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On Untranslatability in Comparative Literature, University of Lisbon, Feb. 2011
Panel Organizer: “Queer Gothic: Sedgwick’s Nineteenth Century,” MLA, Jan. 2011
Panelist, “Theory in the World,” MLA, Los Angeles, Jan. 2011
“The Word Peace is an Untranslatable,” The New Museum/Slought, NYC Dec. 2010
Organizer: Discussion between Rebecca Comay and Daniel Heller-Roazen, NYU, Dec. 2010
“The Trans in Transfinitude,” for panel on “Trans” org. Avital Ronell, NYU, Nov. 2010.
Panelist for "Reading in and Out of Place," NYU, October 2010.
"Madame Machiavel: Playing the Political Field under Napoleon III" Nineteenth-Century French Studies Conference, Yale University, October 2010.
Panel on French Global, (Harvard UP 2010), Nineteenth-Century French Studies Conference, Yale University, Oct. 2010.
"The Right to Untranslatability," Conf. on "Translation, Narration, Media" Osterreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Vienna Oct. 2010.
Auerbach's Worlds, Conference: "Escape to Life: German Intellectuals in New York," NYU, October, 2010.
Participant: "The Laugh of the Medusa: 35th Anniversary," Maison Française, NYU, September, 2010.
Panelist, "Feminist Utopias," Brooklyn Museum, May 2010.
Presentation with Michael Wood of English edition of "Le Vocabulaire européen des philosophies: Dictionnaire des intraduisibles," Program in Translation and Intercultural Communication, Princeton April 2010.
Panelist "The Re-Enlightenment Project Conference," NYU and the New York Public Library, April, 2010.
Co-Organizer with Fales Librarian Marvin Taylor: "Continental Philosophy and American Culture: Semiotext(e) in Theory, Art and Politics - A Celebration," Fales Library, NYU, March 2010.
Organizer and Moderator of "A Dialogue on New French Philosophy: Judith Butler and Catherine Malabou," March 2010.
“The Right to Translation: Deconstructive Pedagogies 1979/2009,” Comparative Literature Colloquium, NYU Jan. 22, 2010.
Keynote Speaker: Presidential Forum on Translation Theory, MLA Dec. 29, 2009.
“Biography and Belles-Lettrisme,” in Division on Literary Criticism panel, “Belles-Lettres,” MLA Dec. 29, 2009.
Presider and Organizer, “Rancière’s Nineteenth-Century,” Division on Comparative Romanticism and Nineteenth-Century Studies,” MLA Dec. 30, 2009.
Organizer: “Rancière’s Nineteenth Century” (Gabriel Rockhill, Bettina Lerner, Bruno Bosteels, Patrick Bray), in series “Rethinking Nineteenth-Century French Studies” Maison Française, NYU Nov. 6, 2009.
“Poetics and Translational Difference (Glissant),” contribution to one of 4 panels dedicated to the work of Edouard Glissant, (organized by Manthia Diawara and Avital Ronell), Nov. 4, 2009.
Keynote Lecture for two conferences, “Terrestrial Humanism: Edward Said’s Practice of Literary Worldliness,” University of Texas, Austin, Oct. 16, 2009.
“The Problem of Untranslatability in Comparative Literature,” Univ. of Notre Dame, Sept. 25, 2009.
Respondent, Romanic Review 1910-2010: 100 Years of Romance Studies Columbia University, Oct. 2-3, 2009.
“Translating the Untranslatable,” lecture in Series “Horizons of Translation,” organized by Hala Halim, Comparative Literature NYU Sept. 16, 2009.
Keynote Speech at the Tenth Quadrennial International Conference on Comparative Literature (Comparative Literature Association of the Republic of China):    “The Problem of Untranslatability in Comparative Literature” May 30, 2009
Lecture at National Sun Yat-sen University (Taiwan) “Literary World Systems and Literary History” May 28, 2009
Lecture at the Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica (Taiwan):   “Literature and Legal Theory: Authorial Property, Copyright, and the Creative Commons” (May 26, 2009)

