Curriculum vitae bariş ÖZÜDOĞru (MSc, Hacettepe University) Hacettepe University Faculty of Science, Department of Biology Botany Section

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Molecular systematics: DNA barcoding and bioinformatics; workshop held by the Hacettepe University Research and Application Centre for Biological Diversity (HUBIOM) and the Natural History Museum (NHM) between 31 august and 4 September 2010.



1-Fırat, M., Özüdoğru, B., Tarıkahya-Hacıoğlu, B., Bülbül, A.S.,Al-Shehbaz, I., Mummenhoff, K., Phylogenetic position and taxonomic assignment of Thlaspi aghricum P.H.Davis & K.Tan (Brassicaceae), Phytotaxa178 (4): 287–297 (2014).

2-Tarıkahya-Hacıoğlu, B., Karacaoğlu, Ç., Özüdoğru, B., The speciation history and systematics of Carthamus (Asteraceae) with special emphasis on Turkish species by integrating phylogenetic and Ecological Niche Modelling data, Plant Systematics and Evolution. 1349–1359, (2014).

3-Özüdoğru B., Akaydın G., Erik S., Yesilada E., Inferences From an Ethnobotanical Field Expedition in the Selected Locations of Sivas and Yozgat Provinces (TURKEY ), Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 137: 85-98 (2011)

4-Özüdoğru B., Erik S., Taeb F., Astragalus pseudopinetorum (Fabaceae), a new species from Turkey, Annales Botanici Fennici 48(1) :84-86, (2011).

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