Cultural Artifact Speech

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Josh Fleming

Cultural Artifact Speech

Culture…the final frontier. A vast interwoven terrain of stories, traditions, symbols and objects. As we move deeper into the 21st century our knowledge of the various cultures which inform this immense life-tapestry must be presented for those who do not know, those who wish to know, and for those who think they know but really don’t know. You know?

The Assignment

Describe a culture that you identify and present an artifact that represents it. Your culture need not be constrained to ethnicity or country of origin (see definitions on page 2) however those are completely acceptable topic areas for the assignment. Your artifact is any type of object that symbolizes something significant to that culture. During your explanation of your culture it should be clear to your audience:

  • What culture it reflects

  • What it does

  • What it means

  • Why it’s important

This speech will execute the responsibilities of the Introduction/Main Point/Conclusion format with only 1 main point.

  • 3-4 minutes. Not 2 ½ or 4 ½, but 3-4.

  • Bring the artifact with you that you plan to present, so make it manageable. If it’s too large (or alive) then talk with me so we can make arrangements.

  • A ONE PAGE (1) outline will be due on the first day of this speech (don’t worry, we’ll cover this).

The better speech (meaning: one which will earn an “A”) will adhere to the following elements:

  • Will clearly describe the artifact and its significance to a culture

  • Will effectively paint a verbal portrait through story

  • Will utilize (and improve upon) your newfound delivery skills in order to create a dynamic and captivating speech.

  • Will not slander, libel, insult, degrade or in any way marginalize members from a particular race, creed, religion, or sex.

  • Has been practiced so that the speaker is not stumbling, stopping & starting, searching for words etc.

  • Exudes an appropriate amount of enthusiasm and energy regarding the speakers culture.

Some definitions
Culture: This is a very flexible term and need not be constrained to ethnicity or country of origin. Rather, any type of group, organization, or society which has established itself with particular social rules, specific vocabulary or jargon, and lifestyle. The more creative you are with the “culture” you identify with the more fun and creative your artifact will be.
Artifact: Typically an inanimate object with a specific use or purpose. However, I am open to other (meaning living) interpretations, but please let me know ahead of time so we can make arrangements.
As Mahatma Ghandi once said, “No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive.” Otherwise we tend to get bored and invade each other’s culture. And that is bad. Very, very bad. So let’s broaden our minds!

Download 9.79 Kb.

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