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January 25 2001

Purpose Of This Paper 1

Thomas Culhane's (1805-1885) Known Family 2
Thomas Culhane's (1805-1885) Possible Family 3
Active Culhane Researchers 3
Index Format 4
References 5
Some Useful Internet Sites For Irish Genealogical Research 7
Some Telephone Books With Culhanes 7
Index of People 8-148
Index of Places & Things 148-150
Purpose Of This Paper
The complier is looking for the parents of his great-grandfather on his mother's side of his family, Thomas Culhane born about 1805/1811 in Glin, County Limerick, Ireland. The Townland within Glin is not known. Thomas removed with his family to Canada about 1839/43 and then after his children were grown up and his wife had died, Thomas removed alone to the USA in the early 1880s, and lived with several of his children. He died in Detroit MI USA in 1885.
Finding Thomas' parents names is my major goal. I do not know the name of his parents. I have names of some people who may be his siblings, but no proof of this. I do not know the names of his first wife and their nine children. I have prepared this index to references of people and places, which allows me to keep a record the references I have seen. After I find Thomas Culhane's parents' names, I will use this index to more easily and quickly return to the references that apply.
During research both in the USA and in Ireland the compiler has accumulated many references to Culhanes and allied names, and other persons who have assisted in several ways in the research. All these names are entered here to form this index.
Reviewing my research to date has revealed that the records I most need are the Glin Catholic Church records prior to the new Catholic Church that was built in the early 1850s. According to all sources these records prior to 1850s did not survive. The only parish records that survived that I know of were some marriage records from 1807-1810. Other records indicate that the Parish Priests prior to 1850 were:

1. Father Michael MacDonald Glin parish Priest in 1798.

2. Father William MacEnery Glin parish Priest in 1824.

3. Father Daniel O'Sullivan Glin-Loughill parish Priest 1816-1842.

My initial research was based on using public records. However, I have found none that help me at this time. My current research is trying to find Culhane families who my have personal family records such as a family bible that will help me. To this end I have offered a reward of 100 Irish pounds for information indicating the names of Thomas Culhane's parents. In June 1999 I mailed a flyer offering this reward to about 150 Culhane families listed in the Telecom Eireann phonebook, and about another 40 non-Culhanes. There has been no positive replies, and the reward is still offered.
All persons in this index are sequenced alphabetically: Firstly by their surname, secondly by their given name, and thirdly by their date of birth if known, or if date of birth is not known or estimated, then by the date of the event. In order to make the list more uniform the formal given name is always used, for example Dan and Danny are changed to Daniel. Also any middle names are ignored for indexing purposes. Any applicable nicknames or middle names and initials are shown as "Aka" immediately after the indexed names.
This index is formatted horizontally into three parts, from left to right:

  1. The Indexing part is given in bold letters as the surname, given name, and a date.

  2. The Information part gives the aka name and an abstract of the event (birth, marriage, death etc), and

  3. The Reference part gives the reference in parentheses, if abbreviations are used see explanations on the next few pages. If this part is highlighted in yellow it indicates it is incomplete, and will be completed later.

This index is formatted vertically by surname/given name. And further indexed, for identical surname/given names, by those where the birth date is known or estimated, followed by those where the birth date is not known or estimated but the event date is known, and followed by those were neither the birth or event date is not know. For example:

Culhane, John (b1809): Indicates a birth date.

Culhane, John (e1881): Indicates a date of an event, birth date being unknown.

Culhane, John (uxxxx): Indicates no dates are known
This is not a Culhane genealogy. It is only the compiler's personal index to "CULHANE" related items, particularly those relating to Glin, County Limerick, Ireland. This index was prepared by the complier for his own personal use. It is update continuously, and is to be thought of as a working document in progress.
Places/things are shown at the end of the list are also sequenced alphabetically.
In the genealogical spirit of sharing information, the complier will make a copy of this index available to anyone who has a need for it. And the compiler hopes that they would also share their information that might be useful to the compiler. It is preferred that you request the index on a 3.5" MS-DOS 1.4MB floppy disk in MS-Word format, rather than a hard copy which is nearly 120 printed pages.
Compiler. Alonzo J Sherman, 308 W Dwight Ave, Oscoda Michigan 48750, USA, phone 517-739-3650, E-mail .
Thomas Culhane's (1805-1885) Known Family

Thomas Culhane was born of Catholic parents in Glin, Co Limerick, Ireland. His date of birth is shown from 1805 to 1815: His death record showed 1805. Names of parents are unknown. Reportedly Thomas was a cabinetmaker and a schoolmaster, and by all accounts quite well educated. He was an Irish speaker. Reportedly his siblings are:

  • A sister named Mary Culhane who married _____ McDonald and removed to Ontario Canada.

  • A sister, whose name is unknown, married a Fitzgerald and stayed in Ireland.

