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Berry Dicker

University of Wolverhampton

Equality and Diversity Manager




The information given in this document is as accurate as possible and is split into a number of sections, two of which provide specific information on People and their Faiths.


However, when reading these guidelines it should be remembered that people do not always conform to the narrow parameters that are sometimes set for them by the media and ourselves. For example, not all Jews avoid eating shellfish just as not all Christians go to church on Sunday. So do not think that all of the people that you meet will exactly match the descriptions in this booklet.


In general, all faiths and cultures are in a constant state of change, and whilst some people hold onto their beliefs and traditions, others embrace new ideas and standards.


It should also be recognised that if you take the time to look, you will see that there are more similarities than differences between us all. And if you treat people how you would like to be treated yourself i.e. with respect and dignity, you should not go too far wrong.


Please remember that if you are not sure about how you should behave with a person from a different background to yourself… ask!



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