Crossmedia or Convergence?: Reflections from an editor

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Convergence in patters of consumption
The third definition of Convergence I want to consider is the convergence in patterns of consumption as consumers move from one technology to another – Henry Jenkins calls this social convergence – multitasking
Ten years ago internet provided ‘worldwide access to more than 3,000 on-line newspapers serving an estimated daily audience of 80 million readers’ Deb (EYE cut) Aikat’s research into Knight Ridder’s Philadelphia Online, the web site of the Philadelphia (PA) Inquirer and Daily News, from November 1995 to May 1997 was one of the first to use audience measurement tools to analyze usage trends of an on-line newspapers. Aikat found that ‘most readers accessed the site from their offices: the highest traffic occurred on weekdays, with the steepest spike around noon, dropping by half during evenings and weekends. The study also found that web traffic increased 874% over 18 months; users spent an average of fewer than 14 minutes per visit, viewing an average of seven pages each time; and most users accessed the site from commercial (38%), network (29.9%) or educational (24.1%) domains’.
Monitoring audience use of online news sites to understand patterns of consumption continues, but what has come to the fore since 2004 is the issue of the level of readers/users involvement in the production of news.
Jim Hall’s issue spotlighted the potential of civic or citizen journalism and how convergent technologies were enabling this though the new craft practices emerging from the interaction between the reader and the journalist. Fears of the reactionary use of NCTs can be found earlier -
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