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On Political Annhiliation:  Targets and 'Halos' of Collateral Damage in Political Fiction,"

special session on “Apocalypse Narrative,” Division of Comparative Romanticism and Nineteenth—Century Studies, MLA, Vancouver, 2015.

Respondent to Jill Jarvis’s paper, Graduate Student Colloquium, Princeton Dec. 2, 2014.
Two papers at Conference, “Philosopher en langues,” at CNRS and NYU-in-Paris, Nov. 21-22, 2014.
Invited Lecture at the Sorbonne, Paris, Nov.20, 2014
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Panelist, Discussion of Dictionary of Untranslatables, Kingston University, London, May, 2014.
“On Translating a Dictionary of Untranslatable Terms, conference on the Dictionary of Untranslatables at the University of Nottingham, UK. May 2014.
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"Translation and Event: Re-reading Reading Capital," paper at conference “Crossing Worlds: Translation, Eventfulness and the Political,” Barnard and Columbia, May,

Speaker, "A Ruthless Criticism of All That Exists: A Hacker Manifesto Ten Years Later," The New School, NY, April, 2014.

Conference Organizer, “Barthes’s Attachments,” Maison Française, NYU, April, 2014.
Panelist (with Patrice Maniglier, Tristan Garcia and Patricia Falguières) on “New French Existentialism,” at The Kitchen, NYC, March 2014.
“Urban Untranslatables: On Reading Mike Davis’s Planet of Slums” ACLA, New York University, March 2014.
Panel Organizer, “Translating the Dictionary of Untranslatables,” ACLA, NYU, March, 2014.
Conference Keynote: “Recent French Theory: Modes of Existence, Measured Worlds,” at the Twentieth and Twenty-first French and Francophone Conference,” Columbia University, March 2014.
Panelist, Dictionary of Untranslatables: A Philosophical Lexicon, Great Books in the Humanities, Humanities Initiative, NYU, Feb. 2014.

“Just Translation: Of Quantities and Measures” Invited Speaker at conference “Translating in/justice” Dar al-ma’mûn and Eva International Biennial, Jan. 24-25, Marrakech. Morocco.

