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  • January, 2013

Patricia Gail Erickson
Home address Work address

604-301 Markham St. Dept. of Sociology, Room 245

Toronto, Ontario University of Toronto, 725 Spadina Ave.

Canada M6J 3X2 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 2S1

(416) 969-9241 (416) 416-978-8408

FAX (416) 978-3963


CITIZENSHIP: Canadian; Born Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Married, two children: Nora and Allan

Spouse: Clifford Ottaway, PhD, MD, FRCP (CAN)
1983 Ph.D. University of Glasgow, Scotland

(Criminology/Social Administration/Faculty of Social Sciences)

Supervisor: Professor Frederick Martin; External Examiner: Professor F.H. (Derick) McClintock, Edinburgh University
1974 M.A. Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto (Sociology); Supervisor: Professor Frank Maidman
1967 B.A. (Honours) York University, Toronto (Sociology, cum laude)

PH.D. THESIS: Processual Aspects of Delinquency Hearings and the Child's Perspective
M.A. THESIS: Early Police Socialization: Stability and Change of Role Orientations During Formal Police Education
2012 Dr. Patricia Erickson was co-author of the paper, “Guns and sub-lethal violence: A comparative study of at-risk youth in 2 Canadian cities,” which was a finalist for the 2011 Richard J. Terrill Paper of the Year Award. This award is given out annually for the most meritorious paper published in the International Criminal Justice Review. As one of three finalists, the paper was recognized in March 2012 at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences conference.
2010 Kaiser Foundation National Awards for Excellence on Mental Health and Addictions Issues: Leadership award ($10,000 to charity of choice)
1996 Alfred R. Lindesmith Award for Achievement in the Field of Scholarship and Writing, Drug Policy Foundation, Washington, D.C. ($3,000)
1977-1980 Addiction Research Foundation Scholarship
1972 Junior Research Fellowship, University of Toronto
1969-1970 OISE Fellowship and Graduate Assistantship
1963-1967 York University National Scholarship

1988 NHRDP Special Competition on Drug and Alcohol Abuse. (Canada)

Principal Investigator (PI): "A Longitudinal Study of Cocaine Users: The Natural History of Cocaine Use and Its Consequences among Canadian Adults." Amount: $106,435.00 over 30 months
*1973-93 PI on many ARF in-house grants awarded on the basis of internal scientific and peer review to support ongoing drug policy and illicit drug use projects
1993-94 ARF Accelerated Funding Program. Amount: $35,539 and $10,678

PI; "Mapping of Alcohol and Other Drugs in the Criminal System"
1995 Drugs/Violence Task Force, Washington, DC. US$10,000

PI; "Exploring Drug Market Violence in a More Peaceable Society"
1996 ARF Project Priorities Fund, $10,000

PI; "Sentencing Practices and Judicial Attitudes in Cases Involving Alcohol, Other Drugs and Violence"
1999 National Crime Prevention Council, Canada, $342,000 to 2002

“An Evaluation of the Toronto Drug Court Program.”

Co-Investigator, with L. Gliksman (PI), C. LaPrairie and R. Wall
1999 National Institute on Drug Abuse, US$1,209,009 to 2003

Co-PI, “A Cross-National Study of the Youth Drugs-Violence Nexus.”

With L. Harrison (PI) of the Center for Drug and Alcohol Studies, DE

  1. Canadian Institutes for Health Research, $205,000 to 2006

"Factors related to Collisions and Injury Risk among Cannabis and Cocaine Clients in Treatment" Co-Investigator. Scott Macdonald (PI)
2004 SSHRC, Strategic Grant, $99,954 to 2006

PI, “Homelessness and Diversity in High-Risk Youth.” Chris Wekerle, Andrew Hathaway, Jennifer Butters and others (Co-Investigators).
2004 SSHRC, Standard Operating Grant, $70,000 to 2007

“Cannabis and Lifestyle: Pathways and Patterns of Experienced Users.”

Co-Investigator, with Andrew Hathaway (PI).
2005 Institute of Gender & Health and CIHR Research Portfolio, $10,000

Project Leader, Workshop on “Effective Interdisciplinary Peer Review,”

examining the experiences of the Gender, Sex & Health Operating Grants

Committee of CIHR, May 19-20, 2005

  1. CIHR, Pilot Project Strategic Grant, $50,000, one year, to 2006

PI, “Pathways in and out of homelessness in a population of high-risk young men.” J. Butters, A. Hathaway, L. Ross, C. Strike, C. Wekerle (Co-Investigators)
2005 CIHR, Operating Grant, $59,082, to 2008

“Cannabis use as self-medication: A study of Canadian compassion club clients.” Co-Investigator with Andrew Hathaway (PI)

2005 SSHRC, Development Grant, $20,000 for Letter of Intent for Major Collaborative Research Initiative, PI, “Substance use, stigma and normalization: The social transformation of drug use in modern society.” (included 25 co-investigators and collaborators and 13 community partners)
2005 CIHR, New Emerging Team Grant, “The impact of child maltreatment,” led by PI Chris Wekerle. Joined the NET as a Co-Investigator in July 2005, and received $31,565 to support the “Youth in Transition” study to 2008
2006 Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada, $25,000 contract

