Curriculum vitae

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Raymond Mohl, ed., Searching for the Sunbelt, Journal of American History (December 1991), 1150-1151.

--Robert Fairbanks and Kathleen Underwood, eds., Essays on Sunbelt Cities and Recent Urban America, Pacific Northwest Quarterly (July 1991), 117.

--Laurance Rand, High Stakes: The Life and Times of Leigh S.J. Hunt, Nevada Historical Society Quarterly (Spring 1991), 314-315.

--Robert Righter, The Making of a Town: Wright, Wyoming, Nevada Historical Society Quarterly (Summer 1986).

--Richard Lowitt, The New Deal and the West, Public Works Historical Society Newsletter (Spring 1986).

--John Reps, Town Planning in Frontier America, Nevada Historical Society Quarterly (Winter 1982).

--Mark Rose, Interstate: Express Highway Politics, 1941-1956, Nevada Historical Society Quarterly (Fall 1981).

--Lawrence Larsen, The Urban West at the End of the Frontier, Nevada Historical Society Quarterly (Fall 1979).

Encyclopedia Entries
“UNLV” and “Las Vegas suburbanization” sections plus UNLV’s text and photos in the book’s “sponsors’” section in NV-150 (Las Vegas: Stephens Press, 2014).
“Las Vegas” entry for The Oxford Encyclopedia of US Social History (2012?).
Encyclopedia entry on Las Vegas (3,000 words) for William N. Thompson, ed., Gambling in America: An Encyclopedia of History, Issues, and Society (Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, Inc., 2001), 218-224. Revised version published for the new edition in 2009.
The “Las Vegas” entry for Charles Phillips and Alan Axelrod, eds., Encyclopedia of the American West (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1996), 851-852.

--University Forum Lecture, “Rebels in the Desert: Creating UNLV, 1957-1969,” September 5, 2007.

--Chair and Written Comments for a panel “Stagnation and Renewal in the South’s Coastal Cities” at the 3rd Biennial Urban History Association Conference in Tempe (September 20, 2006).

--Chair and Written Comments for panel on "The Postmodern City," 1st Biennial Urban History Association Conference in Pittsburgh (September 27, 2002).

--Written Comments for the Urban History Group's panel on "Beaches, Land, and Politics," Social Science History Association Conference in St. Louis, October 25, 2002.

--“Western Town Founding During the Civil War,” paper delivered at the Biennial Nevada History Conference, May 24, 1995.

--Commenter on Las Vegas panel of the American Society for Environmental History Annual Conference, in Las Vegas, March 8, 1995.

--“The Comstock Urban Network, 1859-1876,” paper delivered at the “Power and Place in the American West” Conference at the University of Washington, Seattle, November 5, 1994.

--Chair and written comments for Women’s History panel at the Southwestern Social Science Association Annual Conference, San Antonio, March 28, 1991.

--Written Comments on Sunbelt Cities and Culture Panel, Western History Association Convention in Sparks, NV, October 15, 1990.

--Written comments on two papers for the panel, “Problem City and Paradise Town: Two Perspectives on Urbanization in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area,” delivered at the Western History Association Convention in Tacoma, October 1989.

--“From Railroads to Resorts: Las Vegas in Search of an Economy, 1905-1955,” delivered at the Organization of American Historians Convention in Reno, March 1988.

--“Las Vegas and the Struggle for Industry in the Urban Southwest, 1935-1985,” University Forum, UNLV, May 13, 1987.

--“The Real Estate Record and Builder’s Guide: Public Works Agenda-Setting in New York, 1868-1883,” delivered at the Organization of American Historians Convention in New York, April 10, 1986.

--“The Impact of Hoover Dam on the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area,” paper delivered at a conference entitled “Harnessing the Colorado: The Building and Significance of Hoover Dam,” Boulder City, Nevada, September 19, 1985 (commemorating the dam’s 50th anniversary).

--“Frederick Law Olmsted and the Revolution in Urban Infrastructure,” delivered at the World Conference on Olmsted Parks, New York, September 24, 1983.

--“Building Manhattan’s Infrastructure, 1835-1870,” delivered at Columbia University’s “Seminar on the City,” April 9, 1979. (I was the guest speaker that night.)

--Governor’s Sesquicentennial Committee, 2013-2014

--Search Committee to hire a marketing manager for the University of Nevada Press.

--Search Committee, University of Nevada Press to hire an acquisitions editor.

--University of Nevada Press Board of Editors, 1998-2001.

--University Senate, 2011- (Senior Senator for Liberal Arts, 2012-2014).

--UNLV Sesquicentennial Committee, 2013-2014

--Accreditation Committee for 3rd-Year Report (on Standard 2) for NWCCU (2011-2014).

--Harry Reid Silver State Researcher Award Committee, 2009-2010

--Student Union Advisory Board, 2008-

--President and President Elect, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society—Chapter 100-UNLV, 2006-08

--UNLV 50th Anniversary Committee, 2004-07

--Local Arrangements Committee for 2004, WHA Convention in Las Vegas

--Las Vegas Centennial Committee, 2001-2005, appt. by Mayor Oscar Goodman

--University Grievance Committee, 2003-05

--Participated in a Focus Group to discuss the Internet and teaching and, more specifically, the role of paper vs. electronic resources in the UNLV library's development planning, May 1, 2000.

--Worked with Peter Michel (of Lied library's Special Collections) on his project to digitize Las Vegas history and led an effort to digitize the valuable Las Vegas Age and Review-Journal Index (now controlled by the Nevada Historical Society in Lorenzi Park) and bring it to UNLV. The digitizing would ultimately make the index available to all libraries, Fall 2000.

--Distinguished Teacher (and Spanos) Selection Committee, 1995-1997.

--Search Committee for Graduate College Recruiter, 1996-97

--Southern Nevada Women’s Archive Advisory Board, 1994-1998.

--Search Committee for Head of Special Collections, 1993-95.

--Graduate Exploration Day, 1992, 1994.

--Regents Interview, Evaluation of President Robert Maxson, 1991.

--University Research Grants and Fellowship Committee, 1991-1992.

--Classified Staff Employee of the Year Committee, 1991.

