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JOSEPH S. WOOD September, 2013

Office of the Provost

University of Baltimore 3943 Canterbury Road

1420 North Charles Street Baltimore, MD 21218

Baltimore, MD 21201 410-235-2106


Education and Employment Record:
2009-present Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of History and of Public Affairs, University of Baltimore

2008- 2009 Professor of Geography, University of Southern Maine

2007-2008 Interim President, University of Southern Maine

2000-2007 Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Geography, University of Southern Maine

Fall 1999 Interim Provost, George Mason University

1997-2000 Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Professor of Geography, George Mason University

1995-1997 Course Leader, Integrative Studies, New Century College, George Mason University

1990 1996 Chair, Department of Geography and Earth Systems Science, George Mason University

1989 1990 Director, Geography Program, Department of Public Affairs, George Mason University

1988 1997 Associate Professor of Geography, George Mason University

1987-1988 Visiting Associate Professor of Geography [0.5 fte], George Mason University

1987-1988 Project Associate, Association of American Geographers, Washington, D.C.

Fall 1984 Visiting Professor, South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China

l977 1988 Instructor to Associate Professor, University of Nebraska at Omaha

1973 1978 Ph.D., Geography, Pennsylvania State University

1971 1974 MA, Geography, University of Vermont

1969-1971 Engineer, U.S. Army

1968 1969 Operations Assistant, Interlake Steamship Division, Pickands Mather & Co., Cleveland, Ohio

1964 1968 AB, Geography, Middlebury College
Professional Interests: Cultural landscapes of North America with emphases on settlement forms, urban and suburban morphology, patterns of ethnicity, urban architecture, and historic preservation. New England; Metropolitan Washington, DC; China; Vietnam.
Reviewed Publications:

New England’s Legacy Landscape. In A Landscape History of New England. Pp. 251-268. Edited by Blake Harrison and Richard Judd. MIT Press. 2011.

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Critical Book Reviews:

Aaron Sachs, Arcadian America: The Death and Life of an Environmental Tradition. (Yale, 2013). AAG Review of Books. In press.

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Over 45 additional brief book reviews for Choice: Current Reviews for College Libraries, 1985-2010

Other Publications:

[Kozak, S. L., J. E. Dobson, J. S. Wood, W. R. Wells, and D. Haynes]. The American Geographical Society’s Geographic Knowledge and Values Survey: Report of Results for the United States. Special Publication # 43. American Geographical Society: Brooklyn, NY., 2013

Searching for the New England Village: An Alternative Interpretation. AAG Newsletter, 43, 2:2008.

A Tribute to Wilbur Zelinsky. [Introduction to special issue] Geographical Review, 96:2006: iii-vii.

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Making America. Lewiston [ME] Sun Journal [op ed], 2003

USM: National Recognition for Regional Excellence. [strategic plan]. 2001.

Wilbur Zelinsky [biography for AGS Medal Awards Ceremony]. 2001

Ho Renzhi [biography for AGS Medal Awards Ceremony] 2000

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New England Miscellany. Pioneer America, 10, 1978:8.

Maps. In Frank M. Bryan, Yankee Politics in Rural Vermont. Hanover, N.H.: University Press of New England, 1974.

Conference Presentations [not later published]:

[with Gail Evans] Plenary Presentation: General Education for the 21st Century, Association of American Colleges and Universities, Baltimore, MD, March 2009.

The New England Village, Cultural Geography, and Liberal Education. Cultural Geography Specialty Group Marquee Lecture. Association of American Geographers, Boston, MA, April 2008

Vietnam and America, Maine Geographical Alliance, March 2008

Sanctuary in the American Landscape. Geography and Humanities Conference, Charlottesville, VA, June 2007

Do the Right Thing: Public Disclosure that Builds Community Trust. New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Boston, MA., December, 2006.

The American Civic Landscape. Association of American Geographers, New Orleans, March, 2003.

Postcards from LA: The Los Angeles Produce Market. Association of American Geographers, Los Angeles, 2002.

The Contest for Eden Center. Society for American City and Regional Planning History, Philadelphia, PA, 2001.

[presented in absentia] Eden Center Revisited: Contested Ethnic Place Making in the Suburban Landscape, American Studies Association, Seattle, Washington, 1998.

[with others] Integrating a Year Long Research Project Into a Competency Based Curriculum, Virginia Assessment Group, Fairfax, Va., 1996.

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Whose History Is Preserved in Historic Preservation? Missouri Valley History Conference, Omaha, NE, 1983.

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[with M. J. Bowden] The Village on the Green: Myth and Reality in the New England Landscape in the Early Republic, Eastern Historical Geography Association, Newark, Del., 1976.