Lecture at the Whitney Museum Curatorial Program (Untimely Meditations: On the work of Moira Davey) May 12, 2009

Co-Organizer (with Denis Hollier and Alexander Galloway) and Moderator: “New French Philosophy and Media Theory: A Conversation with Bernard Stiegler” Maison Française, NYU April 2, 2009

Lecture on “Untranslatability” at Brown University, sponsored by the Department of Comparative Literature. Respondent: Reda Bensmaia (Brown) March 30, 2009

“The political vs. the Political” American Comparative Literature Association Conference, Harvard University March 28, 2009.
Panelist “Translation and Translatability” with Barbara Cassin and Jacques Lezra, Inaugural workshop of the Center for International Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences, a partnership between New York University and the French CNRS, March 6, 2009
Panel Organizer and Speaker: “Smuggling, Scams, and Semites” (Rethinking Nineteenth-Century French Studies series), La Maison Française, NYU March 2, 2009
Lecture: “Territorial Humanism: Contemplating Edward Said’s Legacy” NYU Postcolonial Colloquium, Feb. 19, 2009
Lecture: “Edward Said’s Territorial Humanism,” Conference “World Literature in Between” at Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey. Dec. 19, 2008 (Similar talk at Columbia University, 2009).
Panel Organizer and Moderator: “New Comparative Romanticisms” for Division of Comparative Romanticism and Nineteenth-Century Studies, MLA Dec. 30, 2008
Lecture, “The Ransom: Baudelairean Economics,” Division on Nineteenth-Century French Literature, special session on “Money,” MLA Dec. 28, 2008
Organizer and Moderator: “Theory and Theater” Alain Badiou, Bruno Bosteels and Martin Puchner on Badiou’s Rhapsodie pour le théâtre NYU, Maison Française Nov. 7, 2008
Respondent to Aamir Mufti, Conference on “Orientalism from the Standpoint of its Victims,” Columbia University, Nov. 1, 2008
“The Translational Humanities Project” University of Oregon, Eugene May, 2008.
“On Literary Technics,” Lecture Series on “The Future of Comparative Literature,” Northwestern University, April, 2008.
"Untimely Objects: Periodicity and the Desire for the Démodé" conference “Modern/Age” Harvard University, April, 2008.
“Untranslatables: A World System” Conference on Translation, Rutgers University, April, 2008.
“What is Yours, Ours, and Mine: Authorial Ownership and the Creative Commons,” University of Toronto, March, 2008.
“Alain Badiou’s Red Scarf: or, Operatic Militance” Whitney Program in Critical and Curatorial Studies, NYC Feb. 2008.
Panelist for Plenary Session at French Graduate Student Conference, “La Vie de L’Oeuvre,” Maison Française, NYU Feb. 2008.
“Properties of Translation: On the Limits of Literary Ownership,” Lecture and Faculty Seminar at the Wesleyan University Humanities Institute, Feb. 2008
Panel Organizer: “Untiming the Nineteenth-Century: History, Temporality and the Politics of Periodization” MLA Division of Comparative Romanticism and Nineteenth-Century Studies, Chicago, Dec. 2007.
“Laws of the Seventies: Badiou’s Revolutionary Untimeliness,” Cardozo Law School Conference on Badiou, New York, Nov. 2007.
“Baudelaire and the Ethics of Distributive Injustice,” Brown University Conference, Oct. 2007.
Panel Organizer: “Labor and Luxury: The 18th /19th Century Turn,” (“Rethinking Nineteenth Century French Studies), Maison Française, NYU Sept. 2007.