--Selection Committee for the Distinguished Professor Award, 1990.

--Counselor for University Orientation, 1990.

--Sabbatical Leave Committee (one-term proxy), Spring 1989.

--University Admissions Committee, 1988-1990.

--University Senate (one-semester proxy), Spring 1988.

--Steering Committee for Ethics and Policy Studies M.A. Program, 1987-91.

--Ad Hoc Committee to Revise the Honors Program Curriculum, 1987.

--Barrick Faculty Development Committee, 1983-87.

--Ad Hoc Committee to Revise UNLV’s Bylaws, 1983-84.

--Graduate Curriculum Committee, 1982-84.

--University Graduate Council, 1982-84.

--Counselor, Freshman Orientation, 1982.

--University Code Committee, 1981-83. (I worked with Allan Mori and Corryn Crosby in the sub-committee dealing with Chapters 3, 5 and 6 of the Regents’ very controversial new code. These chapters covered “tenure review,” personnel and disciplinary procedures.)

Represented UNLV at the Gulf Faculty Forum for Western Universities in Denver, August 11-13, 1981.

--Task Force to Evaluate the Summer School Program, 1980-81.

--Ad Hoc Committee to Choose a Commencement Speaker, 1979-81.

College of Liberal Arts:
--Search Committee for College of Liberal Arts’ Development Officer, 2008.

--Wrote the guidelines for the annual evaluation of tenured faculty that, with some modifications, we use today in the College of Liberal Arts, 2006-2008.

--Wrote a history of the College of Liberal Arts at the Dean’s request in 2007 for COLA’s website.

--New Faculty Mentoring Committee, 2002-2005.

Peer Teaching Consultant Committee, 1999-

--Search Committee for a Development Director, 2008.

--Personnel Committee, 1983-84, 1989-91, 1998-2000, 2008-10 (Chair, 1990-91; 1999-2000, 2009-2010).

--Executive Committee, 1987-91; 1994-95; 2005-2008; 2013-2014.

--Nominating Committee, 1982; 1991-2000 (Chair).

--William Morris Committee on Excellence in Research, 1990-93.

--Steering Committee, Journal of the Contemporary West, 1988-90.

--Bylaws Committee, 1988-90.

--Ad Hoc Committee on Release Time Policy for Graduate Coordinators, 1988.

--Ad Hoc Committee to Prepare the Estate Tax Proposal for the College’s Journal of the Contemporary West, 1988.

--Sub-committee to Prepare Guidelines for Annual Evaluation of Faculty in the College of Arts and Letters, 1987-88.

--William Morris Committee on Excellence in Teaching, 1981-84; Chair, 1982-84. (In addition to selecting the William Morris Award winner, we also redesigned the College’s teaching evaluation form in 1983-84.)

--Reviewed proposals for National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipends for 1981.

Department of History
--First Year Seminars (new Gen. Ed.), Coordinator

--Awards Committee Chair, 2011-13.

--Library Committee Chair, 2008-2011

--History Department Chair, 1987-91; 2005-08. As chair in 1990, I pushed for a doctoral program in History and wrote most of the proposal, which the Regents approved in 1990. As chair in 2005, I sought to promote more inclusivity in our course offerings by pushing an initiative in world history covering the Middle East, Pacific Rim, and Africa, areas we had not covered before. We received 3 tenure-track positions for this in 2005 and filled them.

Wrote the department’s new Strategic Plan in 2005.

--Chair, Search Committee for Atlantic World position (hired Kevin Dawson), 2005-06.

--Chair Awards Committee, 2011-2014; member, 2005-06.

--Travel Committee, 2003-05

--Assessment and Teaching Committee, 2003-04

--Ad Hoc Committee on Oral History, 1999-00

--History Department Graduate Advisor (Coordinator), 1978-88; 1990-99. (I created the position in 1978).

--Wrote the graduate version of department’s re-accreditation report, 1999.

--Wrote the department's graduate program recruitment plan, 1998.

--Chair, Graduate Committee, 1978-85, 1986-87, 1995-1999.

--Member, Western History Search Committee, (hired David Wrobel), 1998

--As Graduate Coordinator, I pushed for creation of a Public History component in our graduate program and wrote the proposal for the new Public History component 1997-1998

--Public History Search Committee, 1998-99.

--Ad Hoc Committee on Public History, 1999-

--Chair, Search Committee for U.S. Constitutional history position, 1996-97 (hired David Tanenhaus)

--Chair, Ad Hoc Committee on Graduate Program Fundraising, 1993.

--Personnel Committee, 1977-78, 1980-81, 1985-87; Chair, 1991-93; ad hoc member, 1993-95, --Fall 1997-2003; spring 2014- (acting Chair Fall 2014).

--In 1991, I put the department on a 3-2 course load and later convinced the Maxson Administration to allow it.

--Travel Committee, 1976-78, 1993-94.

--Wrote all of the graduate portion of the department's Self Study, 1996 and co-wrote much of the Ph.D. report in 2007-08.

--Wrote most of the graduate portion of the department's Strategic Plan in 1996.

--Wrote the department’s grant proposal for its Library Microforms Wish List (Primary Sources) for the UNLV Foundation, Fall 1994. The library later funded over $100,000 of it.

--Faculty Mentor for part-time instructors, 1994-96

--Testified before the Nevada Board of Regents for approval of the department’s Ph.D. Program in History, January 9, 1991, Reno.

--Chair, Ad Hoc Committee on Western History Library Acquisitions, 1991-95. This covered more than $400,000 in collections that the library purchased.

--Chair, Search Committee for Native-American position, 1988-89 (hired Willard Rollings).

Search Committee for Latin American Position, 1986-87.

--Chair, William Morris Creativity Award Committee, 1984.

--Search Committee to replace Roman Zorn, 1981.

--Department Long-Range Planning Committee, 1980-81. (I wrote portions of the final report.)

--Created the Dept. Style Sheet for footnotes and bibliography (in 1995, the department finally adopted the Chicago Manual of Style)

--Phi Alpha Theta Faculty Advisor, 1978-88. (I helped organize the Psi Sigma Chapter at UNLV.

