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of Ethnic Origin


When dealing with people from any community their own self-classification of ethnic origin is important and should be recorded according to their wishes. Where the self-classification may be perceived by others as derogatory, particularly in written statements, it is recommended that clarification is added in brackets e.g. half-caste (mixed race/parentage), or coloured (black).


Minority Ethnic Communities/Minority Ethnic

These terms are widely used and generally accepted in the broadest term to encompass all those groups who see themselves as distinct from the majority in terms of cultural or ethnic identity, and not just black or visible minorities.


Ethnics as a term on its own is not acceptable. Neither should a term such as immigrants be generally used, unless in a strict technical sense.


Mixed Race

Can sometimes have negative connotations. An alternative is mixed parentage (or joint heritage. BD)


The term multi-racial may also be used, for example as in reference to a multi-racial household, and the term mixed cultural heritage is increasingly used in educational circles.


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