Curriculum Vitae Jeannine e turner October 23, 2018 General Information

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FSU Institute or Center Service
Member, Library Committee (2004–2006).

The Profession
Editorial Board Membership(s)
Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment (2014–present).

Guest Reviewer for Refereed Journals
Educational Psychology (2014–present).
Journal of Engineering Education (2014–present).
Motivation and Emotion (2014–present).
Psychological Science (2013–present).
Assessment for Effective Intervention (2012–present).
Educational Research and Reviews (2012–present).
European Journal of Psychology of Education (2012–present).
Journal of Educational Psychology (2012–present).
American Educational Research Journal 2011 (2011–present).
Journal of Teacher Education (2011–present).
The Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education (2011–present).
European Journal of Psychology of Education (2010–present).
Instructional Science (2010–present).
Journal of Community Psychology (2010–present).
Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology (2009–present).
Learning and Individual Differences (2009–present).

Download 96.72 Kb.

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