Crusade terms ambushed Byzantine

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  1. Ambushed

  2. Byzantine

  3. Conrad III

  4. Constantinople

  5. Divorced

  6. Drowned

  7. Edessa

  8. Eleanor

  9. Emperor Alexius

  10. First

  11. Frederick Barbarossa

  12. Holy Land

  13. Jerusalem

  14. Louis VII

  15. Peter the Hermit

  16. Philip II

  17. Pilgrims

  18. Richard the Lionhearted

  19. Saladin

  20. Seljuk Turks

  21. Sick

  22. The County of Edessa

  23. The County of Tripoli

  24. The Kingdom of Jerusalem

  25. The Principality of Antioch

  26. Treaty

  27. Urban II

  1. Sample Questions

  2. One of the first to heed the Pope’s call was a monk by the name of ____________________. This man led a group of commoners who set out before the main army, but they were badly defeated.

  3. The 2nd Crusade was led by the French King, ____________________, and the Holy Roman Emperor, ____________________. Also, ____________________ of Aquitaine, the wife of the French King went on the Crusade. This Crusade started because Muslim forces had recaptured the County of ____________________. However, Holy Roman Emperor got____________________, and he went home. The French King and his wife did not get along, and eventually they got ____________________.

  4. HINTS

  1. Remember to read context clues, before and after each blank.

  2. Re-read and think about the sentence to see if your answer makes sense.

  3. When studying for the Crusades, organize the terms above according to Crusades. For example, Richard and Saladin should be put under the same heading (3rd Crusade). Words like “ambushed” might fit under more than one Crusade.

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