“Technics of the Subject,” Keynote Lecture, University of Newcastle, GB June 2007
Participant in Discussion of “Comparative Literature and Globalization,” Harvard, 2007.
“Art, Signature and Self-Gifting,” Whitney Museum Curatorial Program, May 2007
Public Discussion on Hervé Guibert, Slought Foundation, Philadelphia, April, 2007
“Celebrity Gifting: Mallarmé and the Poetics of Fame,” Conference on “Celebrity and Charisma in Nineteenth-Century Europe,” Institute of French Studies, NYU, April 2007.
“Translation and the Future of Comparative Literature,” University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, April, 2007.
“Marx’s Bovary: Biography of a Translation,” Princeton University, April, 2007.
Panelist, “Why France?” Institute of French Studies, March 2007.
“Translating the Wolfman” at “Freud – Found in Translation,” Barker Humanities Center, Harvard University, March 2007.
“Designing the Neutral: Modernist Self-Portraits from Mallarmé to Claude Cahun,” Keynote address at “La Volonté de Paraître/The Cult of Appearances,” Yale, Feb. 2007.
“Literary Technics and the Future of Theory,” Mathieson Lecture, Washington University, St. Louis, Feb. 2007.
“Marx’s Bovary: Biography of a Translation,” Columbia Salon, French Dept. Jan. 2007
“Translation After 9/11,” Lecture at the Villa Aurora (Center for European Culture), Los Angeles, Jan. 2007.
“Translating Genre,” panel for Division on Comparative Literature (“Remapping Genre”), MLA, Philadelphia, Dec. 2006.
“Papers on Technique: Theory and Literary Technics in Comparative Literature,” Columbia University Trilling Literature Seminar, Dec. 2006.
“Translation and Literary Theory,” University of Uppsala, Sweden, Nov. 2006
“Timing the Century: Revolutionary Temporality in Derrida and Badiou,” Soderton University, Stockholm, Sweden, Nov. 2006.
Roundtable Organizer: On Alain Badiou’s The Century: with Alain Badiou, Emily Apter, Bruno Bosteels and Xudong Zhang. NYU, Nov. 2006.
“Rethinking Translation Studies in Comparative Literature,” Rutgers University, Nov. 2006
“Flaubert et la traduction,” Invited lecture in Flaubert session, Cerisy-la-Salle, June 2006.
“Théorie du monde-système littéraire,” Invited lecture “Centre de Sociologie Européenne,” Paris, June 2006.
“Mark Lombardi and the “art” of global finance networks,” Invited Lecture, Whitney Program in Critical Studies, May 2006.
“What is and Is Not Comparative Literature,” Keynote Lecture, “Interdisciplinarity and Anxiety,” University of Pennsylvania, April 2006.
Co-Organizer with Stéphane Gerson, “War, Sex, Empire” Panel for “Rethinking 19th Century French Studies,” La Maison Française, NYU, April 2006.
“Commune! The Naming of Civil Disorder in Political Time,” Keynote Lecture, German Dept. Conference, Columbia University, April 2006.
Flaubert’s Kapital, Marx’s Bovary” Endowed lecture in Philology, Johns Hopkins University, Feb. 2006.
Translation Panel Speaker, ACLA Princeton University, March 2006
“Translation After 9/11” Jurow Lecture, NYU Feb. 2006
Kapital: The Novel (Madame Bovary) paper at a conference on Illustration, Center for the Study of the Novel, Stanford University, Jan. 2006.
Panel Organizer: “Madame Bovary in Translation,” and paper “A Labor Theory of Translation: Eleanor Marx, Translator of Madame Bovary,” Nineteenth-Century French Studies Colloquium, Austin, TX, October, 2005.
