Curriculum Vitae David Thistle September 08, 2015 General Information

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Doctoral Committee Chair
Easton, E. E., graduate. (2014). Deep-sea faunal patterns from macrofaunal abundance to harpacticoid (Crustacea: Copepoda) species' ranges, including molecular analyses of harpacticoids.

Sedlacek, L., graduate. (2007). Impacts of deep-sea carbon sequestration and of ciliate epibionts on harpacticoid copepods.

Bouck, L., graduate. (2003). Two new diosaccids (Copepoda, Harpacticoida) from the northern Gulf of Mexico and their responses to winter storms.

Suderman, K., graduate. (2001). A comparison of simulated spills of fuel oil #6 and Orimulsion: a microcosm test of their effects on benthic microalgae, nematodes, and copepods.

Ertman, S. C., graduate. (1998). A numerical model of larval transport in the coastal ocean.

Carman, K. R., graduate. (1989). Radioactive tracers as a tool for the study of in situ meiofaunal-microbial trophic interactions in marine sediments.

Reidenauer, J. A., graduate. (1986). A field investigation of a sand-dollar (Mellita quinquiesperforata) population and its effects on the benthic community.

Sherman, K. M., graduate. (1985). Ecological investigations of the epifauna and flora of bay scallops, with special reference to free-living nematodes.

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