--In 1979, I chaired the urban history panel at the Phi Alpha Theta Regional meeting at Occidental College and delivered written comments (and drove UNLV students to the conference).

--Member, Newspaper selection Advisory Board for National Digital Newspaper project—for grant sponsored by the Nevada state library & Archives (2012-2014).

--Historical advisor to New York-based documentary producer Anita Womack’s Betting on Black documentary; letter of acceptance, May 24, 2012.

--Event Coordinator for the Urban History Association’s 5th Biennial Conference, “Sustainable Cities,” held in Las Vegas and UNLV, October 20-23, 2010. (I ran the entire conference).

--Convention Site Selection Committee, Urban History Association, 2008-2010.

--Delivered a brief lecture and answered audience questions about Las Vegas history at the Vegas Valley Book Festival, October 22, 2005.

--One-hour interview with Emi Umeda of Japanese television for a documentary on Las Vegas to be eventually aired in Japan, September 13, 2005.

--Did two 1-hour interviews on KNPR with Gwen Castaldi and Michael Green on the history of Las Vegas, August 11, 2005.

--Interview with Dave McKee of the Las Vegas Business Press for his story on the history of hidden ownership and silent partners in Las Vegas casinos, July 7, 2005.

Live television interview on Channel 8 with Jeff Gillan to discuss the history of Las Vegas, May 4, 2005.

--Gave a lecture entitled: “From Mob Town to International Destination: The Rise of Las Vegas” delivered to the Las Vegas Genealogical Association, March 5, 2005 at the Gold Coast.

--Interview with Gwen Castaldi (with listener call-ins) on KNPR concerning the history of Las Vegas, February 2, 2005.

--Interview with Boston Globe reporter John Friess about the Las Vegas centennial and the city’s early history, January 4, 2005.

--Chaired a session at the Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference at UNLV, April 9, 2005.

--Member, Local Arrangements Committee for Western History Association Convention in Las Vegas, October 14-17, 2004. I also conducted bus tours of the Strip for the historians.

--Consultant for Insignia Films for their Las Vegas documentary “Las Vegas: An Unconventional History,” 2004-05. I edited the scripts and film, pointing out errors and suggesting additions and deletions.

--Co-Editor (with David Wrobel) of "The Urban West," a series of books published by the University of Nevada Press, 2003-Present.

--Nevada CD-ROM Project Committee, 1999-2000

--Member and Chair (for one year), Urban History Association’ Nominating Committee (1999-2002).

--Member, Board of Editors, Nevada Historical Society Quarterly, 1978-Present (Chair, 1990-2000).

--Chair, "Women and Gaming" panel at Fifth Biennial Nevada History Conference in Reno, May 20, 1997.

--Consultant to "Las Vegas Women in Gaming and Entertaining Oral History Project, 1996-1997.

--Consultant to Channel 5 in Reno in 1995 for their show, "From Backrooms to Boardrooms," about major gaming figures in Las Vegas history.

--At the request of UNLV library, I examined Bob Coffin's Union Pacific Railroad Collection of Las Vegas history (that included several hundred thousand items) and wrote a report recommending its purchase, December 31, 1994. UNLV subsequently purchased it. It has been the source for dozens of student theses, dissertations, and papers.

--Member, Nevada State Historical Records Advisory Board (appointed by Governor Richard Bryan, 1986-87 and reappointed by Governor Bob Miller for 1987-90).

--Nominating Committee, Public Works Historical Society, 1984-85.

--Refereed numerous articles and book manuscripts over the years

for journals and publishers—too numerous to list.

--Refereed the book manuscript, Battle Born Nevada, which many school districts in the state adopted in 1996 as their Nevada history textbook for junior high schools.

--In 1980-81, after much searching, I found the original minute books covering all the meetings of the Las Vegas City Council from 1911 to 1959 in a Carson City warehouse. I negotiated a deal to transfer these valuable historical documents from state control to UNLV as part of the opening ceremonies for the new library (rectangular building) addition, 1981.

--In 1993 I negotiated an agreement with the Clark County Recorder’s Office and the Nevada State Museum and Historical Society to transfer the Index to these meetings to the UNLV Library.

--Vice President, Preservation Association of Clark County, 1977-79.
Pacific Historical Association

Organization of American Historians

Western History Association

Nevada Historical Society

Southern Nevada Historical Society

Public Works Historical Society

American Urban History Association

Phi Alpha Theta-The National History Honor Society (I founded the chapter at UNLV in 1978 and served as faculty advisor for 10 years)

Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi (President of UNLV’s Chapter, 2007-2008; Outgoing President, 2008-2009)

COMMUNITY SERVICE (By no means a complete list)
--Phone response to Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist John L. Smith’s questions regarding the history of Las Vegas failure to control liquor consumption during Prohibition (1920-33) and afterward as well as other vices, November 22, 2013.

--TV film Interview with Channel 3’s Amber Dixon regarding the history of union strikes in Las Vegas and the recent agreement between Culinary Union Local 226 and MGM-Mirage, November 19, 2013.

--Interview with Rebel Yell reporter Ian Whitaker for his story about political activist Flora Dungan and the development of UNLV, October 10, 2013.

--Interview with high school student, Aly Arsen, of the NC&TA, regarding the history of Las Vegas, October 8, 2013.

--Interview with high school student, Seashell Corley, from the Northwest Career & Technical Academy about various events in the history of UNLV, October 4, 2013.

--Interview with Channel 3 reporter Tom Hawley regarding North Las Vegas and Nevada’s first woman mayor Dorothy Porter, ca. September 25, 2013.

--Interview with Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Andy Garcia regarding his story about the two horse racing tracks on the Strip, behind the Riviera and the Thunderbird hotels, that existed at different times during the 1940s-60s, September 3, 2013.

--Interview with Steve Chang for a Golf Channel special on the history of water use and conservation on Las Vegas area golf courses, July 3, 2013.

--One-hour Presentation to the local chapter of the American Public Works Association on “Space, Economic Growth and the Public Works Revolution in Nineteenth-Century Manhattan and Brooklyn” at the Palace Station Hotel, June 6, 2013.

