Cultural Activity Paper Guidelines

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Cultural Activity Paper Guidelines
Your paper will be evaluated based on the following requirements:
-length: a full 1.5 pages of typed text, at 12 point font, with no larger than 1.5 inch

-margins; double spaced

-attach ticket or any other material given on the event.
The first paragraph must synthesize the cultural activity that you have observed, and not simply have rearranged the wording of the sources used (pamphlet/materials provided during the cultural activity).
As a part of the critical reflection on the cultural activity, your next paragraphs on your paper must include a section/sections with your reaction, opinion, and cultural comparisons with American culture (or your home culture, if you are not an American).
In your last paragraph, you may tell what you have learned about the other culture (different from American culture) AND the language (other than English) you have experienced. Did it make you realize anything about your own culture or language? What is your reaction to what you learned? (Did something surprise, shock, annoy you? Describe what it was and why you felt that way.)

Assignments for cultural activities: I went. So now what?

  • Outdoor festivals/Hispanic Dance Night/Global Night/International Festival- Attend the festival for at least one hour and a half and eat, listen to music, see displays, TALK to people in your target language, etc. Write a detailed paragraph in English or your target language describing what you did, what you saw (with good, descriptive detail that convinces the instructor that you attended), what you learned by listening, watching, and talking to Hispanic people (other languages/cultures as appropriate). In a closing paragraph focus on the foreign cultures represented and write a comparison of two cultures. At the bottom of the page write in your foreign language two of the questions that you asked people and list 5 words related to what you saw (in the foreign language).

  • Music festival/dance company – Similar to above, write a comparative essay with descriptions (costumes, instruments, musical style, crowd, reaction, etc.) about two musical groups (or dances) and conclude with an opinion supported by reasons. Photos or drawings are encouraged. Turn in your ticket.

  • Films – Watch the public viewing of a subtitled film and write a 4-5 sentence summary in your target language in simple language. Then write in English or your target language what you learned about the foreign culture studied (you may contrast and compare the culture to the U.S.) AND your first impressions of how films from this culture may differ from American (U.S.) films. List 5 new words that you learned if the film was in your target language and if not, list 5 words related to the film in your target language.

  • German Table (2) – Summarize the conversation in 1-1.5 pages and include a list of new words that you learned. Include information about any cultural facts that you learned, including typical dishes that you may have sampled that day. Turn in the assignment after you have attended the second Stammtisch.

  • Opera – Attend an approved opera and write a descriptive essay in English about the set and costumes. Conclude with a 4-6 sentence summary of the plot in your target language. Turn in your ticket and program. List 5 words that relate to the show in your target language.

  • Museums, cooking class – Write a descriptive essay about what you saw and what you learned, including how the culture differs from your own (for example, the unique cooking ingredients used that you would have to buy to make the recipe). Include a reflective section with questions and speculations that may have arisen regarding the featured culture (history, daily life, gender issues, etc.) based on what you saw and read, and your impressions and opinion.

  • Speakers series – Write a descriptive essay about what you learned about the foreign culture and/or immigration issues, including how the culture differs from your own. If the speaker was not from the foreign culture, did he/she make any comment that seemed to reflect an American bias? Did he/she share any incidents of cultural adjustment or culture shock? (These might include differences in daily life, gender roles, food, etc.) Conclude with a short paragraph of 5-7 sentences describing the person (physical features, career, family, interest, etc.) in your target language; you may need to go on-line to do some background research about the person.

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