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University of California, Santa Barbara

Professor of English

Affiliated Faculty Department of Comparative Literature

Affiliated Faculty College of Creative Study


Literature & Mind


Psychoanalysis and literature

Philosophy and Literature


The 19th-Century English Novel

Modern Thought and Literature

Classical Hollywood Film


Non-Clinical Academic Fellow

The Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis, 2005-2010

Traveling Scholar and Lecturer

Jane Austen Society of North America, 2008-present


Harvard University Ph.D., Mellon Dissertation Fellowship, Howard Mumford Jones Prize 1992

Harvard University A.M., Mellon Fellow in the Humanities 1987

Harvard University A.B., Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa 1981

Amherst High School Valedictorian 1977


IMAGINING MINDS: The Neuro-Aesthetics of Austen, Eliot, and Hardy—Winner Choice “Outstanding Academic Title,” 2011 (Current Review for Academic Libraries)

ORDINARY PLEASURES: Couples, Conversation, and Comedy—Winner of Choice “Outstanding Academic Title,” 2002 (Current Reviews for Academic Libraries).

Faculty Career Development Award, University of California, Fall 1998.

Faculty Award, Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, UCSB, fall 1997.

Faculty Award, Committee on Research, Academic Senate, UCSB, 1997-1998, 1998-1999,

Distinguished Teaching Award (Nominated), CETIS, UCSB, 1996-1997.

Outstanding Faculty Member Award, Residence Hall Association, UCSB, 1997.

Professor Banquet, Gamma Phi Bet/ Delta Delta Delta, “Recognition for Outstanding Contribution

to Higher Education,” UCSB, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2008.

Inter-Greek Council Scholarship Banquet, Most Influential Professors Invitation, 2009.

Howard Mumford Jones Prize -- "Awarded for the Outstanding

Dissertation in the 19th Century," Dept. of English, Harvard University, 1992-1993.

Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship in the Humanities -- Winner of

National Competition for 4 year Fellowship Award from the Mellon Foundation, 1986-1990.

Andrew W. Mellon Dissertation-Year Grant, 1990-1991.

Harvard Merit Fellowship -- “Awarded to 10 students from among all graduate programs,” 1989-1990.

ORDINARY PLEASURES: Couples, Conversation, and Comedy.

I explore in this book how adults play together, in their desire for intimacy and pursuit of happiness, through the pleasures and forms of mutuality in narrative art. Chapters include discussions of: An Affair to Remember, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, Anna Karenina, I Love Lucy, the improvisations of Nichols and May, The Thin Man, Top Hat.

Ohio State UP, Theory and Interpretation of Narrative Series, December 2001. Choice Award 2002.
IMAGINING MINDS: The Neuro-Aesthetics of Austen, Eliot, and Hardy

The 19th-century English novel, in its representations of consciousness as a complex exchange between body, emotion, and cognition, writes, I claim, an aesthetic map of the mind.

Chapters include: Austen’s writing on fantasy in Emma and embodied feeling in Persuasion; Eliot’s writing on the embodiment of ideas in Daniel Deronda and the problem of other minds in Middlemarch; Hardy’s writing on mood in Jude the Obscure and dream-states in Tess. I draw throughout on mind-brain accounts of mental states, in particular by William James and by Antonio Damasio.

Ohio State UP, Theory and Interpretation of Narrative Series, October 2010. Choice Award 2011.

CHANGE YOUR SHOES, CHANGE YOUR LIFE: Essays on Style, Object Relations and Transformations, and the Aesthetics of Mind
Working Chapters:

“The Aesthetics of Elegance and Extravagance in Science and Art” (complete)

“Joyce and the Neuroaesthetics of ‘yes’” (complete)

“Dickens and Attachment Theory” (complete)

“A Few of Proust’s Favorite Things”

“Object Play and Transformations in Women’s Stories” (complete)

“The Erotic Natures of Ovid and John Muir” (in progress)

“The ‘Untold Want’ of George Eliot and Psychoanalysis” (in progress)


  1. “On Joyce’s Mind: the NeuroAesthetics of ‘yes,’” PsyArt, submitted May 2013.