  • A brother named Patrick Culhane who stayed in Glin.

1825. Thomas married 1st, and they had 9 children. The names of his wife and children are unknown.

1834. Thomas married 2nd to Mary Prendergast in the Catholic parish of Manister Co Limerick Ireland. They had 3 children born in Ireland: Mortimer b1837; John b1838; and Thomas b1839.

1839/43. Thomas, his wife and 12 children left Ireland by stealth. Reportedly he made arrangements with a ship's Captain in Limerick to pick them up in the middle of the Shannon River near Glin. The nine oldest children died of typhus on the voyage and were buried at sea. Of the three children who survived the voyage, only Mortimer is known to have survived to adulthood. Thomas and his wife had 10 more children in Canada. He fathered 22 children. They lived in the City of Toronto, and then in the counties of Waterloo and Perth, all in Ontario. Thomas was a cooper by trade while living in Canada.

1866. Thomas' wife Mary died in Perth County Ontario.

1883. Thomas removed to Michigan USA and lived with several of his children.

1885. Thomas died in Detroit Michigan. Buried in MtHope Catholic Cemetery in Port Huron Michigan. His death record did not indicated his parents names.
Thomas Culhane (1805-1885) Possible Family (under construction)
1. Possible parents:
2. Possible siblings:
3. Possible 1st wife:
4. Possible 1st 9 children:
Active Culhane Researchers

These known researches are seeking progenitors (prior to 1850s) for the ancestors listed below. Most of these researchers are in need of the Glin Parish Records birth (Christening) and marriage records prior to 1851, which reportedly do not exist. Hopefully, someone has some private records, such as bible record etc that can be used in place of the missing Glin Parish records.
Culhane, Andrew (e1854): of Kiltery townland near Glin: married Mary Madigan; Andrew died prior 1854; son Andrew Culhane and mother Mary and other children went to Canada, then Buffalo, New York, and eventually settled in Cherry Valley Illinois; grandson Thomas Henry Culhane married Catherine Fitzpatrick, whose mother maiden names was a Catherine Culhane daughter of Patrick Culhane of Finoo (Whiskey Hall) and Nellie Sperin.

  • Mark Culhane: ).

Culhane, Bridget (b1810E): married about 1830 to Patrick McGrath b1810E, farmers in Glin, Co Limerick Ireland, 11 sons & 1 daughter; their son John b1836 went to Australia & then to New Zealand.

  • Keri P Coutts, NZ: 40 Stanners St, Eltham, Taranaki, New Zealand. Visited Glin in 1998.

Culhane, Catherine (b1790/1810): Born between 1790-1810 in Meanus, Ballynagaul, County Limerick, Ireland and died 1860 in Tarmons Hill, Tarbert, County Kerry, Ireland. She married Daniel Brassil born between 1820-1830 in Saint Marys Church, Ballylongford, County Kerry, Ireland, and he died 1866 in Tarmons Hill; both buried in Abby Ballylongford, Tarbert.

  • Bart Brassil, NY: 200 East 90th Apt 14F, New York NY 10128, home phone 212-876-1490, c/o Donovan Data Systems, 115 W 18th St, New York, New York 10011, ).

Culhane, Daniel (b1807): Born 1807 in Limerick, Ireland; settled Mount StPatricks ON Canada, died 1892 Mount StPatricks ON; married before 1836 in Ireland to Johanna Dillon born 1822 in Ireland, d1862 buried in Mount StPatricks ON. (Phil Culhane ON). 7 Children.

  • Phil Culhane, ON: 102 Abbeyhill Drive, Kanata, Ontario, Canada K2L 1H2,
    , .

Culhane, Daniel (b1811): Born in Glin; d1881 ON; settled in Springtown, Renfrew County ON Canada (about 15 miles South of Renfrew City); 1st wife is unknown (she died at childbirth and buried at sea on the voyage from Ireland to Canada; 2nd wife Mary Moran born c1821; both Daniel & Mary buried in Springtown ON. 14 Children, older ones born in Ireland.

  • James Patrick Culhane, MA: 52 West Main St, Westboro MA 01581, 508-898-9674, . Visited Glin in1999.

  • Ann Lane Kelly, ON: Apt 305, 18 Brownlow Ave, Toronto Ontario M4S-2K8; descended from Daniel Culhane (b1811) and his daughter Ann Culhane b1834. Visited Ireland several times; plans 3 months trip to Ireland in June 2000. 416-487-1352. .

  • Marianne B & Tom Culhane, NE: Prof Marianne B Culhane, Creighton Law School, 2500 California Plaza, Omaha NE 68178, .

Culhane, Daniel (b1820): Born about 1820 in Co Limerick; married 1844 in Ireland to Ellen Enright b1822 Co Kerry; settled Mount StPatricks ON Canada; Daniel d1902 & buried in Mount StPatrick ON;

13 children, 3 born in Ireland.

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