Curriculum Mapping Template: Non-Roman Alphabet Languages 9 and 10

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Curriculum Mapping Template: Non–Roman Alphabet Languages – 9 and 10 (F – 10 Sequence)

Instruction: List the title of the unit of work in the first column and then tick the check box of the content description/s addressed by it, which can be done electronically. Once completed, fill out the ‘Assessments’ table.
For detailed notes regarding the purpose of this template and further instructions for completion, refer here









Content Description

Initiate, sustain and extend interactions by exchanging experiences, seeking and giving advice, and discussing aspirations and relationships


Participate in and contribute ideas and opinions to collaborative tasks, activities and experiences which involve making decisions, negotiating, planning and shared transactions


Participate in and sustain classroom interactions by elaborating on opinions and ideas and discussing the opinions and views of others 


Obtain, analyse and evaluate information and ideas from multiple spoken, written, print or digital sources on a range of issues 


Adapt and present information, ideas and opinions on a range of issues in a variety of text types and modes selected to suit audience and purpose


Interpret and discuss different imaginative texts, expressing and justifying opinions on aspects such as themes, mood, emotions and language choices


Create and perform a variety of imaginative texts for different audiences, manipulating language and experimenting with different techniques such as imagery or sound effects 


Translate and analyse a range of texts comparing interpretations and explaining differences in meaning


Create a range of bilingual texts for a variety of purposes and audiences, reflecting on how meaning can be conveyed effectively


Reflect on issues related to intercultural experiences, questioning preconceptions and generalisations, and taking responsibility for modifying language and behaviours 


Engage in intercultural experiences, reflecting on own cultural identity and how this shapes personal ways of communicating and thinking 


Download 258.92 Kb.

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