Invited/Public Lectures [since 1988]:

Commencement Address, University of Baltimore, 2011

Teaching Maine History Conference, Keynote Address, University of Maine, 2006

North American Cartographic Information Society, Keynote Address, Portland, Maine, 2004

INS Naturalization Ceremony, Portland, Maine, 2002

Bethel [ME] Historical Society, Bethel, Maine, 2001

Berwick [ME] Historical Society, Berwick, Maine, 2001

Dartmouth College MALS Summer Program, 1998

Delaware Valley Geographical Society, 1998

University of Maine Farmington, 1996

Phi Beta Kappa-DC Teachers Summer Institute, American University, 1997

University of North Carolina, Department of Geography, 1996

Fairfax County Department of Family Services, 1995

University of the District of Columbia, Department of Geography, 1994

University of Delaware, Department of Geography, 1992

University of Maryland, Department of Geography, 1991

Society of Architectural Historians, Washington, 1991

Washington Area Seminar on Early American History, University of Maryland, 1990

Academy for Educational Development/USIA, 1989-1992

University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 1988

Major Field Trips Conducted [since 1988]:

Society for American City and Regional Planning Historians, 1999

National Geographic Society Summer Institute for Teachers, 1998

Advanced Placement Geography Teachers Workshop, 1998

Virginia Geographical Alliance, 1997

Eastern Historical Geography Association, 1995

American Studies Association, Chesapeake Chapter, 1994

GMU Urban and Suburban Studies Program, 1993

North American Culture Society, 1991

Numerous panel sessions: organizer; chair; commentator.

Awards, Grants, and Fellowships:

Elected Fellow, American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Massachusetts, 2006

Award of Special Recognition—GMU Student Government, 1999.

Honorary Faculty Inductee, Alpha Lambda Delta National Freshman Honor Society, 1996.

Vietnamese in Northern Virginia Suburbs. NEH, Summer Fellowship, 1995.

Vietnamese in Northern Virginia Suburbs. Faculty Study Leave Award, GMU, 1995.

[With Beth Rundstrom] Geography for Life; Virginia Geographical Alliance, Radford University [subcontract], geographic education, 1994 1997.

Special Recognition Award, Board of Directors, Applied Geography Conferences, 1995.

Finalist, University Excellence in Teaching Award, GMU, 1995.

Virginia Social Science Association Outstanding Scholar Award: Geography, 1993.

[Co Investigator] NSF Summer Workshop on Urbanism for Middle School Teachers, University of Maryland Baltimore County, 1992.

Literary Origins of New England Village Symbolism. American Antiquarian Society, Peterson Fellowship, 1988.

[with M. P. Peterson] Historic Preservation Mapping Project. Nebraska State Historical Society, 1987.

[with T. Kuhlman] Preservation in Omaha. Nebraska Committee for the Humanities, 1986 1987.

Design Criteria and Preservation Standards in Warehouse District Conversion. Research Fellowship, University of Nebraska at Omaha, l985.

Rural Settlement Forms in New England: Seventeenth Century Archives. Research Fellowship, University of Nebraska at Omaha, 1979.


Managing Board of Editors, American Quarterly [American Studies Association], 1991 1995.

Guest Editor

Geographical Review [Special issue in honor of Wilbur Zelinsky] 96.2 (2006)

North American Culture [Special issue on historic preservation] 4.1 (1988).

Editorial Reviewer:

American Quarterly

Annals of Association of American Geographers

Environment and Planning D: Society and Space

Geographical Review

Historical Geography

Journal of Cultural Geography

Journal of Cultural and Social Geography

Journal of Forest History

Journal of Historical Geography

Landscape Journal

North American Culture


Papers of the Regional Science Association

The Professional Geographer

Book/Report Manuscript Reviewer:

Blackwell Publishers, 1993.

Center for American Places, 2008

Johns Hopkins University Press, 1990, 1992

MIT Press, 1998.

Mosby Year Book, Inc., 1990.

National Geographic Society, 1988.

National Academy of Science, 2006

Prentice Hall, Inc., 1994 1996.

University of Chicago Press, 1991.

University of Pittsburgh Press, 2006.

University Press of New England, 1989.

University of Tennessee Press, 1992, 1994, 1997

Westview Press, 1995.

Yale University Press, 1994, 2002.

Grant Reviewer:

American Council of Learned Societies [settlement history; gender and urban geography]

National Endowment for the Humanities [settlement history; New England; China]

National Science Foundation [cultural, regional, urban geography]

Open Society Institute [Baltimore], 2012

Javits Dissertation Fellowship Panel, Geography, 1994-95, 1997.

