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Invited Book Chapters
Roehrig, A. D., Turner, J. T., Arrastia, M. C., Christesen, E., McElhaney, S., & Jakiel, L. (2012). Effective teachers and teaching: Characteristics and practices related to positive student outcomes. In T. Urdan, S., Graham, M., Royer, & M. Zeidner (Eds.), APA Educational Psychology Handbook Volume 2: Individual differences, cultural considerations, and contextual factors in educational psychology (pp. 501-527). Washington, D.C: American Psychological Association.
Turner, J. E., Waugh, R. M., Summers, J. J., & Grove, C. M. (2009). Implementing high-quality educational reform efforts: An interpersonal circumplex model bridging social and personal aspects of teachers' motivation. In P. Schutz, & M. Zembylas (Eds.), Advances in teacher emotion research: The impact on teachers' lives (pp. 253-272). New York: Springer-Verlag.
Turner, J. E., & Goodin, J. B. (2008). Motivation and emotion. In N. J. Salkind (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Educational Psychology. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
Turner, J. E., & Waugh, R. M. (2006). A dynamical systems perspective regarding students' learning processes: Shame reactions and emergent self-organizations. In P. A. Schutz, & R. Pekrun (Eds.), Emotions in education (pp. 125-145). Academic Press: San Diego.
Turner, J. E. (2001). Youth River Watch: Austin, TX. In S. Jurich, & S. Estes (Eds.), Raising academic achievement: A study of 20 successful programs. American Youth Policy Forum: Washington, D.C.
Turner, J. E. (1999). Youth River Watch: Austin, TX. In D. W. James, & S. Jurich (Eds.), More things that do make a difference for youth: A compendium of evaluations of youth programs and practices. American Youth Policy Forum: Washington, D.C.

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