Panel Organizer: “New Approaches in Feminism and Sexuality (Art History)” for series “Rethinking Nineteenth-Century French Studies,” La Maison Française, NYU Nov. 2006.
“Comparative Literature and Translation Studies,” The New School, October, 2005.
Panelist at conference titled “Translating,” Center for Comparative Literature and Culture, Columbia University, September, 2005.
“Errors, Hoaxes, and Deferred Origins: The “Art” of Translation,” Whitney Humanities Center (Seminar on Cross-Lingual Poetics), Yale University, September, 2005.
“Oneworldedness: Paranoia as a World-System,” Conference on Comparative Modernism, Tsinghua University, Beijing August 2005.
Respondent, “Theory and Globalization,” Roundtable at East China Normal University, Shanghai, August 2005.
Panel Organizer, “Rethinking Nineteenth-Century French Studies,” Maison Française, NYU, April 2005.
“Translating Francophonie,” Conference on Cultural Translation, UCLA, March 2005
“Capital Logics,” Keynote at French Graduate Student Conference, Brown University, March 2005
Contribution to roundtable on “Globalizing French Studies,” Harvard University, Feb. 2005.
“Repenser le groupe-sujet: Deleuze, Guattari, Badiou,” Colloquium on Deleuze, Guattari and the Political, Paris VIII, Saint-Denis Jan. 2005
“Logics of Conspiracy/Paranoia as a World System,” MLA Dec. 2005.
“Madame Bovary in Feminist Criticism and Theory,” Fordham, Nov. 2004
“Everything is Translatable,” Keynote Address at Duke University, April 2004
“The Private Property of the Subject,” Conference “The Lure of the Object,” at the Clark Art Institute, Williamstown MA April 2004 and at the New York Institute of Fine Arts, Nov. 2004.
Plenary panelist on “The State of the Discipline” Report of the American Comparative Literature Association, ACLA University of Michigan, Ann Arbor April 2004
“What is Comparative Literature?” Lecture at Fordham University, March 2004
“Badiou’s Poetics of Singularity,” Conference on Form organized by Poetics Seminar, NYU March 2004.
Co-Organizer with Mary Louise Pratt, “Death of a Discipline? New Trajectories in Literary Studies. A Symposium with Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak” NYU, Feb. 2004.
“Geometric Couture,” Conference in conjunction with exhibit on the “Parisian Couturière 1919-1939," Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC Feb. 2004.
“Translation in Contemporary Art Practice,” The Whitney Program in Critical Studies, NYC Feb. 2004.
“Mistranslating the Art of War,” MLA Dec. 2003, San Diego (Panel organized by Comparative Studies in Romanticism and the 19th Century)
“Edward Said Reads Erich Auerbach,” Conference at CUNY Graduate Center, Nov. 2003 on Erich Auerbach
“Je ne crois pas beaucoup à la littérature comparée:” Alain Badiou’s Poetics of the Idea,” Keynote Speaker at Conference at La Maison Française in London for conference on “Postcolonial Comparatism,” org. by Charles Forsdick and Brian Murphy
“International Banking Interests and Economic Xenophobia as a World-System in Zola’s L’Argent, Nineteenth-Century French Studies, Panel on “Globalizing 19th Century French Studies,” University of Arizona, Tuscon, Oct. 2003.
“Weaponizing the Femme Fatale: Rachilde’s La Marquise de Sade” (NYU, La Maison Française, Oct. 2003). Similar talk delivered at The Fashion Institute, NYC at Conference “Femme Fatale: Fashion and Visual Culture in Fin-de-Siècle Paris” in conjunction with exhibition. Jan 2003.

