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Lucy C. Laney High School

Teacher: Mrs. Kimberly Harris

Room Number: 224


Semester: Fall 2015/Spring 2016

Course Description:

The study of current social, economic, and political topics and their impact on technology, energy, health, education, immigration, human rights, nuclear and biological weapons, world international trade, agricultural production, and the world debt crisis.

Connected to Common Core Literacy and Writing Standards:

Each week students and teacher will review and analyze current events taking place in the city, state, country, and world. Every Friday, students will turn in a current event pertaining to a social, economic, or political event. Teacher will provide framework for current events. Beginning week 14, students will complete a Biological/Social. Issues project. Teacher will provide framework, topics, and expectations. Students will begin class presentations of projects during week 15.

Required Materials:

  1. Blue or black ink pens only and no. 2 pencils.

  2. Spiral notebook and 3 ring notebook for notes.

  3. 1 – USB Drive

Grading Scale

Project: 40%

Current Events/Quizzes: 25%

Classwork: 20%

Homework: 15%

Class Rules & Expectations:

  1. Be prepared and on time.

  2. Be in your seat when the bell rings.

  3. Follow directions the first time.

  4. Respect others and their space.

  5. Turn in all assignments on time.

  6. Participate in all classroom activities.

  7. Cell phone usage is absolutely prohibited unless BYOT is in effect.

Required Outside Reading Assignments:

Week 1

  • Unit 1 Pretest

  • Identify sources of Information, sources of information.

Week 9

  • Unit 3 Performance Task.

  • Unit 3 Post Test.

Week 2

  • Facts and opinions, good story making, and central ideas, media Source Validity.

Week 10

  • Unit 4 Pretest.

  • Prewriting Strategies.

Week 3

Week 11

  • Final Product.

  • Revision Strategies.

Week 4

  • Unit 2 Pretest

  • Qualitative/Quantitative Data

Week 12

  • Clear and logical writing.

Week 5

  • Primary and Secondary Sources.

Week 13

  • Unit 4 Performance Task.

  • Unit 4 Post Test.

Week 6

  • Unit 2 Performance Task.

  • Unit 2 Post Test.

Week 14

Begin Biological/Social Project.

Week 7

  • Unit 3 Post Test.

  • Organization Skills

Week 15

Complete and present Biological/Social Project.

Week 8

  • Writing Language

• Designated by teacher and varies.

SPECIAL NOTE: All students are required to turn in assignments on time. Exceptions will only be made with a doctor’s excuse or written notice from parent detailing extenuating circumstances. Late assignments will not be accepted unless prior permission is given.

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