Culture of Chennai

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Cultural Environment- Chennai shows potential.

Mohamed Ali

Culture of Chennai


Chennai is considered a more liveable city. It is not costly like Mumbai and doesn’t have the aggressive culture generally attributed to the north. It is relatively safer, has shorter commutes, better traffic conditions, relatively lower cost of living and lower air pollution.


The residents of the city are famous for their hospitality and warmth. Their deep rooted beliefs and customs upholding brotherhood, tranquillity and mutual respect drive their daily chores from celebrations to mournful times.


All our team was able to practice their religion well as Chennai is home to various religions, each enjoying respect and faith from even the non-followers. From Hindu, Muslims, Christians to Janise, Chennai has warmly welcomed them all.


Multiple people, hailing from diverse backgrounds lead to the flow of many languages within the territory of Chennai. Though Tamil enjoys the status of being the prime language in the city and the mother tongue, popularly articulated by the citizens of the city, however, people belonging to different regions have brought their native languages with them. Other spoken languages here are English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Telugu, Urdu, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi and Malayalam. This was great for our team as they were able to communicate not just with english but they could find people speaking with their mother language except for Vladimir as russian language was not around here. However, language remains a barrier in the region where Tamil pride is sometimes worn on the sleeves.

Work environment

We planned a meeting with Ashwini Asokan who is the founder and CEO of Mad Street Den, an Artificial Intelligence company. “From a talent perspective, this place is insane. And I am not just talking about IITM graduates,” she says. Her strategy is to hire fresh graduates from campuses and groom them in AI, talent for which is anyway scarce and expensive globally. Abundant talent, low attrition and great work ethics have helped Chennai’s image. “For a bootstrapped startup like ours, we needed time, talent and resources to experiment. What I managed to do in Chennai I couldn’t have done anywhere else in the world,” she says. This made our team very excited to expand our team and recruit graduates from here.


Chennai is well connected by road, rail, air, and sea. It has an international airport and seaport. Within the city a network of bus services and auto-rickshaws are common modes of transport

They serve number of traditional foodstuffs including sambhar, dosa, idli, rasam, coconut chutney, dry curry and kootu etc with steamed rice on banana leaf, which is the traditional way of dining in Chennai. The city has multiple variants of cuisines for vegan as well as for non-vegetarians. This made it easier for us to order food each of our own taste. We all tried the traditional food however Amiee didn’t like the spices. She says it is a bit much however she found a french restaurant that reminded her of her hometown so she stuck to it.

Team Chemistry

Since we are 4 people coming from not only different countries but different continents the culture shock was not as bad as expected. We all were able to adapt together respecting the diversity of our team and this is what Chennai is based on and helped us to adapt easily.

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