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Liz Harvey


Current research interests: Gendered perspectives on mid-twentieth-century German history; current interests include photojournalism, war and post-war reconstruction after the Second World War (more...)

Paula Higgins



Iona Macintyre

Mod Langs


David S. Stewart

Shepherd School

Currently working on women's involvement in early special education from 1840's onward. Also studying the work of early women government inspectors from 1880s to 1910.

Kristin Bundesen


Research interests: Political pathways between dynastic constructs, institutions and individuals; the inclusiveness of agency in the political narrative; the use of popular culture to construct cultural and national mythologies. Current period focus 16th c. England.

Ross Balzaretti


Editor, Gender & History. Editor, Studies in the Early Middle Ages. Research interests: early medieval Europe (especially north-western Italy), including gender and sexuality; landscape history, especially of Eastern Liguria, over a long period; history of travel to Italy.

Lin Feng



Paul Smith


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