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The University of Wolverhampton has acquired limited copyright of this Guide which was originally produced for the Shropshire Fire and Rescue service by an ex student of the University. Staff who have reviewed this document have recommended it as a useful source of additional information on culture and diversity.


The Guide gives general and broad based information on a number of different cultures (see Contents below). Some points however need to be borne in mind. Firstly within the same broad culture there may be variation and distinct regional differences. Secondly over time culture and identity can be fluid, certainly these are not wholly fixed and can evolve. Finally we all exist in a number of different cultural settings, e.g. home, work, faith, class, region, locality, peer group etc. This enriching aspect of experience enables us to understand, and be effective in, a wide range of social contexts. It is therefore wise to see each individual as a dynamic meeting point of many cultures and not to read off her/his culture in a simplistic way from this (or any other) Guide.


Bearing in mind these points, which are reiterated in the Preface below, we hope that you will find the Guide useful and interesting.


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