Curriculum Vita

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Curriculum Vita

Adil H. Mansour Tel # 01 4777067 (H)

SABIC CORP. Mobile: 966 503439521

Tel # 966 2258735 Fax: 966 2258060

To obtain a position on an Arabic/English/Arabic, oral/written interpretation/ technical translation, literary, legal, accountancy, business, economic, management, newspaper, medical, logistics, or/and automotive maintenance environment.



Extensive experience since 1983 in translating and interpreting written and oral Arabic/English in the field of literary, legal, technical, logistics, newspaper, field operations, administration and automated data management translation.

Academic Qualifications

Minia University, Minia city, Egypt.

  • B.A., in English Language (1979 –1982)

  • Computer training course on Microsoft Word & power point. .

  • Organizations Change Course (SABIC Corp)


Feb 22-2001 till now: Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corp. (SABIC), FANAR PROJECT & General Services Department), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

April 1998- 20-2-2001: Freelance Translator/Interpreter for the following Agencies:

  • UNCC (United Nation Compensation Committee), Ministry of Agriculture. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  • AGFUND (Arab Gulf Program for United Nations Development Organizations), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  • Boz Alan & Hamleton CO. (Special Translation project for Saudi Telecom Company (STC), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Military Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • British Council, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, The approved translator for the Council

  • ALesayi Technologies CO. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  • PAN NESMA CO. LTD, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  • The Economy Bureau, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Gulf International Bank (GIB), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Dr. AL-Quayd Translation Center (Riyadh), Saudi Arabia.

  • The Korean Electric Company “TAE Change Company

Jan. 1994 – 31-3-1998 Saudi Arabian Integrated Logistic Systems (SAILS):

SAILS Co. is the most prominent translation firm in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With its 30 translators, SAILS carries out a huge amount of precise, perfect, timely and high quality translation works (50,000 pages per year). It deals with the most famous American & European companies operating in the Gulf e.g. FMC, TRW in addition to the local companies of different levels, governmental and diplomatic sectors. Translation covers many fields including, but not limited to economy, law, contracts, finance, social, scientific, administrative and technical fields.

Translator / Editor:

  • In charge of a team of three (3) translators:

Responsible for editing manuals to include checking translation, correction, spelling, grammar, proofreading, page layout, and pasting images.
Jan.1993–Jun 1994 Vinnell Corp. (Directorate of training) Saudi Arabia National Guard modernization program.
Tech. Interpreter/Translator/Administrator:

  • Responsible for translating and interpreting written and oral Arabic/English in support of Saudi Arabia National Guard (SANG) modernization program.

Nov. 1987 – Jan 1991 ARAMCO Broker Office- Dhahran International Airport:

Translator /Administrator:

  • Responsible for translating, preparing and checking ARAMCO commercial invoices and formal documents for custom clearance of ARAMCO air shipments.

  • Clarifying all technical matters related to equipment and materials to custom cargo inspectors in order to clear them

August 83 – Jan. 86. Egyptian Armed Forces (Transportation Corps),

Translation Officer (First Lieutenant):

  • Responsible for translating and proofreading the translation of contracts, ship manifests, telexes, faxes and correspondences.
    Personal Information

Marital Status : Married (4 children).

Nationality : Egyptian.

Place and date of Birth : 18-10-1960 Minia – Egypt.
Marginal Information

  • Internet Literate.

  • Having valid Saudi driving license.

  • Having good health.

  • Can deal tactfully with different nationalities.

  • Having good experience in IBM/Macintosh computers.

Note: All supporting documents & references are available on request.

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