  2. “Intersubjectivity and The Manager,” Managing The Manager, ed., Paul Scott Derrick, Waterloo Press, forthcoming 2014.

  3. “‘I’m Daphne’: On Comedy, Metamorphosis, and the Third Sex,” Women and Comedy: History, Theory, Practice, ed. Peter Dickinson, Farleigh Dickinson University Press, forthcoming 2014.

  4. “SEX-TEXT-CORTEX,” Queer and Feminist Narrative Theories, ed. Robyn Warhol and Sue Lanser, forthcoming 2014.

  5. Book Review, Thinking about Other People in Nineteenth-Century British Writing by Adela Pinch, Victorian Studies, volume 54.3, spring 2012: 519-20.

  6. “‘Wounded by Mystery’: Dickens and Attachment Theory,” special issue, “Dickens at 200,” English, volume 61.234, autumn 2012: 234-248.

  7. “Change Your Shoes, Change Your Life: On Object Play and Transformation in a Woman’s Stories,” The American Journal of Play, volume 4.3, winter 2012: 285-310.

  8. “Kierkegaard’s Claim of Mutuality and Its Problem of Representation,” Religion and Literature, volume 43.3, autumn 2011: 25-49.

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  10. “What’s the Brain Got to Do with It?: A Review of Literature and the Brain by Norman Holland,” Projections, May 2010.

  11. “Erotic Natures: John Muir and I Come to California” in ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment, Summer 2008.

  12. “Narrative Disorders,” co-authored with Jeffrey Saver, in The Routledge Encyclopedia of Narrative Theory, David Herman, Manfred Jahn, and Marie-Laure Ryan, editors, 2005.

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  14. “No Shame” in Dialog with Robyn Warhol in Narrative, May 2004.

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  16. Middlemarch and the Problem of Other Minds Heard” in LIT: Literature Interpretation Theory, special issue on 19th-Century British Realism, September 2003.

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  28. "Hollywood, 1934: Inventing Romantic Comedy," in Look Who's Laughing: Studies in Gender and Comedy, ed. Gail Finney, Gordon and Breach, 1994.

  29. "25 Years or So Later: A Review of Putting it Together," The Sondheim Review, June 1994.


  1. “‘Fits of Spiritual Dread’: The Narcissus of George Eliot and Psychoanalysis,” invited panelist, “Psychoanalysis and the 19th-century Panel,” NAVSA, Madison, U. of Wisconsin, September 2012.

  2. “Change Your Shoes, Change Your Life: On Metaphor and Metamorphosis,” International Narrative Conference, Las Vegas, March 2012.

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University of California, Santa Barbara

Professor of English, 2011-present

Associate Professor of English, 2002-2010

Assistant Professor of English, 1994-2001

Affiliated Faculty with Comparative Literature, 1997-present

Affiliated Faculty with the College of Creative Study, 2012-present
Graduate Courses:

English 233: George Eliot and the Problem of Other Minds

English 233: Imagining the 19th-Century English Novel

English 236: Neuroaesthetics

English 233: Minding Austen, Eliot, and Hardy

English 233: Embodiment and the 19th-Century English Novel

English 233: The 19th-Century English Novel

English 233: Aesthetics, Emotion, and the Victorian Novel

English 233: Austen, Eliot and Hardy

English 233: Recent Trends in Victorian Studies

English 233: Theorizing the Adaptation: Phenomenologies of Reading

English 237: Romantic Comedy

Interdisciplinary Studies 202: Embodiment
Undergraduate Courses:

