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Participations: The Journal of Audience and Reception Studies

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Participations: The Journal of Audience and Reception Studies

Critical Studies in Mass Communication(2000—2004)

Michigan Quarterly Review (1992 -- 95)

Telos (1980-1984)

Feminist Studies in Media Communication (1998--Current)
Reviewer -- American Council of Learned Societies (Humanities Panel)

National Science Foundation

Israel Science Foundation (Grant Reviewer)

Center for the Study of Women in Society,

University of Oregon (Grant Reviewer)

Paper reviewer, International Communication Association(ICA)

and Association for Education in Journalism and Mass

Communication (AEJMC)

European Social Research Council


University of Illinois Press

University of Chicago Press

University of Michigan Press

Cambridge University Press

University of California Press

University of Pennsylvania Press

University of Minnesota Press

American Journal of Sociology

Feminist Studies

Sociological Perspectives

Contemporary Sociology

Gender and Society

Critical Studies in Mass Communication

American Sociologist

Humanity and Society

Women's Studies International Quarterly

Journal of Health and Social Behavior

Sociological Quarterly

Communication Research

Sociological Quarterly

Journalism and Mass Communication

Feminist Media Studies

2004 Disney Internet Group, Burbank, California

Consulted on the development of quality educational software for

children 2-8 years old.
2002-3 Hired by Dr. Stephen Briggs, Tavistock Clinic, London, to consult in the preparation of a grant for the European Social Research Council, entitled “Suicidality in Adolescence.”
1994-95 Hired by the Dean of the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences,

University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, to consult with the College as it evaluated and reorganized the program in communications. Duties

included attending weekly meetings in Ann Arbor during the fall of

1994, co-organizing focus groups with current undergraduate and

graduate students about the program, helping to design and evaluate

a survey of present and past students, collecting data about

comparable programs nationwide, and contributing to the final report

which was presented to the Executive Committee of the College.
1992 Hired by the Japan Productivity Center in Tokyo, Japan to consult

with them on the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. I

lectured to Japanese executives on the issue, organized workshops

with Japanese executives designed to raise consciousness on the

issue, and lectured on the general issue of changes in Japanese

family and personal life during relocation of managerial families

to the U.S.
1992 Hired by the Fund to Improve Post-Secondary Education to help

evaluate grant proposal submitted to the fund.

National Communication Association

American Sociological Association

International Communication Association

Sociologists for Women in Society

Society for the Study of Social Problems

International Society for Political Psychology

Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Popular Film and Television

Introduction to Media Studies

Popular Culture

Sociology of Culture

Qualitative Research Methodologies

Contemporary Cultural Theory

Sociology of Gender

Gender and Culture

New Media and Society


Professor Susan Douglas Professor Sonia Livingstone, Chair

Department of Communication Studies Department of Media & Communications

University of Michigan London School of Economics

105 S. State St.,5370 N. Quad Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE

Ann Arbor, MI 48109 UNITED KINGDOM

(734) 764-0423 011-44-208-349-9061

Professor Julia Adams, Chair Robert McChesney

Department of Sociology Gutgsell Endowed Chair

Yale University Department of Communication

P.O. Box 208265 University of Illinois

New Haven, CT 06520-8265 Urbana, IL 61801

(203) 432-3332 (608) 669-5215

Robert Entman Michael X. Delli Carpini, Dean

J.B. and M.C. Shapiro Professor Annenberg School of Communication

Media and Public Affairs University of Pennsylvania

Professor of International Affairs 3620 Walnut Street

George Washington University Philadelphia, PA 19104

School of Media and Public Affairs

Columbian College of Arts & Sciences (215) 898-7041

Washington, D.C. 20052

(919) 951-8858


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