Culture/Clash by Sally Odgers

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Culture clash

by Sally Odgers

We don't look alike.
I might be black, you might be white
Perhaps it is the other way
Who can tell? Who can say?

We don't think alike.

You have opinions that will strike
me as strange if not absurd
You think the same of mine- reversed.

We don't live alike.

Your joy is my dislike
You eye me with disgust
And I, you, with distrust.

And yet we share this Earth

Could we find mutual worth?
Let's learn (it won't take long) -
That "different" isn't always "wrong"...

I'll see you in the street

I won't spit when we meet
If you won't spit at me,
Perhaps this clash can cease to be?

Because we share this Earth

We must find mutual worth-
We have to learn to get along
For "different" isn't always "wrong".

Download 13.96 Kb.

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