Respondent, Conference on “Auerbach’s Afterlives” at UC Irvine, Jan. 2014.
“Untranslatability and the Analytic of Singularity: Cassin, Foucault, Guattari, Derrida” (MLA, Chicago, Jan. 2014)
Invited Speaker, “Althusser’s Untranslatables” at Conference “Reading Capital 1965-2015,” Princeton University, Dec. 6, 2013.
Keynote: “Sex and Gender as Untranslatables” Conference on “Genre” at Université de Paris-Creteil, Nov. 22, 2013.
CUNY Q & A with Peter Hitchcock about my book Against World Literature (CUNY Grad Center, Nov. 2013)
Reader for “Proust, Nomadic Readings” (Swann’s Way at the LeBaron Club, NYC, Nov. 13, 2013.
“Translation and Sovereign Borders” Invited Lecture, Columbia University, Oct. 2013.
“Proust, Militant of the Social,” Nineteenth-Century French Studies Conference, Richmond, Virginia Oct. 2013.
“Rethinking the Textual Object: Translated, Curated, Punctuated, Looked at, Listened to…” Conference, “Rethinking Literature,” NYU, Sept. 2013.
Keynote: “On Translating the Dictionary of Untranslatables” Clifford Symposium, Middlebury College, Sept. 2013
Panelist: “Great Books in the Humanities: New Directions in Comparative Literature,” Humanities Initiative, NYU Sept. 2013
Two papers at the International Comparative Literature Association Conference, Paris, (Sorbonne) July, 2013
“Eurochronology and the Politics of Periodization,” Conference, “Transcultural Entanglements and Global Perspectives,” Berlin, Haus der Kulturen der Welt/Free University, July, 2013
Keynote: “Translation at the Checkpoint: The Problem of Sovereign Borders in Literary Theory,” Society for French Studies Annual Conference, University of Nottingham, UK, July 2013
“Unsafe Sense: Translation as a Security Question,” (UCLA, May 2013)
“Lexilalia: On Translating a Dictionary of Philosophical Untranslatables,” Invited Lecture, Harvard University, Dept. of Comparative Literature, April 2013.
“Lexilalia,” University of Chicago, Dept. of Comparative Literature, May 2013.
Panelist “Archives de l’intime,” Conference organized by the Institute of French Studies, New York University, Feb. 2013.
A session on my work with the Columbia Art and Architecture Students, Columbia University April, 2013.
Columbia Seminar in Literary Theory, Session on Introduction to the Dictionary of Untranslatables: A Philosophical Lexicon, March, 2013
“Unexceptional Politics,” ACLA Conference, Toronto, March, 2013
“Impolitic,” Political Concepts Conference, NYU, March, 2013
Participant in Round Table, Archives de l’intime, IFS/NYU, Feb. 2013.
“How to Live Together,” A conversation with French artist Camille Henrot, Emily Apter and Jean-Michel Rabaté Slought Foundation, Philadelphia, Jan. 2013
“Gendering Ontology: Sexual Freedom and Sexual Citizenship after DSK,” Whitney Museum Independent Studies Program, (Jan. 2013)
“Fictions politiques, démarches impolitiques,” Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris (Dec. 2012)
“Cartographies philosophiques dans le Vocabulaire européen des philosophies: Dictionnaire des intraduisibles” (Séminaire: Traduction, Rahul Markovitz et Blaise Wilfert, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris (Dec. 2012).
“The DSK Affair in Critical Retrospect:  Sexual Citizenship and the Violence of Sexual Difference,” Invited Lecture in series “Plasticity and Identity,” Cambridge University (Nov. 2012)
Co-Organizer of Conference with Emmanuel Bouju, “Qu’est-ce que la fiction politique?” New York University in Paris, (Nov. 2013)
“Translation at the Checkpoint,” (keynote lecture), Conf. “Traduire sans papiers/Illegal Translation,” Ecole Normale Supérieure, Lyon (Oct. 2013)
“Cassin, philosophe de l’intraduisible,” Conference at Cerisy-la-salle (“Les pluriels de Barbara Cassin,” Cerisy, (Sept, 2012)
"Translation at the Checkpoint: On States, Borders, and the Limits of Sovereignty in Translation Theory" Invited Lecture, Oxford University Postcolonial Seminar (October, 2012. Similar lecture delivered at UCLA (May, 2012)
Moderator: Conference on “Modernisms, Medialities, Modernities,” (Fordham University, May 4-5, 2012)
“On Translation-Die Stadt,” Panel on “Translation and the Global Checkpoint,” American Comparative Literature Association Conference, Brown University, March, 2012.
Panel Organizer and Moderator, “The Art of Appropriation: Philosophy, Literature, Music,” Maison Française, NYU, April 5, 2012.
“Political Mochlos,” Colloquium on “Derrida and the University” at the Rutgers Center for Cultural Analysis, New Brunswick, March, 2012).
Panelist, French Graduate Student Conference on the topic of “Conferencing,” NYU, March, 2012.
Lecture, “Rethinking the French Curriculum,” NYU, March, 2012.
Panel Organizer and Moderator, “The Contemporary,” Maison Française, New York University, Feb. 28, 2012.
Transdisciplinary Workshop Speaker, “From Science and Technology Studies to the Humanities: The State of the Field & The Concept of ‘Problem’” Kingston University, London, Jan. 25 2012.
“Images from Occupy: From Powlida’s ‘Derivatives’ to the Tumblr ‘Sargent Pike with Pepper Spray,’” seminar at the Whitney Independent Study Program in Critical Studies, Nov. 2011.
“Incomparative Literature,” University of Florida, Gainesville (Nov. 2011)
Panelist (with Hélène Cixous, Avital Ronell and Judith Butler), “Disruptive Kinship,” Organized by Villa Gillet “Walls and Bridges,” The New School, Oct. 2011)
“What Europe Owes the Jews: Nietzsche by way of Stendhal,” (Nineteenth-Century French Studies Colloquium, Philadelphia (Oct. 2011)
Three lectures on “Against World Literature? The Politics of Untranslatability,” University of Pittsburgh (Sept. 2011)
“`Sex’ and ‘Gender’: Philosophical Untranslatables,” Conference “Simone de Beauvoir Now,” Duke University, (Sept. 2011)
“The World in World Literature,” (lecture) and Panel on “The Translation Zone,” University of Utrecht, Holland (June 2011)
“Temporalité et histoire littéraire en traduction,” invited lecture at Paris 8 for a conference on “Géographies de la traduction,” (Paris, June 2011)
A talk for the “Seminar in Experimental and Critical Theory” at UCLA on “A Theory of Political Fiction” (May 2011)
A dialogue with Artist Silvia Kolbowski (“The Afterlife of Radical Subjects) in the “Critical Encounters” series at Princeton (April 2011)
A lecture on “la littérature-monde” at the Institut du Tout-Monde in Paris (March 2011)
Panelist, “Bêtes noires” Roundtable: Graduate Student French Conference, NYU March 2011
“Encyclopédie Redux: Cassin’s Vocabulaire des philosophies,” Conference: Translating the Encyclopédie in the Global Eighteenth Century,” NYU and Fordham, March 2011.

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