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Question 1

Is our ‘self declared’ approach, guarantee of no contact with ex-partners and exemption from the upfront charge sufficiently inclusive to ensure that there are no barriers to victims of domestic violence?

Collection service fees

  1. For applicants who use the collection service within the statutory scheme, there will be collection fees applied. We will apply fees to both the non-resident parent and the parent with care.

  2. The non-resident parent will pay 20 per cent as a surcharge of any maintenance liability made and the parent with care will pay seven per cent
    as a deduction from any maintenance liability made.

  3. Non-resident parents and parents with care can avoid collection fees by using Direct Pay – where parents pay maintenance directly between
    each other.

  4. Where one parent wishes to use Direct Pay but the other wishes to protect their personal details, we will refer them to an appropriate money transfer service. This will allow both parents to avoid the collection service and associated fees.

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