PI, “Youth, weapons and violence in Toronto and Montreal,” (J. Butters, co-applicant; Edward Adlaf, Serge Brochu, M-M Cousineau, collaborators)
2006 CIHR, Workshop Support, $10,000, for “Application of interRAI Data to Gender Issues in Vulnerable Populations,” Co-Applicant (Maggie Gibson, UWO, Project Leader)
2006 SSHRC, Dissemination Grant, Homelessness and Diversity Competition

$49,043 to March 2008, PI, “Teen homelessness and diversity: Dissemination of the Youth Pathways Project,” (Co-I: L. Ross, C. Wekerle)

2007 SSHRC, Standard Research Grant, $116,895, 3 years to 2011

PI, “Drug normalization and stigma: Canada’s experience with cannabis and tobacco,” (Co-Investigators: A. Hathaway, D. Marsh, C. Duff, S. Brochu, M-M. Cousineau, M. Asbridge, C. Poulin)
2007 Wellesley Institute, Enabling Grant, $10,000 for 18 mos.

Co-PI, “Street Youth Harm Reduction Survey,” PI Joe Degrasias (SHOUT)
2007 Ontario Tobacco Research Unit, New Investigator Award Grant, $20,000

Co-Investigator with Dr. Russell Callaghan (PI) “A Drug Market Analysis of Contraband Tobacco Use among Adolescents.” (Co-I: S. Leatherdale)
2008 CIHR, Research team grant LOI, $10,000, Co-Applicant with many others, (P.I’s: Harriet MacMillan, Donna Stewart, Nadine Wathan).
2009 CIHR, Research team grant, $2,000,000, (2009-2014), Co-Applicant.

“Gender, Mental Health and Violence across the Lifespan,” (PI’s: Harriet MacMillan, Donna Stewart, Nadine Wathan). (#RDG399326)

2009 CIHR Community Support Award, from the Institute of Gender & Health, $2500 for its Lectureship Program, to support the Ruth Cooperstock Memorial Lecture.
2010 CIHR, Operating Grants Competition, $328,976.00 (2010-2014).

Co-Investigator with E. Vingilis (PI), and other Co-Investigators: Umesh Jain, Nathan Kolla, Robert Mann (all CAMH) and Maggie Toplak (York U)

“Adult ADHD: Exploring gender, symptoms and social outcomes using a population-based survey.” (Score 4.36, rank 5th in GSH O.G. committee).

(~$38,000 p.a. to CAMH for Monitor in first 3 years of survey)
2010 CIHR, subgrant from UHN, from team grant, $6,280 (2010-2011), “Gender, Mental Health and Violence across the Lifespan.” (#RDG399326)

PI, “Resilience among street youth,” (Co-PI, Donna Stewart)
2011 SSHRC, Standard Research Grant , $103,500 (2011-2014)

Co-Applicant with A. Hathaway (PI, U of Guelph) and G. Osborne (U of Alberta), “Cannabis, stigma and policy change: A 3 campus study of normalization among university students.” (score:10.12/12; rank: 14/103)

($13,000 p.a. to hire RA via U of T, in 2011 and 2012)

2011 CIHR, REACH program, 2011-12, $14,400

Co-Primary Applicant with Lisa Salazar (PI), L. Barnaby and others.

“Story Gleaners: Digital storytelling, HIV/AIDS & Community based research.” ($ directed to community health centre)

2011 Justice Canada, $10,000 Contract for report, “Resilience, mental health and youth in conflict with the law.” Hayley Hamilton, PI and Patricia Erickson, Co-Applicant. Final report submitted March 31, 2012

2012-on Scientist Emerita, CAMH
2004-on Full Professor (Cross Appointment), Centre for Criminology and Socio-legal Studies, University of Toronto
2003-on Research Associate (Cross Appointment), International Centre for Comparative Criminology, University of Montreal
1998-2012 Senior Scientist, Social, Prevention and Policy Research Department (now Social & Epidemiological Research Department), Centre for Addiction & Mental Health [CAMH], after merger with ARF (retired May 2012)
1994-1997 Director, Collaborative Program in Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Psychoactive Substances [ATOPS] (now Collaborative Program in Addiction Studies [CoPAS]) University of Toronto
1992-on Full Professor (status only) and Member of the Graduate Faculty