“Netlish: Language Politics in the Era of Digital Literacy,” Harvard, (September, 2003)

“The Future of Comparative Literature,” Fordham University (May 2003). Roundtable organized around my article “Global Translatio: The “Invention” of Comparative Literature, Istanbul, 1933" which appeared in Critical Inquiry.
“Saidian Humanism,” Silver Jubilee in Honor of Edward Said’s Orientalism, Columbia University, April 2003.
“The Global Lit Debate in France” Discussion with Pascale Casanova, Maison Française, NYU April 2003.
“Literary Possible Worlds and the Scandal of Translation” Keynote Speaker: Conference organized by the NYU Graduate students in French (“Mondes de Fiction”), NYU, March 2003.
“The Terror of Theory: Ethical Militance and the Group Subject,” Division in 18th Century Studies, Panel “What’s Left of the Eighteenth Century for Those who are not Right in it?” MLA, New York, Dec. 2002. Similar paper at the Whitney program for Critical and Curatorial Studies, NYC Feb. 2003.
“Lingua studii, Lingua tertii imperii: The Politics of Translation from Auerbach to Klemperer, Dept. Of Comparative Literature, NYU Nov. 2002
“War and Empire in Zola’s La Débâcle” Keynote address at Rutgers University, Nov. 2002.
Panelist at Cooper Union in conjunction with Mary Kelly’s show: “The Ballad of Kastriot” (with music by Michael Nyman), April 2002.
Condé’s Créolité in Literary History,” Colloquium in Honor of Maryse Condé, Columbia University, Oct. 2002. Similar talk delivered at Conference “Territoires des Langues” Brown University, April 2003.
Panel Honoring the Work of Naomi Schor, Nineteenth-Century French Studies Conference, Columbus Ohio, Oct. 2002. Also session organizer and chair “S/Z: Schor on Zola.”
“Theory Terror” American Comparative Literature Association Conference, Puerto Rico (Spring 2002)
“Global Translatio and the Invention of Comparative Literature: Istanbul, 1933,” Columbia University, Spring 2002, and CUNY Grad Center, Center for the Study of Place, Culture and Politics, Fall 2001
“Minor Literature and Micro-Minority Language,” Institute for African, Diaspora and Caribbean Cultures, CUNY-CCNY, Fall 2001.
“Referendum on Feminism and Psychoanalysis,” Conference on “Women Artists at the Millennium,” Princeton University, Fall 2001.
“The Aesthetics of Critical Habitats,” Lecture Series on “Geopoetics,” Art Dept. Curatorial Program, UCLA, May 2001. Similar talk given at Cooper Union, Fall 2001 and at the Whitney Museum Critical and Curatorial Program, Fall 2001.
“Translational Transnationalism,” conference “Minor Transnationalisms,” UCLA, May 2001.
“Feminism and Social History,” panel discussion co-organized with Debora Silverman, Center for the Study of Women, UCLA Feb. 2001.
“Translations with no Original: The Scandal of Textual Cloning,” Getty Research Institute Symposium on Translation, April 2001.
“Spitzer in Istanbul: Revising Foundational Myths of Comparative Literature,” ACLA, Boulder, Colorado, April 2001.
“Dialogue with Etienne Balibar on Transnational Citizenship,” UC-Irvine, March 2001.
“Postcolonial Humanism? Philology Wars from Spitzer to Said,” UC-Riverside, Feb. 2001.
“The Last Fetish: The Private Property of the Human,” UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, Jan. 2001.


French: native fluency

German: reading knowledge

Spanish: reading knowledge

Italian: reading knowledge

Latin: reading knowledge

Tzotzil: (Mayan language studied for anthropological field work)

American Comparative Literature Association

The Semiotic Society of America

Modern Language Association

College Art Association

The Signet Society, Harvard University

Pi Delta Phi (National French Honors Society)

Delegate for Committee on the Future of French Studies in the


Chicago University Press

Princeton University Press

Harvard University Press

The Johns Hopkins University Press

Cornell University Press

Fordham University Press

University of Minnesota Press

Columbia University Press

Routledge Press

Duke University Press

University of California Press

Indiana University Press

Stanford University Press


Literature and Medicine


Comparative Literature
Dissertation Committees: NYU
Chair or Co-Chair:

Kaliane Ung (French)

Anne Brancky, (French), Visiting Professor at Vassar

Raina Levasque (French)

Laura Hughes (French)

Kevin McCann (French)

Manoah Finston (French)

Iris Brey (French)

Virginie Lauret (French)

Brian Kilgo-Kelly (French)

Alexandra Lukes (French) Prof. at University of Dublin

John Nimis (French) (Tenure-Track job at Univ. of Michigan)

