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Medical Treatment

Attitudes to medical treatment are likely to be influenced by religious beliefs.


Chinese People


Introduction to the Community

The Chinese have one of the oldest civilisations, with a population that is the largest of any country in the world. It has a population (estimated 1995) of more than 1.26 billion.


75–80 percent of Chinese people in the UK come from Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s population is predominantly Cantonese, coming from the Chinese province of Kwang Tung. Other elements in the urban population may include the Hakka and Fukien cultures.


The Chinese have a rich and varied religious tradition and spiritual beliefs and practices. Amongst some Chinese, belief in the traditional religions is still strong, to the extent that some may find it difficult to adapt to certain ‘crisis’ situations like hospitalisation and other disasters, because of feelings of isolation. However, this is dying out due to western influence and greater integration.



Chinese people share a written language that is over 2000 years old, that has over 16,000 characters, each standing for an entire word. Traditionally, Chinese is written vertically, but in contemporary Britain it has been changed to read from left to right. Most Chinese people (regardless of their spoken dialect) can read the written Chinese language.


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