External Dissertation Committee Member:

American Studies, George Washington University

Geography, University of Maryland

External Promotion and Tenure Reviewer:

Geography, University of Florida, 1992.

Landscape Architecture, University of California, Berkeley, 1993.

Geography, Portland State University, 1995.

International Affairs [Geography], American University, 1996.

Geography, Texas A&M University, 1996.

Geography, University of Toronto, 1997.

Geography, University of Kentucky, 1997.

Geography, University of Nebraska at Omaha, 1998.

Geography, University of Maryland, 1998.

Geography, University of Oregon, 2002.

Geography, Portland State University, 2002.

Geography, George Mason University, 2003

Geography, University of Maine, 2005

Geography, University of New Hampshire, 2007

Geography, George Washington University, 2008

Geography. Temple University, 2011

Professional Service:

American Geographical Society

Councilor, 1996 2006; 2010-

Honors Committee, 1996 2006, 2010-

Nominations Committee, 1997-2002; Co-chair, 2001-2002

Finance Committee, 1998-2006

Sesquicentennial Celebration Committee [2001], Chair, 1998-2001

Exploration Committee, 1999-2006

Executive Committee, 2002-2006

Travel Program Lecturer

Cambodia and Vietnam, 2001 (scheduled 2007)

Trans-Canada by Rail, 2005

Canadian Maritimes and the St. Lawrence Seaway, 2010

The Great Lakes, 2010

American Studies Association

Candidate for National Council [unsuccessful], 1998.

Program Committee, 1993 1994.

Applied Geography Conferences

Annual Meeting Organizer, 1995.

Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU)

Plenary Speaker, 2009

Engaging Faculty Summer Institute, Faculty Member 2009, 2010

Association of American Geographers (AAG)

Healthy Departments Committee, 2008-

Globe Book Award Committee, Chair, 2005-2006

Nominations Committee, 2000; 2006.

Candidate [unsuccessful] for Vice President, 1998.

Treasurer and Member of Executive Committee, 1995 1998.

Finance Committee, 1989 1998 ; 2009-2012; Chair, 1995 1998.

Committee on Committees, ex officio, 1995 1998.

Endowment Trust Committee, 1995 1998 ; Chair, 1995 1997.

Development Committee, 1995 1998.

Research Grants Committee, ex officio, 1995 1998.

Publications Committee, ex officio, 1995 1998.

AAG/NGS Joint Committee, 1995 1998.

Committee on the Status of Women in Geography, 1997-1998.

Representative, National Humanities Alliance, 1989 1993.

AAG, Middle Atlantic Division

Regional Councilor, 1995 1998.

President, 1992 1993.

Vice President, 1991 1992.

Awards Committee, 1989, 1994, 1995; Chair, 1989.

Nominations Committee, 1993, 1995, 1999.

World Geography Bowl Coordinator, 1995; 1996 1997.

AAG, Great Plains Rocky Mountain Division, Program Chair, 1986.

AAG, Cultural Geography Specialty Group, Chair, 1992 1994.

AAG, Historical Geography Specialty Group

AAG Program Coordinator, 1995 1996.

Student Awards Committee, 1990.

Councilor, 1982 1987; [elected 1995 and declined].

Eastern Historical Geography Association

Annual Meeting Organizer, 1995.

North America Culture Society

Annual Meeting Organizer, 1991.

Board of Directors, l985 1995.

International Geographical Congress, Washington

Human Resources Committee, 1990 1992.

Vernacular Architecture Forum

Board of Directors, 2003-2005.

Fellowship Committee, 2003-2005.

Finance Committee, Chair, 2004-2006.

Accreditation Review Teams

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools,

Texas Southern University, 1999.

New England Association of Schools and Colleges,

Western Connecticut State University, Chair, 2003.

University of Rhode Island, 2007.

Hellenic American University, 2008.

American Bar Association

Wayne State University School of Law, 2008.

General Education

University of Nevada, Reno, 2010

University Service/ University of Southern Maine

University of Maine System

Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs Search Committee, 2003, Chair

Strategic Plan Implementation, Student Success Committee, 2004-2006, Chair

Maine Science and Technology Advisory Board, 2003-2007.

Governor’s Science Advisor Search Committee, 2003.

Maine Technology Institute, Grant Award Scientific Panel

University Service/George Mason University:

Academic Affiliations:

Cultural Studies Faculty, 1994-

New Century College Faculty, 1995-

PAGE [alternative general education] Faculty, 1993-1994

Study of the Americas Faculty, 1989-

Urban and Suburban Studies Faculty, 1989-

Women’s Studies Faculty, 1995-


Presidential Task Force on the University's Future; Chair, 1996 1998

President's Council, 1996 

Faculty Study Leave Review Panel, 1996.