Ceci Moss (Comp Lit) (Curator, San Francisco)

Niamh Duggan (French), Lecturer at Barnard College

Daniel Hoffman-Schwartz (Comp Lit): Visiting Faculty, Princeton University

Ozen Nergis Dolcarocca (Comp Lit), Tenure-Track Asst Prof, Univ. of Koc, Istanbul

Beata Potocki (Comp Lit) (Adjunct, Media, Culture and Communication, NYU)

Michiel Bot (Comp Lit) (Asst Professor, Tliberg Law School, Netherlands)

Fayçal Falaky (French): Now tenured at Tulane

Christopher Vitale (Comparative Literature) Tenured job at Pratt

Paul Grimstad (English): Assistant Professor at Yale
Dissertation Reader:

Downing Bray (French)

Youna Kwak (French)

Joshua Jordan (French)

Em Larson (Comp Lit)

Danielle Drori (Hebrew Literature)

Adam Spanos (English)

Steven Crumb (French)

Seth Lobdell (French)

Matthew Amos (French), Visiting Faculty, Bard College

Fredrik Ronnback (French)

Julie Hugonny (French)

Daniel Lukes (Comp Lit), Lecturer, Univ. of Indiana, Bloomington

Yasser El-Hariry (French)

Sage Anderson (Comp Lit),

Paul Descloîtres (French) (Lecturer, NYU)

Wilemyn Don (French)

Alexandra Borer (French) (Adjunct Faculty at Columbia)

Clarissa Behar (French)

Katharina Piechoki (Comp Lit), Tenure-Track job at Harvard)

Maud Granger (French)

Alberto Gonzalez (Comparative Literature)

Elizabeth Boxley Bowles (French)

Lyn Lemaire Thompson (French)

Anne Lundhoffe (Comparative Literature)

Cecile Balavoine (French)

Undergraduate Thesis Advisor:

Weilin Chen (Comparative Literature) (now grad student at Harvard)

Sara Pevehouse (Comparative Literature)

Danil Liederman (Comparative Literature) (now grad student at Princeton)

Michelle Noyes (Comparative Literature)

Reader Undergraduate Thesis: Julia Erdman (French)

Undergraduate Thesis Reader, Matthew Amos (French) (now grad student at NYU)
Chair or Co-Chair, Doctoral Dissertation: UCLA,
Chelsea Ray (French and Comparative Literature) (Prof. at Univ. of New Hampshire)

Stacey Meeker (French)

David Fieni (Comparative Literature) (Assistant Prof. at SUNY)

Erin Williams (French and Comparative Literature) (curator at SF-MOMA)

Christopher Bush (French and Comparative Literature) (Received Bernheimer Dissertation Prize, Princeton Society of the Humanities Post-Doc, Now Tenured at Northwestern)

James Berkley (French and Comparative Literature)

Zaia Alexander, (German)

Julie Townsend (French and Comparative Literature) (Prof. at UC-Redlands)

Babak Nahid (Comparative Literature)

Anne Pelzel Scott (French, UC Davis)

Extramural Dissertation Committees

Anjuli Kolb, (English, Columbia) (Assistant Prof. at Williams College)

Nayana Abeysinghe (French, Columbia)

Brian Martin (Romance Languages and Literatures, Harvard) (tenured at Williams College)

Sara Pappas (Romance Studies, Cornell) (tenured at Univ. of Richmond, Virginia)

Blake Stimpson, Art History (Cornell) (tenured at UC-Davis)

Daniel Popplewell (French, Columbia University)
Etienne Balibar, Nanterre and Columbia University

Rebecca Comay, University of Toronto

David Damrosch, Harvard University

Gisèle Sapiro, EHESS, Paris

Maurice Samuels, Yale University

Sandra Bermann, Princeton University

Judith Butler, University of California, Berkeley

Robert Young, New York University

Andrew Parker, Rutgers University

Samuel Weber, Northwestern University

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