Curriculum Vitae Paul Cohen December 02, 2020 General Information

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The Community
Advisor/Ambassador, Presented FSU / CMPA Student Short Film Showcase, Covey Film Festival (2013–present).
Advisor, Presented FSU / CMPA Student Short Film Showcase, Gasparilla International Film Festival (2006–present).
President, The Giulio Gari Foundation (2003–present).
Faculty Advisor, Torchlight Cinematheque Presentation of "From Swastika to Jim Crowe", Holocaust Education Resource Center (2020).
Lecturer, "How, When, and Where You Saw Your Movies and How You Will See Them", OLLI (2020).
Advisor, Equus Film Festival (2014–2020).
Advisor, Silver Spring International Film Festival (2015–2016).
Curator, Jacksonville Film Festival (2009–2013).
Advisor/Architect, Tallahassee Film Festival (2010–2012).
Advisor, Tallahassee Film Festival Board (2007–2010).

Consultant for "Wild Horse". Documentary Feature Film in development by Rose Cushing (2016–present).
Consultant to Marketing and Distribution Consultant to the Company (2016–present).
Equus Film Festival. Consultant to developing festival's online distribution platform (2016–present). Consultant to attracting film festival directors to partner with platform (2016–present).
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Consultant to the film program and evaluation committee as an academic and industry veteran (2011–present).
Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers. Consultant as part of FSU's Opening Nights committee (2015–2016).
Consultant on "Wild Horse, Wild Ride". Directed by Alexandra Dawson & Greg Gricus, produced by Fish Creek Films (2012).

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