--Television Interview with Gabriel Beland of Journaliste Sportif (out of Montreal) on the history of boxing in Las Vegas, May 1, 2013 just before a major championship fight here.

--Member NV-150 Education Working Group (2013-15)

--Quoted in the Los Angeles Times January 13, 2013, p. 10 issue based on a December 2013 interview with Times reporter John Gliona on the history of Primm.

--Interview with local reporter John Gliona for a Los Angeles Times story on the history of Primm, Nevada, December 13, 2012.

--Interview with Jeff Mosier, reporter for View Neighborhood, regarding Nathaniel Jones’ mining mission at Mt. Potosi for the Las Vegas Mormon Mission in 1855-57, September 18, 2012.

--Interview with Brigid Bodnar of MarketPlace Research about the history of Las Vegas’ booms and busts, August 15, 2012.

--Interview with Las Vegas Sun reporter Tovin Lapan regarding President Leonard Goodall’s contributions to UNLV, July 3, 2012.

--Interview for Sy Fy Channel show with producer Jen Hutchinson about the history of the Mint and Apache hotels in Las Vegas, March 15, 2012.

--Interview with Jackie Valley of the Las Vegas Sun about mob history and landmarks in Las Vegas, February 12, 2012.

--Interview with David McPhee of City Life about whether Las Vegas is becoming an anachronism, February 8, 2012

--Interview with Samantha Stone of KXNT Radio (Las Vegas’ CBS affiliate station) about why the San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad created Las Vegas and how it nurtured it, January 26, 2012.

--Interview with Brad Stone, columnist for Businessweek, about Tony Hsieh’s role in downtown redevelopment, January 26, 2012

--Interview with Bob Whitby of Las Vegas Seven about historic efforts to preserve the Huntridge Theater, January 23, 2012.

--Interview with Don Frasier, columnist for Forbes, about the trend toward building megaresorts worldwide and especially in Las Vegas, January 20, 2012.

--Interview on UNLV-TV regarding the history of Nevada Day, October 30, 2011.

--Interview with Julie Gerard of Pixcom Productions for the History Channel TV show “Trashopolis” on the history of sanitation and wastewater treatment in the Las Vegas Valley, July 20, 2011.

--Interview with Bloomberg News reporter Alison Vekshin on the history of the marriage industry in Las Vegas and Reno, July 19, 2011.

--Interview with Kim Palchikoff of Las Vegas Seven magazine for the 30th anniversary of Jubilee at Ballys concerning the significance of stage shows to Las Vegas’ development, July 8, 2011.

--Interview with Las Vegas Sun reporter Steve Kanegar on the contributions of the Las Vegas Sun to Las Vegas, May 5, 2011.

--Interview with Las Vegas, Inc. reporter Tom Gorman on When was Downtown Las Vegas a Town?, March 22, 2011

--Interview with Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Jim O’Reilly on the significance of the March 1931 re-legalization of gambling, and the new six-week divorce law to state and local development, March 18, 2011.

--45-minute radio interview/show on KNPR concerning the role of the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas history, March 14, 2011.

--Interview with Associated Press reporter Christina Silva about the “New Nevada,” putting Las Vegas Census Statistics in Historical Perspective, February 25, 2011.

--One-hour interview with reporter Victor Michel of El Gato Pardo Magazine (based in Colombia and Mexico) regarding the history of Las Vegas, February 24, 2011.

--Interview with reporter Andy Taylor of The View regarding Las Vegas Mayor John Russell’s time in office, February 18, 2011.

--Interview with Associated Press reporter Christina Silva about how Nevada’s liberal marriage and divorce laws have helped the local economy, February 11, 2011.

--Interview with Michael Piscatelli of the History Channel about Las Vegas’ infrastructure history (incl. sewers and various water lines built to and under Lake Mead), for an up-coming TV show, January 21, 2011.

--Interview with Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Amanda Paget on Las Vegas’ downtown redevelopment history, January 20, 2011.

--Interview with Amanda Lewellyn of The View on James Cashman’s contributions to Las Vegas, January 20, 2011.

--I advised Luis Hernandez of KNPR about the history of downtown revitalization in urban America since the 1960s as it related to Las Vegas’ revitalization efforts since 1990, November 18, 2010.

--Interview with Amanda Lewellyn of The View on John C. Fremont’s contribution to Nevada history, September 23, 2010.

--Interview with Amanda LaVone of The View regarding Dr. Roy Martin’s contributions to Las Vegas, August 26, 2010.

--Interview with Becky Bosshart of Vegas Seven Magazine about the history of townships in Nevada, August 20, 2010.

--Interview with George Roy for an HBO Sports documentary on “Jerry Tarkanian and the Runnin Rebels,” August 19, 2010.

--Interview with another reporter from The View about the contributions of Charles P. Squires to Las Vegas, June 23, 2010.

--Interview with Andy Taylor of The View about the development of Las Vegas-area townships in the 1950s and 1960s, June 22, 2010.

--Interview with Erin Dostal of the Las Vegas Sun on the history of North Las Vegas’ redevelopment efforts, June 7, 2010.

--Interview with Wall Street Journal reporter Alexandra Berson about the historical development of Stations Casinos, May 20, 2010.

--Helped a CCSD 4th Grade teacher at the Linda Rankin Givens Elementary School with research ideas for a class project on Nevada.

--Interview with Tom Wicher of Las Vegas Magazine for a story about Harry Reid’s contributions to Nevada compared to William Steward, Francis Newlands, Pat McCarran, Paul Laxalt, and other U.S. senators throughout the state’s history, May 4, 2010.

--Interview with a KNPR “radio essayist” about the early railroad history of Las Vegas, and I later read through her manuscript for errors, May 3, 2010.

--Interview with Cory Levitan of the Review-Journal on the history of burlesque and stage nudity in Las Vegas, March 2, 2010.

--Interview with Brad Brando of the Sacramento Bee concerning the history of the consolidation of police departments in Las Vegas (Sacramento is considering creation of a Metro Police Dept.), February 3, 2010.

--Interview with free-lance reporter Steve Friess about Senator Harry Reid’s efforts in the Las Vegas and Nevada civil rights movement from 1960-1986 for his story in, February 1, 2010.

