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Research interests: 'First wave' feminism in France, with particular
reference to the inter-war period: French political and constitutional
history: the French Senate; impact of parity legislation.

Sarah Collins



Maggie Walsh

School of American and Canadian Studies

Research Interests: Gender and American Automobility in Twentieth Century America, particularly after the Second World War; gender and business history; gender and travel.

Octavia Moldovan

Art History


Louise Hunter

Art History


Catherine Davies

Hispanic and Latin American Studies

Research interest: Director of AHRC research project 'Gendering Latin American Independence: Women's Political Culture and the Textual Construction of Gender 1790-1850'. Interest also in 19th-20thC women's writing, history and culture in Spain, Cuba, Argentina and Colombia.

Jane-Marie Collins

Hispanic and Latin American Studies


Karen Adler


Editor, Gender & History

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