Cultural Diffusion Writing Prompt

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Cultural Diffusion Writing Prompt

Geography promotes cultural diffusion and helps shape history. Because of geography certain civilizations are able to develop and then spread their culture using a variety of means. These civilizations also become attractive destinations for migrants. The United States is particularly good example of these concepts in action. Using the article “Latitudes not Attitudes: How Geography Explains History” as well as two other credible sources, write an essay that answers the following prompt:

To what extent has cultural diffusion shaped the United States? Make sure that your answer describes what cultural diffusion is, explains why some nations are able to spread their culture more than others, and cites at least two examples of cultural diffusion.

Project Rubric







Thesis is clear and developed through examples and elaboration

Thesis is clear, but lacks enough examples and elaboration

Thesis is not clear and/or lacks enough examples and elaboration

Thesis is completely unclear, some examples and elaboration are missing

No thesis and/or no examples and elaboration


Essay demonstrates thorough understanding of prompt and sources

Essay demonstrates understanding of prompt and sources

Essay demonstrates some understanding of prompt and sources

Essay does not demonstrate understanding of prompt or sources

Essay does not answer prompt


All three sources used in a clear and balanced manner

All three sources are used in a clear manner with small imbalance

Two sources used and/or in an unbalanced manner

Two sources used in an unclear or unbalanced manner

One source used


Errors are insignificant, well-written and organized

Some errors, well-written and organization

Several errors and/or poorly organized

Errors distract from the essay and/or organization is lacking

Many errors, and/or not organized

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