--Interview with Andy Taylor of “The View” (part of the Las Vegas Review-Journal) to discuss the development of Sunrise Manor, December 24, 2009.

--Interview with Dave McGrath Schwartz of the Las Vegas Sun about the New Deal and whether the current depression has hit Nevada harder than the Great Depression of the 1930s, December 10, 2009.

--30-minute interview with Rebel Yell reporter Grace Funcion for her story on Maude Frazier Hall and the Pioneers Wall of Fame, September 10, 2009.

--30-minute interview with film maker Wolfgang Muchow for a documentary on Las Vegas’s Past, September 10, 2009.

--Sent historical information covering Del Webb’s contribution to Las Vegas history to the Sun Cities Area Historical Society in Phoenix for their research project, September, 2009.

--One-hour radio show interview with Paul Bruno covering the history of Nevada for “The History Czar,” August 28, 2009.

--One-hour interview with Nevada Senior Magazine editor Chris Dehnel on Las Vegas history, July 27, 2009.

--Interview with Las Vegas weekly reporter Todd Wicher on the growing power of Las Vegas unions to influence construction of such buildings as the new City Hall, July 23, 2009.

--Interview with City Life reporter Dave McKee concerning the history of labor union rights in Las Vegas on the second anniversary of the dealers’ union at the Wynn, July 9, 2009.

--Interview with Rebel Yell reporter Gregan Weingert regarding the new Lied Special Collections website on Southern Nevada history, June 3, 2009.

--Taped a 2-hour segment at Caesars Palace on the history of Las Vegas with a Philadelphia-based crew for “Solutions With Suzanne,” a CNN show, June 20, 2009.

--30-minute interview with Tom Wilke of the Las Vegas Weekly on how Sen. Harry Reid and many other Nevada senators throughout history have helped get money for the state from U.S. presidents, April 30, 2009.

--30-minute interview with Crispin Green, a London producer for Blink Films for their documentary on the mob in Las Vegas, 1960-1985, April 30, 2009.

--Taped a 2-hour segment with Dan Ellis, a Boulder, CO filmmaker for a documentary film entitled “Las Vegas and the Mob,” February 27, 2009.

--Interview with Wall Street Journal reporter Tammy Audi about how the recession has hurt Las Vegas, February 22, 2009.

--Sent historical information regarding Maude Frazier, James Dickinson, and Donald Moyer to UNLV Facilities Management for the proposed creation of the Pioneer Wall of Fame by the Board of Regents for their formal approval), February 2009.

--30-minute interview with Stephanie Chen of about the history of tourism in Las Vegas, January 30, 2009

--Advised M.I.T. Engineering Professor Aseem Inam about the relevant history surrounding his research on Las Vegas urban planning with special reference to Project City Center, January 12, 2009.

--Interview with attorney (and former city councilman) Matt Callister to discuss the history of road closings and I-15 incursions into the Westside community as part of his ongoing court case to re-open F Street, January 5, 2009.

--Interview with Las Vegas Sun reporter Mike Squires about the 50-year history of UNLV’s Rebel mascot, December 18, 2008.

--Taped film interview with Current TV producer Amber Bansak about the attraction of Las Vegas to young singles and transplants, December 18, 2008.

--Interview with Las Vegas Sun reporter Phoebe Sweet about the history of Nevada’s mining taxes and the challenges facing the closed Robinson Copper Mine near Ely, NV, November 21, 2008.

--Live television interview with Jeff Dillon on Las Vegas One (channel 19) concerning the programs and challenges facing Franklin D. Roosevelt and Barrack Obama, November 19, 2008.

--Interview with Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Dave Schwartz about “The State of Nevada” during the current recession for his Nevada Day column, October 28, 2008.

--Interview with Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Scott Weiland about the Democratic Clark County Commissioners’ policymaking in the 1950s, September 8, 2008.

--Interview with local writer Matt O’Brien about the sewage problems of the Las Vegas Valley in historical perspective, August 18, 2008.

--Appeared with Dave Berns on a live KNPR radio call-in show on the subject: Why Does a Public University Matter to a Community?, July 23, 2008

--Interview with Steve Twoney who was writing an article for the Smithsonian about Las Vegas water issues, July 22, 2008.

--Interview with Las Vegas Sun reporter Charlotte Hsu about the Universitas Leadership Sanctuary planned for Lake Las Vegas by a national foundation, June 11, 2008.

--Advised Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman by phone about historical documents helpful to his projected effort to consolidate the government services of Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and possibly Clark County in an effort to save money during the recession, June 8, 2008.

--Advised Clark County Television producer Lisa Katz about sources for research for a documentary celebrating the county’s 2009 Centennial, June 8, 2008.

--Taped a 30-minute interview with National Public Radio reporter Ted Robbins about Project City Center, Kirk Kerkorian and urban sustainability in Las Vegas, April 15, 2008.

--Interview with New York Times reporter Clifford Krause on the history of recessions in Las Vegas, April 14, 2008

--Interview with Los Angeles Times reporter Peter Honn about the development of the upscale Las Vegas housing market, April 1, 2008

--Interview with Las Vegas Sun reporter Charlotte Hsu for a story on the History Department’s involvement with the Nevada Test Site Oral History Project, March 13, 2008

--Met with 14 students from the Free University of Berlin and also gave them a one-hour lecture on the development of Las Vegas plus Q and A., March 12, 2008

--Interview with Ray Hagen of the Reno Evening Gazette about racial segregation issues in northern and southern Nevada casinos, February 26, 2008.

--Interview with Ron Ponte of the Las Vegas Sun about the history of Fremont Street for the Sun’s award-winning on-line history of Las Vegas, February 13, 2008.

--Interview with Jurgen Schaeffer of Europe’s GEO Magazine about Las Vegas as a middle-class, all-American city, February 1, 2008

--Interview with Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Lawrence Mower about the UNLV presidency of Robert Maxson, December 14, 2007.

--Taped interview with Jenna Kohler about the history of North Las Vegas for the Las Vegas Sun’s new website, November 8, 2007.

--Interview with Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Lawrence Mower about student militancy in the 1960s as compared with today, November 6, 2007.

