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Question 5

In proposing a 30-day notice period in reactive case closure, have we
reached a reasonable balance between the interests of new applicants in having a short notice period and the interests of existing clients in having
an extended period?

Question 6

How can we best harness the expertise of the voluntary and community sector and other partners to ensure that the right help is provided to clients during the period of case closure?

  1. However, where the linked case has no maintenance liability in place, and therefore only exists for the collection of arrears on the old CSA scheme, there will be no delay in establishing the maintenance liability in the new applicant’s case, as the non-resident parent will only have a maintenance liability in one place, on the new service.

  2. Overall we anticipate that we will end liability and close cases ‘reactively’ in just a small proportion of the 1 million existing CSA cases, therefore this process will affect a relatively small number of parents.

Proactive case closure (closing all CSA cases)

  1. Once we have launched the new statutory service and it is working well, we will begin the process of closing all CSA cases over a three-year period. We anticipate that this process will begin with writing to the first wave of clients in 2013, followed by the first cases closing in 2014. This process will not apply to those cases with arrears only (i.e. no ongoing liability).

  2. We will contact parents six months in advance of the closure of their existing scheme case to allow them the opportunity to access the support services and consider their future child maintenance arrangements. They will receive a reminder one month before the existing scheme liability ends, and finally a confirmation once it has actually ended.

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