Curriculum Vitae Jeannine e turner October 23, 2018 General Information

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New Course Development
Grounded Theory Analysis (2018)

Motivating Self and Others (2015)

Motivation and Emotion (2015)

Topics in Educational Psychology (2010)

Management of Multiple Course Sections
Educational Psychology: Developing Learners (EDF4210)

Classroom Assessment (EDF4430)

Doctoral Committee Chair
Xing, F., graduate. (2018).

Bray, J. A., graduate. (2016). Self-regulatory decision-making in reading for comprehension: An examination of ease-of-processing, self-efficacy beliefs in reading, and judgments of learning.

Barry, C. L., graduate. (2015). A pathway towards persistence: A grounded theory of high-risk first-year students.

Lee, J., graduate. (2013). The influence of pre-service teachers' perceived instrumentality on their motivation and cognition in teacher education courses.

Njoroge, R. N., graduate. (2011). Examining Why People Accept (or Reject) the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming: The Role of Demographics, Ideology, and Cultural Cognition.

Torres, K. M., graduate. (2011). Heritage Language Learners' Perceptions of Taking Spanish Language Classes: Investigating Perceptions of Skill-Specific Anxieties, Self-Efficacies, and Ethnic Identity.

Grove, C., graduate. (2007). The importance of values-alignment within a role-hierarchy for increasing teachers' motivation for implementing professional development.

Pop, M., graduate. (2007). Teaching in the eyes of beholders: Preservice teachers' reasons for teaching and their beliefs about teaching.

Chen, J., doctoral student.

Chen, Y. Y., doctoral student.

Cole, A., doctoral student.

Cooley, S. C., doctoral student.

Hunt, H. R., doctoral student.

Jum'ah, L. A. A., doctoral student.

Liang, F., doctoral student.

Pan, Y., doctoral student.

Peruche, B. M., doctoral student.

Simmons, C. E. L., doctoral student.

Tang, M., doctoral student.

Turan, M., doctoral student.

Wang, W., doctoral student.

Wei, M., doctoral student.

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