KNPR interview on the history of UNLV and other aspects of Higher Education Policy in Nevada, October 24, 2007.

--Interview with Charlotte Hsu of the Las Vegas Sun on the history of UNLV, October 17, 2005.

--Interview with Todd Wicher of Las Vegas Life about how the past sheds light on predicting the future development of UNLV, October 12, 2007.

--Delivered a presentation on “UNLV and Las Vegas’ Economic Diversification Over the Decades” for the Professional Staff Retreat, October 5, 2007.

--Live Interview with Jeff Gillan on the “News at Nine” program (Channel 19) about the history of UNLV, September 19, 2007.

--Video interview with Las Vegas Sun reporter Andy Feinstein on the history of UNLV for the Sun’s new Las Vegas history website, September 14, 2007.

Interview with Tom Wicker of Las Vegas Life on the most important event in Las Vegas history, May 5, 2007.

--Interview with Las Vegas Life on the significance of Thomas Hull to Las Vegas, May 7, 2007.

--Interview with David MacKee of the LasVegas Sun on the history of union-management relations in Las Vegas, May 30, 2007.

--Interview with Jack Sheehan of the Las Vegas Sun on Hal Rothman’s contributions to UNLV and Las Vegas, February 2, 2007.

--Interview with Las Vegas Business Press reporter David McKee about the leveraged buyout of Harrahs, January 5, 2007.

--Interview with the Las Vegas Business Press concerning the history of union-management relations in Las Vegas, March 20, 2007.

--Interview with the Las Vegas Business Press concerning the leveraged buyout of Harrahs, January 5, 2007.

--Interview with Las Vegas Sun reporter Ed Cook for his story on the Stardust Hotel in the early 1980s, November 8, 2006.

--Interview with Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Lawrence Mauer for his story about UNLV presidents, September 22, 2006.

--Member, Consultants Committee (appointed by Mayor Oscar Goodman) for the proposed Mob Museum downtown. Met with the museum’s designers, Fall 2006.

--Taped a 1-hour interview with Japanese television on “Las Vegas and Bugsy Siegel” news show, August 18, 2006.

--As an unpaid consultant, I read and prepared a response to the Nevada State Museum’s 90-page report entitled: “Preliminary Design Concepts Plan,” June, 2006 correcting dozens of errors in a document that was poorly prepared by the state.

--Taped a 90-minute interview with the History Channel for their show on Nevada, April 21, 2006.

--Interview with Amy Waltman for her story on the Las Vegas Strip slated for the Atlantic Monthly, March 29, 2006.

Radio interview with KNPR’s Dave Berns on the What If’s of Las Vegas and Nevada history, February 7, 2006.

--Interview with Las Vegas Sun reporter Ed Cook on the history of the Silver Bowl, January 20, 2006.

--Interview with Las Vegas Sun reporter Jennifer Schaviansky for her story on “Vertical Las Vegas—The Condo Craze,” January 13, 2006.

--Interview with Channel 3’s Lisa Hidalgo about the history of the Tropicana Hotel, January 12, 2006.

--Interview with West Valley News concerning Bob Bailey and the history of the Nevada Equal Rights Commission, January 3, 2006.

--Refereed a radio script for Minneapolis public radio program on Las Vegas history, July 2005.

--Filmed a two-hour interview with New York-based Insignia Films for their PBS documentary “Las Vegas: An Unconventional History” on September 16, 2004. I appeared about four times in the documentary, which aired nationally for two nights in November 2005.

--Taped two half hour shows for KLVX Ch. 10. Appeared with Elaine Wynn and two others with host Mitch Fox commenting on the Insignia Films two-part documentary that had just aired.

--One-hour interview and listener call-in show on KNPR Radio with Gwen Castaldi on Las Vegas street names, July 13, 2004.

--Interview with Matt O’Brien on the history of flooding in Las Vegas, May 27, 2004.

--Interview with Jeff Simpson of the Las Vegas Sun on the Legacy of Jackie Gaughan to Las Vegas, April 5, 2004.

--Interview with David McKee of Las Vegas Life on the history of the Las Vegas Hilton, February 6, 2004.

--Participant in the roundtable discussion “Is Las Vegas Different?” chaired by John L. Smith at the Vegas Valley Book Festival, October 25, 2003.

--Interview with Las Vegas Mercury reporter Bob Schmelgian for a story on Las Vegas’ urban problems, August 7, 2003.

--Member, Las Vegas Centennial Historians’ Working Group, 2003-05.

--Appointed by Mayor Jim Gibson as a resource consultant for the history book project commemorating Henderson’s 50th anniversary as a city.

--Taped a film interview with Digital Media for the Basic Magnesium documentary commemorating Henderson's 50th anniversary, February 3, 2003.

--Edited Matt Lay's manuscript on the History of Henderson, Summer 2003.

--Participated in the roundtable discussion “Is Las Vegas Different?" chaired by John L. Smith at the Vegas Valley Book Festival, October 25, 2003.

--Nevada On-Line Encyclopedia Project, editor of "The Federal Presence in Nevada" section, attended meetings in 2003.

--Member, Las Vegas Centennial Committee--Historians' Subcommittee—appointed by Mayor Oscar Goodman at request of Bob Stoldal.

--20 minute interview with Las Vegas Mercury reporter by Bob Schmelgian for a story on Las Vegas's urban problems, August 7, 2003.

--Delivered a lecture on Las Vegas history to seniors at the city's Senior Citizen's Center, November 21, 2002.

--Taped an interview on the history of racism in Las Vegas for The Learning Channel, October 8, 2002.

--Taped a T.V. interview on the history of flooding in Las Vegas with Ann Yeager of the Flood Channel, August 27, 2002.

--Delivered a 90-minute presentation on the history of Las Vegas to the McDonald Literary Guild at the Green Valley Ranch, December 10, 2000.

--Delivered a lecture on "Las Vegas and the Political Economy of Gambling" to a class of Public Administration graduate students, December 1, 2000.

--TV interview for three hours on the Las Vegas Strip by Kelly O'Brien of Canada's Bravo network for its documentary on Las Vegas, September 22, 2000.

--Interview with Soyun Roe of Overbrook Entertainment for its documentary on the Moulin Rouge, August 21, 2000.

