Current Events Final Project

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Current Events Final Project

As part of the final exam, students will create a project that further explores a subject we discussed in Current Events class. Subjects should be chosen in advance and approved by the instructor. Choose something that interests you!

There are 4 options to complete the final project:

  1. Create an interesting museum exhibit for the National Neuseum of Walberica containing information, photos, artifacts, or models that teach viewers about the subject.

  2. Write, film, and skillfully edit an interesting newscast for the Walberican Nightly News that reports on a current event and gives some background knowledge and context for viewers unfamiliar with the details.

  3. Design, create, and lead your classmates in a fun Current Events role-playing or board game. This option gives groups the most freedom of topic choice, but needs to have real academic merit.

  4. Write a 500-word research paper with at least 4 academic sources. This option is only available to people who choose to work on their own.

Projects should demonstrate learning on the subject, should demonstrate further research on the subject, should be interesting, and show multiple points of view on the subject.

This project is worth 35 points. Grading will be scored in 3 categories:

  1. Product (did the students turn in a quality project?)

  2. Process (was the project done the right way?)

  3. Equity (is it clear that everyone played a meaningful role?)

Additionally, extra credit may be earned if the project has je ne sais quoi.

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