Follow-up study on female breast cancer survivors after a resistance training intervention.

Ward, E., graduate. (2013). The impact of a pre-loaded multi-ingredient performance supplement on markers of muscle damage and performance following downhill running.

Fretti, S., graduate. (2012). Non-thesis.

Hargadon, C. F., graduate. (2012). Non-thesis.

Hazari, A., graduate. (2012). Non-thesis.

Jones, M. E., graduate. (2012). Non-thesis.

Ruppel, N. A., graduate. (2012). Non-thesis.

Zatkowsky, J. A., graduate. (2012). Non-thesis.

Berry, C. L., graduate. (2011). Non-thesis.

Crook, E. C., graduate. (2011). Non-thesis.

Hines, J. A., graduate. (2011). Non-thesis.

Naimo, M. A., graduate. (2011). The effects of blocked vs. random practice on the acquisition of strength during a 6-week resistance exercise training program.

Page, E., graduate. (2011). The relationship between diet and bone mineral density in post menopausal breast cancer survivors.

Heath, N. C., graduate. (2010). Non-thesis.

Loney, B. S., graduate. (2010). Non-thesis.

Mojock, C. D., graduate. (2009). The effects of static stretching on running economy and endurance performance in female distance runners during treadmill running.

Sarandria, J. J., graduate. (2009). Non-thesis.

Dormeus, C., graduate. (2007). Non-thesis.

Meuret, J. R., graduate. (2007). A comparison of the effects of post exercise basal metabolic rate between intermittent aerobic and resistance exercise.

Patterson, C., graduate. (2006). Non-thesis.

White, J. P., graduate. (2005). Effect of Carbohydrate-Protein Supplement Timing on Post Resistance Exercise Muscle Damage.

Lewis, J. J., graduate. (2004). Non-thesis.

Kingsley, J. D., graduate. (2003). The effects of a 12-week progressive, full body, strength-training program in women with Fibromyalgia.

Horton, S., student. Non-thesis.

Mason, J., student. Non-thesis.

McLeod, M., student. Non-thesis.

Schattinger, C., student. The effect of nighttime consumption of protein or non-energy containing placebo on morning measures of resting metabolic rate and appetite in pre- and postmenopausal women.

Scott Alexander, student.

Solberger, B., student.

Walker, N., student. Non-thesis.

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