--TV interview with Channel 8 reporter Nancy Byrne on "Day One Las Vegas," discussing the historical development of Las Vegas, July 28, 2000.

--Advised the Two Roads Production Company of New York City for their documentary on Hoover Dam during World War II, May 11-June 1, 2000.

--Interview with Matt O'Brien of City Life on the history of White Cross Drug in early Las Vegas, March 3, 2000.

--Interview with Craig Tepper, a Los Angeles freelance writer, researching a story about the history of the Tropicana Hotel and Tropicana Avenue, January 26, 2000.

--Phone interview with Melissa Kennedy of a Los Angeles-based production company for a program on the Las Vegas mob, January 19, 2000.

--Prepared a script and did a 20-minute TV interview on October 14, 1999 at KVBC-TV Channel 3 studios with Tom Hawley on the impact of highways on Las Vegas history. It played on the news on November 2 and various times thereafter.

--Did a 1-hour interview in February 11, 1999 with novelist Mark Nieson to give him historical background for his Las Vegas-based novel.

--On January 19, 1999, did an interview with Justin Hayes to give background for his story on civil rights activist James McMillan, which appeared in the Las Vegas Weekly, February 3-9, 1999, 8-9.

--Did an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal's A.D. Hopkins for his story on gaming regulator, Robbins Cahill, March 18, 1999.

--Did an interview with Hopkins for his story on Gov. Mike O'Callaghan

Throughout the spring and summer I advised Hopkins and K. J. Evans on various articles they were writing on The First 100: Portraits of Men and Women Who Shaped Las Vegas (Las Vegas: Huntington Press, 1999), April 28, 1999. I am acknowledged in the front.

--On June 2, 1999, did a phone interview with Bill Fulton of Governing Magazine for his story on "The Impact of Managed Growth and Increasing Impact Fees on the Las Vegas Mayoral Election."

--On July 22, 1999 did a phone interview with Willy Bernette, an independent television producer in Los Angeles, for an HBO documentary on Moe Dalitz.

--August 1999 did an interview with Martin Torgoff of Just Jump Productions of southern California for a documentary he is researching for the 50th anniversary of the Desert Inn Hotel.

November, 1999 interview with Kevin Ferguson of the Las Vegas Business Press regarding Howard Hughes and Kirk Kerkorian.

--In December, 1999, did an interview with David Stroh, the business reporter for the Las Vegas Sun, for his story on major events in Nevada and Las Vegas business history in the 20th century.

Helped the Las Vegas Review-Journal compile a list of the 100 most significant Las Vegans of the century. I also submitted a ranked, top twenty list of the most important Las Vegans with rationales for a Joe Hawk story (Las Vegas Review-Journal, March 22, 1998).

--Delivered a lecture (October 3, 1998) on the history of Las Vegas to a group of 100 Northern Nevadans at a meeting hosted by UNR historian James Hulse at The Green Shack Restaurant.

--Did a 1-hour interview (July 22, 1998) and then a 2-hour TV taping (Aug 6, 1998) for Martin Pearson of The Learning Channel for a documentary they are doing on Las Vegas.

--Taped a film segment (March 3, 1998) for a Las Vegas documentary being produced by film students from Fort Lewis College, Durango CO.

--Did a telephone interview (May 21, 1998) with Derek Burnett of Readers Digest for a story they are doing on Las Vegas.

--Did a telephone interview (April 27, 1998) and submitted a fact sheet to KLAS TV Channel 3 for the Aladdin Hotel's implosion.

--Did a telephone interview with Robert Lusetich, (The Australian's Los Angeles correspondent) for a story they are doing on Frank Sinatra's significance to Las Vegas.

--Did a phone interview (April 28, 1998) with Las Vegas Life reporter Phil Hagen's story on Las Vegas' redevelopment plan.

--On June 9, 1999, did a taped interview on the history of Las Vegas for later radio broadcast with Rita Scwartzer and Peter Metro of Swiss Broadcasting Company.

--My taped television interview with KNBP-TV (PBS) in Reno on Governor Grant Sawyer and civil rights appeared in summer 1999. I did the interview in December 1998.

--Gave an hour lecture (plus question and answer period) to students of Apple Valley High School for their school presentation on aspects of the history of Las Vegas, October 10, 1997.

--Gave a one-hour taped interview to Beatrice Black of USC's "Marketplace Radio" on the development of Las Vegas. It aired on public radio as two shows on November 4 and 6, 1997.

--Gave a two-hour interview to BBC reporter Jonathan Rugman for a planned documentary on Las Vegas, July 1997.

--Gave an interview to graduate students of U.C.-Berkeley Communications Prof. David Littlejohn for a book they were writing on the rise of Las Vegas, March 25, 1997. The book was subsequently published by a major press.

--Appeared on Finnish television during COMDEX with Risto Johnson, their Helsinki-Washington DC. reporter, to discuss the historical development of Las Vegas, November 20, 1996.

--Appeared on KRBO radio with Tom Hawley to discuss the history of Las Vegas and answer listeners' calls, October 10, 1996.

--Did Interview with Mark Ebara of the New York Times for a story about Las Vegas, October 1996.

--Did an interview with Doug Swanson of the Dallas Morning News for an article he was writing on Bugsy Siegel, October 1996.

--Wrote a report on the history of Las Vegas parks for Dave Berns of the Las Vegas Review-Journal for a series of stories on them, March 1996.

--Attended the State Ethics Commission hearing on January 11, 1996 to testify in behalf of State Senator Bob Coffin's effort to sell his Las Vegas History Manuscript Collection (valued at $750,000) to UNLV.

--Chaired a panel on “A Variety of Nevada Experiences,” at Nevada History Conference, Las Vegas, May 1995.

--Member, Domed Stadium Committee (appointed by Mayor Jan Laverty Jones), for the City of Las Vegas, 1995-97.

--Delivered a lecture, “History of Las Vegas,” to National Student Exchange Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, March 16, 1995.

--Consultant to HBO Sports for a TV documentary on Sonny Liston, Spring 1995.

--Evaluated a private (50,000 document) collection on Las Vegas history and wrote a report

recommending acquisition for the UNLV Library, December 1994.

