Culturally diverse peoples

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Select a cohort in the community that can be impacted by violence and where violence can be perpetrated against them (see list below). Critically examine how violence impacts this cohort, with evidence of theoretical underpinnings.
Your essay must also address, ways in which social work and social workers can support the reduction in violence for this particular cohort, alongside evidence of theoretical underpinnings.

  • children

  • women

  • men

  • culturally diverse peoples

  • LGBTIQA+ community

  • people living with a disability

  • a cohort of your choice (

The assessment will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Critical exploration of the group in relation to domestic and family violence (Weight: 30%).

  • Critical analysis and integration of theoretical perspectives (Weight: 30%).

  • Critical analysis and exploration of the role of social work in reducing domestic and family violence (Weight: 30%).

  • Quality of academic writing and presentation (eg. spelling, grammar, punctuation and presentation) (Weight: 5%).

  • Correct Referencing (minimum of 12 academic references, consistent use of a reference system APA 7th) (Weight: 5%).


  • Fawcett, Barbara, & Waugh, Fran. (2008). Addressing Violence, Abuse and Oppression. Routledge. London & New York

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