Cultural diversity and Maori Dimension How will our school reflect

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Cultural diversity and Maori Dimension
How will our school reflect:

New Zealands cultural diversity

We need to know about New Zealand to develop the culture of our country, the culture of Parawera

To understand the big picture of cultural diversity with regards to bi-culturalism, heritage and our multi-cultural society

The unique position of the Maori culture
Parawera school will recognise the unique position of Maori in new Zealand society.

It will provide students with experiences and understandings in cultural traditions, language and local and national history.

What reasonable steps will the school take to incorporate tikanga Maori (Maori culture and protocol) in to the schools curriculum?

What will the school do to provide instruction in te reo Maori (Maori language) for full time students who’s parents request it?

What steps will be taken to discover the views and concerns of the schools Maori communities?

  • To nurture the relationships with the kohanga reo and Te Taumata Marae

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