--Delivered a lecture on Las Vegas and City Planning to the Nevada Chapter of the American

Planning Association, October 19, 1994.

--Delivered a lecture to Clark County Social Studies Teachers on integrating the history of Las

Vegas into the school curriculum at the annual conference of the Southern Nevada Council for the Social Sciences at Cimarron Memorial High School, February 9, 1994.

--Consulting Humanist and referee for “Desert Airways,” a brochure and photo exhibit produced

by the Clark County Department of Parks and Recreation for display at McCarran Airport,

1993. It has been on display for more than a decade.

--Consulting Humanist for the Red Road Group of documentary film makers who are making a

documentary about “Entertainment and Las Vegas” in association with the Greenspun School of

Communication, 1993.

--Gave several interviews for a series of KNPR radio shows about Las Vegas issues, May 1993.

--Did a two-hour interview with MPI Videos of Chicago for a TV documentary on Bugsy Siegel

and Las Vegas entitled “Don’t Call Me Bugsy,” June 1992. Segments of the interview appear in

the film.

--Delivered a lecture, “Neighborhoods and Las Vegas History,” for a Chamber of Commerce group, October 16, 1992.

--Delivered a speech on “Bugsy Siegel and Las Vegas” for the joint meeting of the Nevada and

California Library Associations in Long Beach, November 6, 1992.

Judge for the Clark County School District’s “National History Day,” May 3, 1991.

--Consulting Humanist for Nevada Humanities Committee-sponsored museum exhibit, “Hispanics in Southern Nevada,” 1991.

--Consulting Humanist for a Nevada Humanities Committee-sponsored public radio documentary, “Las Vegas: Mississippi of the West or Promised Land,” 1990-1991.

--Delivered the Keynote Address at the dedication ceremony of Red Rock Canyon as a National

Conservation Area with Senators Bryan and Reid, April 21, 1991.

--Delivered a lecture on “Recent Trends in Nevada History” to social science faculty at the

Community College of Southern Nevada, April 9, 1991.

--Served as moderator and delivered an opening lecture for a panel entitled “Las Vegas: Water,

Urbanization and Growth” for the Nevada Humanities Committee conference: “A River Too Far:

The Past and Future of Civilization in the Desert,” November 8, 1990.

--Delivered a lecture on “Leadership in Las Vegas History” for the Leadership Seminar of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, October 26, 1990.

--Delivered a lecture on the history of urban public health for the Seminar at the University

Medical Center, October 10, 1990.

--Delivered a 45-minute lecture entitled “City Sanitary Engineering and the Germ Theory of

Disease, 1870-1930” at the State Environmental Health Association’s Education Conference,

Laughlin, April 26, 1990.

--Delivered a history presentation and served as a panelist at a session for a class of the Leadership Council of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, The Mirage Hotel, March 16, 1990.

--Delivered a lecture on early Las Vegas to the Las Vegas Junior League, February 24, 1990.

--Spoke for two hours with Washington, D.C. reporter Tom Dunkel to provide him with

background for his major article on Las Vegas which appeared in Insight Magazine’s March 5,

1990 issue.

--Delivered a public lecture on Las Vegas history, Nevada State Museum and Historical Society,

Lorenzi Park, January 21, 1990.

--Spoke on the topic, “Space, Business and the Urbanization of Las Vegas,” to the Leadership

Council of the Las Vegas Junior Chamber of Commerce, October 20, 1989.

--Delivered a Las Vegas history lecture to the Lions Club, October 17, 1989.

--Helped prepare the proposal for a Nevada Humanities Committee-funded Exhibit Grant for the Clark County Heritage Museum entitled “Clark County: Desert and Frontier,” 1989. I also helped prepare the history section of the Exhibit Text.

--Appeared on KLAS-TV Channel 8 with George Knapp to discuss the role of prostitution in Las

Vegas’ history, November 14, 1988.

--Delivered a 45-minute lecture entitled “Las Vegas and Its Southwestern Rivals” at the

National Collegiate Honors Convention in Las Vegas, October 29, 1988.

--Participated in a day-long planning session at the Nevada State Museum and Historical Society in Las Vegas to provide new goals and direction for that agency, May 16, 1988.

--Delivered a five-minute introduction of former President Jimmy Carter for a news conference and faculty-student discussions at UNLV, April 14, 1988.

--Organized a Phi Alpha Theta-sponsored program featuring a discussion of Strategic Defense by

faculty from the U.S. Army War College, February 29, 1988.

--Gave a 30-minute presentation entitled “The Development of Las Vegas and Federal

Intervention” for a lecture series called “Pivotal Years: Las Vegas’ Development in a Postwar

Age” at UNLV, February 23, 1988.

--Member, Ad Hoc Committee to Plan the Governor’s Institute Program (UNLV Honors Program), 1988.

--Member, Congressional District Advisory Committee on the National Bicentennial Competition on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, 1987-89.

--Appeared on NBC’s “Today Show” to discuss the 75th Anniversary of Las Vegas, November

29, 1987.

--Delivered a lecture for the Governor’s Institute for Gifted and Talented Students at UNLV,

August 6, 1987.

--Delivered a University Forum lecture, “Las Vegas and the Struggle for Industry in the Urban

Southwest, 1935-85,” at UNLV, May 13, 1987.

--Helped write the text for a Nevada Humanities Committee-funded history exhibit for Discovery: The Children’s Museum, 1986.

--Wrote a column for “The Nevadan” on “Home Front: The Battle of Las Vegas in World War Two,” Las Vegas Review-Journal, December 1, 1985.

--Delivered a lecture on “The Impact of Hoover Dam on the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area” at

Boulder City High School, September 19, 1985.

--Served as Fiscal Agent and Organizer of Nevada Humanities Committee-funded project, “Harnessing the Colorado: The Building and Significance of Hoover Dam,” September 12-19, 1985. This was a two-week program with evening sessions for the public held in Boulder City, Henderson, and Las Vegas to commemorate Hoover Dam’s 50th anniversary.

--Wrote a column for “The Nevadan” on “Hoover Dam Workers also Built a New West,” Las

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