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FSU Institute or Center Service

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FSU Institute or Center Service
Faculty Affiliate, Institute of Sports Sciences and Medicine (2014–present).
Faculty Affiliate, Institute of Successful Longevity (2012–present).
Grant reviewer, Review Committee for the Institute for Successful Longevity (2016).
Member, Search Committee for Director of the Institute of Successful Longevity (2012–2015).

The Profession
Editor for Refereed Journals
Associate Editor, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport (2009–present).

Guest Reviewer for Refereed Journals
Journal of Pain Research (2012–present).
The Gerontologist (2012–present).
Western Journal of Nursing Research (2012–present).
Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (2010–present).
International Journal of Obesity (2010–present).
International Journal of Sports Medicine (2010–present).
Journal of Gerontaology: Medical Sciences (2010–present).
Journal of Physical Activity and Health (2009–present).
Pain Management (2009–present).
Arthritis Care & Research (2008–present).
Research Quarterly for Exercise & Sport (2008–present).
Journal of Physical Activity & Health (2007–present).
American Journal of Preventive Medicine (2001–present).
Annals of Nutrtion and Metabolism (2001–present).
European Respiratory Journal (2001–present).
International Journal of Sports Nutrition & Exercise Metabolism (2001–present).
Journal of Aging and Physical Activity (2001–present).
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (2001–present).

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