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Research interests: the position of women in the Viking Diaspora, particularly in the British Isles and concepts of gender in the creation of 'identity', and b) the role of the disabled and diseased in early medieval Britain.

Judith Still

Department of French and Francophone Studies

Current research project (Leverhulme funded) Theories and Practices of Hospitality in the Eighteenth Century and the Present Day I am interested in contemporary critical theory, in particular post-structuralism and feminism. In the past I have worked on intertextuality, and also in the field of masculinity studies. At the moment I am working on hospitality (drawing considerably on Derrida's writing in that area - also the work of Luce Irigaray and Helene Cixous). I am interested in feminist analysis of male-authored texts (including Rousseau and Diderot), and have also published on eighteenth-century women writers such as Genlis, Mary Wortley Montagu and Sarah Scott, and am planning to work on Graffigny. My work on hospitality in the Enlightenment will also include work on representations of hospitality and cannibalism in the New World. See link to departmental web page.

Harry Cocks

Art History

History of Sexuality

Stephen Legg


Human Geography - colonialism

Angela Smallwood


Eighteenth-century literature, theatre studies and feminist criticism

Srila Roy


Research interests: Gender/feminist theory, cultural memory and trauma, violence and conflict, social movements, India/south Asia.

Kate Grosser

International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, Business School

Research interests: Gender mainstreaming and corporate social responsibility; corporate reporting, transparency and accountability on gender issues; feminist ethics and stakeholder relations; feminist organization theory.

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