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Feedback on this consultation

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Feedback on this consultation

  1. We value your feedback on how well we consult. If you have any comments on the process of this consultation, for example, how it could be improved (but not about the issues raised), please contact our Consultation Co-ordinator:

    Elias Koufou
    DWP Consultation Co-ordinator
    Department for Work and Pensions
    2nd Floor
    Caxton House
    Tothill Street
    SW1H 9NA

Impact assessment

  1. The purpose of this discussion document is to inform the direction of reform around application and collection fees, enforcement charges, and the case closure process in the new statutory Child Maintenance Service. We have assessed the impact of the proposals in this paper and have published an Impact Assessment. This is available at /childrens-futures.shtml. We have also considered equality impacts and have published an Equality Impact Assessment. This is available at During the consultation process, we would welcome views on the impact of the ideas on the people covered by equality legislation.

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This publication can be accessed online at:

For more information about this
publication contact:
Child Maintenance
Department for Work and Pensions
7th Floor
Caxton House
Tothill Street
Copies can be made available in
alternative formats if required.

Department for Work and Pensions
July 2012
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