Student Fulbright Award Review Panel, 1996.

Provost Search Committee, 1996.

Pew Roundtable, 1996.

President Search Committee, 1995 1996.

University Center Artwork Committee, 1995.

Faculty Senate, 1994 1995, 1996 1997.

Faculty Matters Committee, 1994 1995, 1996 1997, Chair, 1994 1995.

University Ad Hoc Committee to Develop Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedures, 1993.

General Education Task Force, 1989 1991.

College of Arts and Sciences:

Changing World of Work Conference, Steering Committee, 1996 1997.

Chair Pro Tempore, College Faculty, 1994 1995

CAS College Council, 1993 1995.

Faculty Effort Committee, 1994 1995.

Chair Search Committee:

Art History, Co Chair, 1994.

History, Chair, 1994.

Cultural Studies Ph.D. Program

Executive Committee, 1996 1997

Faculty Matters Committee, 1996.

Director Search Committee, 1995

Steering Committee, 1992 1994.

Faculty Development Committee, 1992 1993.

Ad Hoc Bylaws Committee, 1992 1993.

Columbian Encounter Symposium, Organizer, 1992.

Committee on Assessment of Social Science in General Education, 1990 1994.

Center for the Study of the Americas, Executive Committee, 1989 1995

Urban and Suburban Studies Program, Coordinator, 1989 1997, 1998-1999.

New Century College [Integrative Studies],

Search Committee/Psychologist, Chair, 1996 1997.

College Council, 1995 1997.

Faculty Evaluation Committee, 1996.

Dean's Evaluation Committee, 1996.

Curriculum Committee, 1993 1994

Institute for Computational Science and Informatics

Executive Committee, 1993 1997.

Department of Geography and Earth Systems Science

Promotion Committee, 1995.

Reappointment Committee, 1995; 1996.

Peer Teaching Evaluations, 1990 1997.

University Service/University of Nebraska at Omaha:


Faculty Senate, 1981 1984.

President, 1983 1984.

Vice President, 1982 1983.

University Grievance Committee, Chair, 1985 1986.

Academic Program Review, Art Department, 1982; 1987.

AAUP Steering Committee, 1980 1982, 1985 1986.

College of Arts and Sciences:

Dean's Advisory Committee, 1985 1987, Chair 1986 1987.

Educational Policy Committee,1982 1984.

International Studies Program Committee, 1981 1983, 1986; Chair, 1982 1983.

Department of Geography and Geology:

Geography Graduate Program Committee, Chair,1980 1987.

Professionally Related Community Service:

Associated Black Charities, Education and Work Force Work Groups, 2012-

Central Baltimore Partnership Steering Committee, 2009-

[Portland] Creative Economy Steering Committee, 2007-2009

[Portland] Marine Science City ad hoc Committee, 2005-2009

Center for Prevention of Hate Violence, Board of Directors, 2004-2009

Vice President, 2004-2006

President, 2006-2009

Maine Philanthropy Center, Board of Directors, 2003-2009

Governance Committee, 2004-2009

Chair, 2005-2006, 2008-2009

World Affairs Council of Maine, Board of Directors, 2001-2003

Grants and Endowments Committee; Chair, 2002-2003

District of Columbia/DC Preservation League.

Advisory Committee for D.C. Historic Transportation Resources Study, 1994.

[in kind contribution]

Project Director, Historic Transportation Survey, 1996 1997. [in-kind contribution]

Organization of Chinese Americans

Honor Immigrant Americans Day Award Committee, 1996.

Loudoun County Library, NEH/American Library Association funded project, The Nation That Works Reading Program. Humanities Scholar, 1996. [in kind contribution]

Institute for Educational Transformation, Urban Alternative, 1995 [community development]

DC Preservation League Board of Trustees, 1992 1993.

Issues Committee, 1991 1996; Co Chair, 1992 1993.

Omaha History Museum/Western Heritage Museum, Omaha, Neb., historical urban geography, 1985 1986.

Preservation Commission, City of Omaha, 1979 1987; Chair, 1981 1987.

Landmarks, Inc., Omaha, Board of Directors, 1978 1982; l985 1987

Professional Affiliations:

American Antiquarian Society

American Geographical Society

American Studies Association

Association of American Geographers

Urban, Historical, Cultural, and American Ethnic Specialty Groups

Society for American City and Regional Planning History

Vernacular Architecture Forum

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