English 40: 19th-Century English Literature

English 126a: The 18th-Century English Novel

English 126b: The English Novel, 1800-1850

English 128CM: The Comic Turn of Mind: Aristophanes to Larry David

English 151JA: Jane Austen

English 151GE: Middlemarch

English 151TH: Thomas Hardy

English 181: The 19th-Century English Novel

English 187: Modern Thought and Literature

English 197: Beauty

English 197: Reading Jane Austen

English 197: Creative Non-Fiction

English 197: Middlemarch

English 197: Comedy

English 197: The Comic Turn of Mind

Comparative Literature 124: Old Comedy/New Comedy

Independent Study: “Reading Proust”

UCSB University Service:

Faculty Issues and Awards: 2012-present

The Dickens Project: 1994-2012

Gaucho Marks, the satire magazine of UCSB, Faculty Advisor 2011-present

Lecture: On Getting Tenure (2001)

Department of English

Target of Opportunity Committee, 1994-1995

Graduate Committee, 1995-1998, 2000-2001, 2007-2008 (Chair, spring 1998)

Graduate Admissions Sub-Committee (1995-1996, 1997-1998, 2007-2008)

Undergraduate Committee 1998-2000, 2001-2006 (Chair, 2005-2007), 2008-2010

19th-Century Search Committee, British (1997, 2005)

19th-Century Search Committee, American (2003)

Arnhold Post-Doc Search: Cognitive Approaches to Literature (2009)

Faculty Advisor: Arnhold Undergraduate Fellows (2009-2010)

Literature & Mind Panel Chair for Arnhold UG Approaches to Literary Study Series (2010)

“How Education Changes the Brain”—Literature & Mind breakout session—Defending the University Teach-In, October 14, 2009

Founding/ Organizing Committee and Faculty Member of Literature & Mind Initiative (2008-present)

1945-Present English-Irish Studies Search Committee (2012)
Department of Comparative Literature

Advisory Committee (1999-spring 2002)/ Search Committee (2002)

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Bradley Assistant Professor of Literature, Honors Program, 1992-1994
Honors Seminars:

1) The Novel and Modern Culture.

2) Origins and Experiments in Fiction: The Eighteenth-Century Novel.

3) The 19th-Century English Novel.

4) Narratives of the Twentieth Century.

5) Maps, Space and the Novel. (Independent Study)

UWM University Service:

Honors Program Committee (1992-1993)

Chair Honors Program Committee (1993-1994)
Harvard University
Head Teaching Fellow:

English 180a and English 180b: The English Novel from Bunyan to Lessing.

Teaching Fellow:

English 165: The Twentieth-Century Novel.

Honors Junior Tutor:

English 98: Honors Junior Tutorial.

Tutorials: 1) "19th-Century English Novel. Critical Theory."

2) "English Modernism. Critical Theory."

3) "Literature and Medicine."
Senior Thesis Advisor:

English 99: Honors Senior Tutorial.

Senior Theses: 1) "Enchantment."

2) "Sirens and Spider Women: Word-Sight and Word-Sound in James Joyce's

Ulysses and Native American Women's Fiction."

3) "'Life Stand Still Here': Photography and the Novels of Virginia Woolf."

4) "Reading Narrative Deaths."
The University of Iowa
Writing Instructor: College of Law


French and Latin.


Modern Language Association

The International Society for the Study of Narrative Literature

The George Eliot Fellowship

Jane Austen Society of North America

The International Association for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology

The International Neuropsychoanalysis Society

Dossier of Harvard letters available from Harvard University, Office of Career Services, Dossier Service, 54 Dunster St., Cambridge, Ma 02138. (617) 495-2787.
References from Harvard University: Professor Philip Fisher, Dept. of English, (617) 495-2533; Professor Stanley Cavell, Dept. of Philosophy, (617) 495-2191; Professor Marjorie Garber, Dept. of English (617) 495-2533; Professor Sacvan Bercovitch, Dept. of English (617) 495-2533; Professor Barbara Johnson, Depts. of English and Comparative Literature (617) 495-2533; Professor Susan Suleiman, Dept. of Romance Languages, (617) 495-2546.
References from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: Professor Terry Nardin, Director, University Honors Program, (414) 229-4658.

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