Curriculum Vitae Carlos a bolanos October 26, 2015 General Information

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Master's Committee Chair
Alcantara, L. F., graduate. (2013).

Warren, B. L., graduate. (2011). Neurobiological Consequences of Emotional Stress in Adult Male Mice.

Maffeo, M., graduate. (2007). Nicotine Exposure During Adolescence Regulates Behavioral Responsiveness to Emotion-eliciting Stimuli in Adulthood.

Brewer, J. S., student.

Master's Committee Member
Saland, S., graduate. (2012).

Bachelor's Committee Chair
Sattler, C., graduate. (2014).

Duperrouzel, J., graduate. (2013).

Torres, P., graduate. (2013).

Weinstein, L., graduate. (2013).

Kroeck, K. G., graduate. (2011).

Davis, L. C., graduate. (2010). Long-term Neurobiological Effects of Chronic Fluoxetine (ProzacĀ®) Exposure During Preadolescence in Female Rats.

Kinka, D. W., graduate. (2008). Adult Treatment with the Antidepressant Fluoxetine Reverses Behavioral Deficits Indicative of Depression in Male Rats Exposed to Nicotine During Adolescence.

Powers, K., graduate. (2008). Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinase (ERK) Signaling in the Brain-Ventral Tegmental Area and its Regulation of Mood in Rat.

Antapasis, J., graduate. (2007). Methylphenidate Treatment During Pre- and Early Adolescence Alter Sensitivity to Nicotine.

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