Department of Sociology, University of Toronto

1988 Promoted to Senior Scientist, Addiction Research Foundation [ARF]
1985-1991 Research Scientist and

Head, Drug Policy Research Program, ARF

1980-1985 Research Scientist

Program Development Research Department, ARF

1977-1980 Ph.D. Candidate and Research Associate

University of Glasgow, Scotland

1973-1977 Research Scientist

Evaluation Studies Department, ARF

1972-1973 Research Associate

Centre of Criminology

University of Toronto
1970-1972 Senior Research Assistant

Centre of Criminology

University of Toronto

1969-1970 Graduate Assistant

Department of Sociology, OISE
1967-1969 Research Officer

Curriculum Department, OISE

1966 (Summer) Research Assistant

Sociology Department

York University
1965 (Summer) Student Internship

Census Division, Dominion Bureau of Statistics

2006-11 Special lecturer, CICAD-OAS Annual Summer Institute at CAMH
2003-2012 CoPAS Advanced Research Concepts in Addictions, Graduate Seminar, Co-Coordinator of this course and presenter
1994-2013 Sociology of Addiction Graduate Seminar, Department of Sociology, University of Toronto
1994-2002 CoPAS (formerly ATOPS) core course special lecturer
1995 Visiting scholar, Chinese University of Hong Kong
1993-94 Content Adviser for the TV Ontario/ARF collaboration,

Fundamental Concepts in Addictions, a series of 5 programs.

1993 Convenor of Harm Reduction Workshop, Training & Education Department, Addiction Research Foundation.

1992-1993 Deviance and Social Control undergraduate course (306 students), Department of Sociology, University of Toronto.
1991 Guest lecturer, "The Evolution of Drug Laws in Canada,"

Law and Society course, Department of Sociology, University of Toronto.

1990-1993 Special lecturer, "Social Policy on Illicit Drugs," Fundamental Concepts course, School for Addiction Studies.
1988-1990 Convenor of Social Policy Section of the Joint Program on Addiction Studies, in Collaboration with the School for Addiction Studies and the University of Toronto's School of Continuing Studies, and special lecturer in this course.
1987-1990 Guest lecturer, graduate course on Research Methods, Department of Sociology, University of Toronto.
1987-1990 Guest lecturer, "Illicit Drug Policy," Drug Dependence - An Interdisciplinary Perspective, Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto (Donald Meeks, Director).

1980-1985 Drug Use and Crime, Undergraduate and Certificate Program in Criminology, University of Toronto.

1976 Instructor, Addiction and Crime, Certificate Program in Criminology, University of Toronto.
External/Internal Examiner
1988 Patricia Higgins, M.A. thesis, Child and Development Studies, Laurentian University, Sudbury.
1996 Susan Boyd, Ph.D. thesis, School of Criminology, Simon Fraser University.
1996 Kam-fai Tse, M.Phil. thesis, Department of Sociology, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

  1. J. Hando, Ph.D. thesis, Community Medicine, University of Sydney.

  1. Adele Stevens, Ph.D. thesis, Women's Studies, Australian National University.

  1. Wai-ting Cheung, M.A. thesis, Department of Sociology, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

  1. Holly Foster (Sociology) – Internal/External, Ph.D., Sociology, U of Toronto

  1. Natacha Brunelle, Ph.D. thesis, External, Criminology, University of Montreal

2006 Naushaba Degani, Ph.D. (Institute of Medical Sciences) –Internal/External, U of Toronto

2008 Fiona Martin, Ph.D., External, Sociology, University of Melbourne
2010 Carolyn Yule, Ph.D., Internal/External, Sociology, U of Toronto

Post Doctoral Fellows

    1. Andrew D. Hathaway, CAMH Post Doctoral Fellow (internal)

2000-2003 Jennifer Butters, CAMH Post Doctoral Fellow (NIDA grant)

Doctoral Theses Committees and Supervision (University of Toronto)
Catherine Carstairs (History) – Member - Completed October, 2000
Jennifer Butters (Sociology) - Principal Supervisor

Completed October, 2000 (Received E. Yolles award for best doctoral dissertation)

Flora Matheson (Sociology) – Member - Completed October, 2001
Mark Asbridge (Sociology) – Member - Completed December, 2002
Dawn Moore (Criminology) – Member - Completed November, 2004
Maritt Kirst (Sociology) - Principal SupervisorCompleted September, 2007

Sarah (Eilers) Browning - (Sociology) – Member –Completed November, 2007

Rebecca Fulton (Sociology) – Member (Supervisor for CAMH REB purposes) – in progress
Tara (Fidler) Bruno (Sociology) – Supervisor – completed June, 2012

Tara Watson (Criminology) – Member/Co-Supervisor – in progress; expected 2013

Tara Hahmann (Sociology) – Member/Co-Supervisor – in progress
Sasha Stark (Sociology) – Member, in progress
Mark van der Maas (Sociology) – Member, in progress
Katarina Kolar (Sociology) – Supervisor, in progress (commenced 2012)

Masters’ Theses/Research Papers (University of Toronto)
David Haans (Sociology) 2000, – ATOPS, advisor and research paper
Kari Ala-lepilampi (Public Health/Health Promotion) 2003 – Practicum advisor
Michael Roerecke (Public Health/Epidemiology) 2005 – External (to department) examiner
Elaine Hyshka (Sociology) 2007-08 – CoPAS, Advisor and supervisor of research paper
Kat Kolar (Sociology) 2009-2010 – CoPAS, Advisor and supervisor of reading course
Danielle Sullivan (Sociology) 2009-2010 – CoPAS, Co-supervisor of research paper

A. Books, Monographs and Edited Collections
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