Curriculum Vitae Courtney Megan Cahill December 03, 2015 General Information

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Refereed Journal Articles
Cahill, C. M. (in press). Does the Public Care How the Supreme Court Reasons? Empirical Evidence from a National Experiment and Normative Concerns in the Case of Same-Sex Marriage. NORTH CAROLINA LAW REVIEW, 93, 90 pages.
Cahill, C. M. (2013). Abortion and Disgust. HARVARD CIVIL RIGHTS-CIVIL LIBERTIES LAW REVIEW, 48, 410.
Cahill, C. M. (2012). Regulating at the Margins: Non-Traditional Kinship and the Legal Regulation of Intimate and Family Life. ARIZONA LAW REVIEW, 54, 43.
Cahill, C. M. (2010). Disgust and the Problematic Politics of Similarity. MICHIGAN LAW REVIEW, 109, 943.
Cahill, C. M. (2009). (Still) Not Fit To Be Named: Moving Beyond Race To Explain Why 'Separate' Nomenclature for Gay and Straight Relationships Will Never Be 'Equal'. THE GEORGETOWN LAW JOURNAL, 97, 1155.
Cahill, C. M. (2007). The Genuine Article: A Subversive Economic Perspective on the Law's Procreationist Vision of Marriage. WASHINGTON AND LEE LAW REVIEW, 64, 393.
Cahill, C. M. (2005). Same-Sex Marriage, Slippery Slope Rhetoric, and the Politics of Disgust: A Critical Perspective on Contemporary Family Discourse and the Incest Taboo. NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW, 99, 1543.

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